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There is a wealth on the internet on the web about street photography. Consider this page as an on-going effort to bring you guys the best resources about street photography. Feel free to also contribute by leaving a comment with something you would like to add!

Popular Articles

Below are my top 10 most popular articles on the blog:

  1. 75+ Inspirational Street Photography Books You Gotta Own
  2. 10 Things Henri Cartier-Bresson Can Teach You About Street Photography
  3. 10 Things Garry Winogrand Can Teach You About Street Photography
  4. 10 Lessons William Klein Has Taught Me About Street Photography
  5. 5 Lessons Daido Moriyama Has Taught Me About Street Photography
  6. Robert Frank’s “The Americans”: Timeless Lessons Street Photographers Can Learn
  7. 35 Magnum Photographers Give Their Advice to Aspiring Photographers
  8. 3 Reasons Why You Should Shoot with One Camera and One Lens
  9. Why Digital Is Dead For Me In Street Photography
  10. 10 Famous Street Photography Quotes You Must Know

Free Open-Source Online Street Photography Course

If you are interested in learning more about the fundamentals of street photography, check out my free online street photography course: “All the World’s a Stage: Introduction to Street Photography“.

You can also join the Facebook community group for the course here.

Overcoming your fear of street photography

Below are some of my tips on how you can overcome your fear of shooting street photography – and how to be more discrete.

Check out my Free Ebook:31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography

  1. How to Avoid Paralysis by Analysis in Street Photography
  2. How to Become a Fearless Street Photographer
  3. How to Become an Invisible Street Photographer
  4. 5 Tips How To Overcome Your Fear of Shooting in Public
  5. 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Sneaky When Shooting Street Photography

Philosophy and street photography

Some are my 10 favorite articles regarding the philosophy, psychology, and sociology of street photography:

  1. How Many “Likes” Is Enough?
  2. How to Be Grateful For What You Have
  3. On Criticism and Street Photography
  4. On Friendship and Street Photography
  5. On Jealousy and Street Photography
  6. On Legacy and Street Photography
  7. On Social Media and Street Photography
  8. On Travel and Street Photography
  9. The Tao of Street Photography
  10. Zen in the Art of Street Photography

Composition and Street Photography

If you want to learn how to improve your compositions in street photography, check out my articles below:
  1. Composition Lesson #1: Triangles
  2. Composition Lesson #2: Figure-to-ground
  3. Composition Lesson #3: Diagonals
  4. Composition Lesson #4: Leading Lines
  5. Composition Lesson #5: Depth
  6. Composition Lesson #6: Framing
  7. Composition Lesson #7: Perspective
  8. Composition Lesson #8: Curves
  9. Composition Lesson #9: Self-Portraits
  10. Composition Lesson #10: Urban Landscapes
  11. Composition Lesson #11: “Spot the not”
  12. Composition Lesson #12: Color Theory
  13. Composition Lesson #13: Multiple-Subjects

To learn more about composition, check out the “Great Compositions” series by Adam Marelli.

Learn from the Masters of Street Photography

Below are a series of posts I have done talking about what the master street photographers have taught me:

Must-Read Articles

Some foundational articles that I feel anyone starting in street photography should read:
  1. The History of Street Photography
  2. How To Give a Constructive Critique in Street Photography
  3. How to Start Your Own Street Photography Project
  4. 15 Tips How Street Photographers Can Better Edit Their Work
  5. 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Chimp While Shooting Street Photography
  6. Why Passion Isn’t Enough for Street Photography
  7. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Street Photographers

Technical Street Photography Articles

Street Photography Books

To become a great street photographer is to first study tons of great street photography. If you got some spare money, don’t buy new equipment. Invest in books. Buy books. not gear.

Street Photography Videos

Some of my favorite YouTube videos on Street photography below:

Street Photography Blogs

There are a ton of street photography blogs out there. Which ones are my favorites? See the link below.

Street Photography Collectives

The more the merrier. Check out some of these great street photography collectives for inspirational work from street photographers from all around the globe.

Free Street Photography E-Books

Below is a list of free street photography E-books you should download:

Movies for Street Photographers

Here are some movies that all street photographers (and photographers) should watch. Special thanks to Brian Sparks for the inspiration:

  1. Blow Up
  2. The Genius of Photography (BBC)
  3. How to Make a Book with Steidl
  4. Fur (Diane Arbus Story)
  5. Salvador (Photographer journalist to track civil war)
  6. Annie Lebowitz: Life Through a Lens
  7. Bang-Bang Club

Street Photography Laws

Below are some resources on street photography laws. Note I couldn’t find all resources for each country- a quick Google search will help you!

Facebook Street Photography Groups

Streettogs Pages

United States



Latin America

Flickr Street Photography Groups

Are you stuck in the middle of nowhere and still want to get better in street photography? Join these great Flickr street photography groups.

Street Photography Directory (Google Doc)

If you want to add your name to this street photography google doc, use the links below!

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A hug!

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Eric: Someone (Wannabe street-photographer) has stolen your work “10 things HCB can teach you about street photography”(translated it to Swedish) and is stating he came up with these thoughts when he went to a HCB exhibition:


Eric Kim April 17, 2013 at 5:33 am

Thanks for the lookout- I don’t mind. Glad he found it inspirational :)


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Did you remove some information regarding flash from the equipment page? I saw something earlier this week about an off camera flash somewhere but now I can’t seem to locate it. So I attempted to to contact you via the contact tab, but this is working either:/


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Hi Eric,

I am at a point where organizing my photos in my computer is beginning to get a little messy and confusing. Do you have an article or a reference to other articles that can help with this issues?



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