Artistic, Physical, and Philosophical Muscles

For me the ideal trifecta to build:

  1. Your artistic muscles
  2. Your physical muscles
  3. Your philosophical muscles

I wouldn’t trust a philosopher who doesn’t deadlift or squat

One Rep Max Squat Attempt at Gym

The other day I deadlifted 455 pounds (4 plates on each side and a 25) and it was quite easy. The other day I also squatted 365 (3 plates and a 25 on each side) and attempted a new PR (380 pounds) but failed. But anyways the great thing about powerlifting for me is this:

When I am powerlifting or attempting new PR’s, I enter this new physiological state (mind-body connection).

Too many philosophers are muscularly anaemic, and too many philosophers (Buddhists, monks etc) do things which seem disadvantageous to maximizing your muscular capacities … like being vegetarian or vegan. From an ethical perspective I have no qualms about people being vegetarian or vegan, but from a philosophical and physiological perspective … it makes no sense.

Also, too much of modern self-help, and even ancient philosophy and religion is focused on pain and suffering-reduction (thinking that life is pain and sorrow, and the purpose of their philosophical school or spiritual school is to *REDUCE* suffering and pain in life). But whereas I am an *AFFIRMATIVE* thinker of life. Most philosophies and religions and schools of thought ain’t so good for me, perhaps besides a combination of Stoicism and Zen/Taoism (in the non-religious sense).

Artistic muscles

Once you have reached enlightenment, or got rid of your pain and suffering in life or whatever … *then what?*

I say the end is to focus on your artwork, and artistic production.

Consider all these people when they become rich or no longer are concerned with money. What do they do with their lives?

They focus on self-development, augmenting their experiences (travel, etc), and on their own artistic passions (painting, photography, poetry, etc).

Philosophical muscles

All new experiences are good experiences

What is the purpose of philosophy? To me, philosophy is the ultimate luxury in life. To be able to think deep thoughts and turbo thoughts on things which don’t have a practical utility — this is the ultimate privilege.


Focus on building your physical muscles, your philosophical muscles, and artistic/creative muscles … and you will live the best existence, and self-develop yourself to the max.



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