Change is Good #philosophy

Why are people afraid of change?

For myself, I think change is good. All change is good. Why? This is how life thrives.

For example, even you, as a biological being, are constantly changing and in a state of flux. You’re constantly evolving and changing: your molecules, your bodily hair, your DNA configuration, bone mass, muscle mass, fat mass, etc.

The same goes with all biological life: trees, plants, animals, etc.

So we have first established the fact that everything is changing, at least from a biological perspective. Yet, we are still afraid as humans of change. Why?

Well, there is the status quo bias; most humans prefer things to stay the same. Perhaps people who are still alive today were generally more risk averse, and unwilling to take risks that might have killed or maimed them. Therefore, our ancestors who were more prudent probably survived until today.

So, perhaps there is a human biological/brain/survival mechanism which makes us philosophically afraid of change.

Well the good thing is this: regardless of your biology or how you were raised by your teachers, parents, or society — you can retrain and rewire your own brain!

You can teach yourself to see change as a good thing!

Why change is good

I see change as good because:

  1. Whenever you change something, it’s generally more fun and interesting. A video game with all the same levels would eventually bore you.
  2. Looking at change as a good thing is a way that we can adapt, evolve, and grow! Essentially anything that adds entropy, chaos, and randomness in our lives forces us to be creative — to utilize our inner genius. To awaken our inner giant; we need challenges in life to grow! And all growth is good.
  3. By nature, all of life is random chaos and stimuli. No matter how hard we try, we can never fully tame chaos and change. Therefore my suggestion is to embrace it, see it as good, and figure out — how can we best leverage it in our benefit?

Love change!


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