Free E-Book: Zen in the Art of Street Photography

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Dear streettogs,

I hope you enjoy a new free ebook: “Zen in the Art of Street Photography.” This is a compilation of all of my favorite articles on Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, gratitude, and other random philosophical musings.

There isn’t a “correct” order to read this book. You can skip around the chapters, and read the book out of order.

I personally have faced a lot of discontentment in my photography and life, and writing these articles have been a form of self-therapy. I also hope these articles helps shine some light and insight into your life and photography too.

Eric Kim
June 9, 2015
Compiled @ Vivace Cafe in Seattle

All of the content in this book is “open source”— meaning you can edit, translate, remix, or distribute it openly and freely however you would like.

Direct Download:

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: How to Become Indifferent to Criticism
  • Chapter 2: How to Free Yourself from External Validation
  • Chapter 3: Nobody gives a shit about your photos
  • Chapter 4: How Many “Favorites” or “Likes” is Enough?
  • Chapter 5: My Top 10 Sources of Discontentment in Street Photography
  • Chapter 6: How to Be Grateful For What You Have
  • Chapter 7: On Jealousy and Street Photography
  • Chapter 8: On Failure and Street Photography
  • Chapter 9: In Praise of Slowness in Street Photography
  • Chapter 10: How to Be Mindful in Street Photography
  • Chapter 11: Zen in the Art of Street Photography
  • Chapter 12: Lessons Taoism Has Taught Me About Street Photography
  • Chapter 13: Lessons Life Has Taught Me About Street Photography
  • Chapter 14: How to Prevent Regrets in Life
  • Chapter 15: Shoot Every Day As If It Were Your Last
  • Chapter 16: On Legacy and Street Photography

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