Adventure beckons you:


If you desire new frontiers, new adventures, a new you — this experience is for you:

Your mission

Angkor Wat will blow your mind. It is one of the great marvels of the modern world; a mysterious citadel that was created by the ancient people of the region; in which the ancient people either died off or abandoned the place — a lingering question which leaves all modern day archaeologists scratching their head.

Mysterious cities are embedded in all modern lore. And it is here. Angkor Wat.

Why Angkor Wat?

Angkor Wat is a concrete paradise. A space which will leave you speechless. Similar to the great pyramids of Giza, and all of the world UNESCO heritage sites.

If you ever grew up to National Geographic or a curiosity for travel, your new world waits for you.

Your personal evolution

This workshop will transform you— your world views, your photography, your creative vision, your artistry.

This workshop will be a full-stack transformative experience — part social ethnography, part photography, part art, and all creative self expression.

The first goal of this workshop is adventure. To step outside of your comfort zone, outside of your bubble, to expand your mind and your universe. I think post covid, we are all hungry and yearning for travel and adventure; this is your calling and your sign.

Of course, the primary goal is photography. To make great photos, great memories, a new adventure.

Don’t flinch

If you have a passion for travel, photography, new experiences, new foods and sites, architecture, culture, photography, this is for you. I also consider this to be quite the zen and meditative workshop; the opportunity for you to get lost in your thoughts and in your photography, to empty your mind, and also to expand your horizons. Truth be told, I’ve traveled much of the world, seen all of the major sites, and the secrets of Cambodia and and Angkor Wat keep calling me back. I’ve even been having dreams about Angkor Wat lately.

Why am I teaching this workshop?

First of all, I just want to go back myself and make some great photos. Second, I want to be able to share this unique experience with you.

Now that I am a bitcoin millionaire, this has become an interesting filter to life; I only do that which I am personally interested in, I only do that which I personally desire —. Going back to Icot one of those personal fascinations for me, I plan on getting a new GoPro, GoPro max, maybe the new digital Ricoh GR, or some other new digital camera, and plan on capturing, and documenting the whole place in insane detail. My personal realization recognition is last time I went to Inwood, I did not do the place justice.

You know whether a place is good or not if you personally desire to go back.

How you will grow

My personal goals for you in this workshop is the following:

  1. New inspirations and motivations in your travel and photography
  2. A re-awakened passion for travel, expanding your mind and universe
  3. To make blissfully beautiful and sublime images which will bring your heart joy and gratitude
  4. Learning the secrets of great photography— to upgrade and level up your photographic composition, framing, and skills
  5. Creating an unforgettable memory which will last you your whole life

What to expect

The general logistics of this workshop will be quite straightforward, simple, yet elegant and beautiful. The workshop will be from July 24th (Thursday) until July 27th (Sunday), 2025. This is a general overview of the workshop experience:

  • July 24th, 2025 (Thursday): Check into hotel, meet and greet, have a lovely dinner together, get to know each other, get prepared for the workshop.
  • July 25th (Friday): Start our expedition toAngkor Wat, taking our pace, focusing on our thoughts, our photography, the marvelous architecture. Along the way, learning about great composition, black-and-white monochrome photography, architecture, the history and mystery of Angkor Wat, at your own pace. Dinner together and further discussions.
  • July 26th (Saturday): Part two of our expeditions in Inwood, visiting the other subsites, like the “Tomb Raider” temple (the smaller temple with the epic tree of life, that you might have seen in Steve McCurry or National Geographic photos). Further discussions on photography, life, style, philosophy, publishing and promoting yourself as an artist. More grand dinners and meals together, reviewing our photos.
  • July 27th (Sunday): Leisurely morning, discussion about photography and photography projects, and the chance for us to workshop our photos together, creating a final digital book project together, which you could directly share with friends and family or your followers and audience. Discussions about blogging, website production, branding yourself as an artist etc.

Lady fortune favors you

This workshop will be an all inclusive experience, minus your flights. I’ll even pay for your alcohol and coffee! (It’s on the house!)

For the hotel venue, I am currently sighting the sublime tree line hotel, probably the most magnificent hotel I’ve ever been to. The place is an architectural masterpiece, which will augment your creative imagination.

Your investment for this workshop will be 4999 USD for the whole experience. This will include all of your hotels, meals, drinks, logistics. The only other thing you will have to pay for is your flights.

Also, as an added bonus, you have the option of bringing a friend or a family member along for free! So if you have a wife, husband, spouse, partner, friend, co-worker or child you would like to bring along, to share the experience with, your tuition one include your spot and your +1.


Fly into Siem Reap, the local airport is SAI (Siem Reap). I suggest flying in either the night prior (Wednesday, April 24th, 2025) if you want to just have a leisurely day by yourself in Siem Reap (the local city which is right next to Angkor Wat). If you are very very ambitious, fly in a week prior, to Phnom Penn, the capital city of Cambodia, hang out there for a bit, and then organize with your hotel to take a bus to the Treeline hotel in Siem Reap.

The great thing with Cambodia everyone speaks English, English is the second language there, and everywhere accepts visa and credit cards.

Now what?

Book your spot now, spots are limited! This exclusive workshop is limited to only 20 individuals in total. Secure your spot before they all sell out!

Now what?

Fortune favors you. Book now, set it and forget it. I think in life there is a great upside to always look forward to!

You could submit your deposit and tuition for the workshop here, through this PayPal portal, which accepts PayPal, debit cards and credit cards, etc. Once you have submitted your tuition, your spot and the spot of your optional +1 is 100% secured.

Before you come, simply fill out an online E-visa with Cambodia, super easy.

How to prepare

Cambodia will be quite hot. I recommend you to wear light and breathable clothing, good options include merino wool clothing, linen, etc.

Good clothes for travel you can buy are on the website— either merino wool, ramielust, and pack some exofficio boxer briefs, and get some good lululemon license to train shorts.

Gear minimalism

Pack either an iPad or a laptop for photo review and editing, and of course your digital camera. If you’re ambitious, pack super light; just bring one carry-on backpack!

For cameras and equipment, ideally bring the smallest most portable compact camera you can, whether that be your Ricoh, your Fujifilm camera, your Leica etc. Also because Angkor Wat is so great of an architectural masterpiece, I recommend trying to have a wide angle lens; ideally a 28mm. In this case, a Ricoh GR camera is ideal, the GR III (28mm), or a Leica Q camera (28mm). Certainly 35mm is fine as well, even a 40mm can do (Ricoh GR IIIX). I know a lot of people are buying the new Fujifilm X100 (35mm)— so this will do as well.

If you have a Sony, or any interchangeable lens system, the general suggestion I have is to either bring or purchase the most pancake, compact, lightweight lens possible.

How to prepare?

You don’t need to prepare anything, but a very fascinating project to check out is the virtual Angkor project, essentially a 3-D mapped video game version of Angkor Wat, in which Cindy is a co-collaborator and uses it as a teaching guide.

Also apparently a funny film to watch is the tomb raider movie, in which Angelina Jolie is the heroine in the film, and the whole film was filmed in Angkor Wat!

Now what?

Book your spot now. Create your future.


Be one of the few, the bold, the intrepid.

Secure your spot for the workshop here, or use the PayPal Buy it Now Button portal below:

Once you submit your full tuition, your spot for the workshop is 100% secure. Prior to the workshop, a few months in advance you will get a personal email from me outlining further details, information about your optional plus one, etc.

In the meanwhile, congratulations. Seize your future!


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