Seek Knowledge, Not Information

What we want in life is knowledge, NOT information.

  • Knowledge: Useful, empowering information.
  • Information: General information, can be useful or not. Feedback.

To break it down,

Knowledge: wisdom we get in books, and philosophy that empowers us. Which guides us. Which gives us more purpose and direction in life.

Information: articles, videos, blogs, social media streams, bits and bytes which can help us… or not.

How to find knowledge

Read philosophy books from dead philosophers. Personal recommendations:

Study stoicism. Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus. Their wisdom has lasted 2,000+ years.

Generally with knowledge, the best filter is time. The knowledge which has survived the vicious teeth of time, probably has survived for a reason.

Therefore the rule is:

Generally trust the classics over the modern.

For example, almost all classic philosophy will be superior to any modern self-help book.

Practical Ideas

99.9% of the information on the internet is noise.

1. Books over blogs

Instead of reading blog posts for knowledge (yes, you should ignore this blog too), read books. Books are better forms of distilled knowledge.

If you want entertainment, yes read blogs. I’m not saying you should only have knowledge in life. Often, some mindless distractions are good for you. But you got to be aware of it.

2. Know how to distinguish between knowledge and information.

Also, make sure that you know what is knowledge, and what is just mindless, or pointless information.

For me, it just means having a skeptical eye towards all information. Be very wary and suspicious of “statistics”— every statistic is 33.4% made up. Or has a hidden political, economic, or social agenda.


Never stop seeking knowledge, not sterile information.

For me, all knowledge which empowers you to make more art, gets you closer to your kin and friends, that makes you feel more confident and less fearful… is good knowledge.

Any knowledge that scares you, makes you feel meek, weak, or confused is bad.



Philosophy: love of wisdom.


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