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Thoughts on the Tesla Model 3

The other day I just test drove my friend Kevin’s Tesla Model 3 (Dual Motor) with the semi-autonomous driving function enabled. Some quick thoughts:

  1. Very fast: The torque and pickup on this thing is pretty insane. I do not envision actually needing or desiring a car any faster in terms of acceleration. When I gunned the gas pedal (or the “acceleration pedal”, considering it is an electric car), it went into hyper drive, and every time gave me a small heart attack from the speed.
  2. The semi autonomous driving function works very well: Just keep one hand on the steering wheel, and it knows how to drive very well! No hiccups here.
  3. Styling is great. Front of the car looks like a Porsche 911, the flush handles are cool, and the interior is fantastic. The “faux” (fake) black leather is actually very comfortable and feels premium. The minimalist spartan interior is very well designed — feels super spacious, the comfort of sitting in the driver seat is like you’re the captain of your own spaceship.
  4. The only thing I didn’t really like were the turn signals: When you activate the left or right turn signal (the handle on the left), it doesn’t really give you a satisfying clicking sound and feeling before you’re turning like you’d get on a Japanese car, a Toyota or Nissan/Honda, etc. Something as subtle as my unfamiliarity or dislike of the Tesla turning signal mechanism is probably enough to discourage me (or convincing myself) to *NOT* desire a Tesla vehicle for myself.
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Is it Best to *Not* Communicate Your Inner Thoughts or Ideas With Others?

A thought:

Whenever I communicate my ideas with others, my ideas either get shut down or refuted by others, or they become *changed* and *modified* by others.

Which then makes me think… if I truly desire to have original thoughts ideas and entrepreneurial pursuits, perhaps sharing my ideas with others or asking for feedback is a *bad* idea.

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Beyond “Clever” and Ironic Photos

One of my critiques in photography:

Too many photographers strive to make photos which are “ironic” or “clever” in terms of composition, layers, etc.

For example, towards a critique of Alex Webb and the “layered” style of street photography:

Photographers are trying to see how clever they can get with the layers in their photos instead of trying to make deep and meaningful and emotionally-stirring images.

Photos which are simple, severe and strong and great in impact regarding composition is far superior to any street photo with a quadrillion layers, a quadrillion random heads poking out, etc.

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Real Photographers Don’t Use Instagram

A thought:

Real photographers don’t use Instagram. Why? Their self-esteem is robust. They don’t care for the approval of others. They just make photos to please themselves, and share the few that they like (in a form that they can control which is not digital share-cropping).

Real photographers will typically share their photos and portfolio on their website, blog, in prints, publications, e-books, print books, etc.

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The Best Investments For Your Business

Quick thoughts:

  1. 16” MacBook Pro (maxed out) refurbished from the Apple Online Store. I am convinced, this laptop is straight up a gift from god. See all refurb MacBook Pro laptops in the Apple Online Store here.
  2. Fast wifi connection: Pay the extra bucks for Fiber Optic, Gigabit internet, or whatever for home. Having faster wifi will truly give you an edge when working from home or whatever.
  3. For vlogging, or shooting video or photo: The Lumix G9 + 12mm f/1.4 lens (24mm full frame equivalent) setup is good, with the RODE Video microphone with wind jammer. It can shoot up to 60 FPS in 4K!!! A typical 10-minute video is around 10 GB — more than enough resolution for your vlogs, videos, or whatever. If you want something even a step up, perhaps the Lumix S1-H is the next step.
  4. Self-hosted website hosting. and install Then I recommend getting the ‘Jetpack‘ plugin-service. To backup your site, and access additional services to speed up and optimize your site.
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Don’t Go to Photography School

Do not go to photography school. Serious waste of time and money. Better to just learn for yourself via trial and error, by experimenting by yourself, watching YouTube videos, and reading websites blogs and forums than to waste serious $$$ (and time) to go to photo school.

I used to think:

If you get a full ride, or you can go to photography school for free… it is a good idea.

Now I take that back. Even if your photography education was fully-paid for and free … photography school is bad because:

  1. Waste of your time (4 years you can rather do something more interesting … Industrial Design major at RISD seems like a ‘real’ major you can actually learn true technical skills like 3D, etc).
  2. Your photos become generic. If you go to photo school, what will happen to you? You will become indoctrinated with the boring type of photo — apathetic, bored, and dis-interested photos of miserable people looking miserable.
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We all like great designed things. Fancy watches, sports cars, bags, clothing, cameras, gadgets, tools, etc.

But this is the problem with modern day capitalism-consumerism:

We think we are artists when we select our own aesthetic tastes by going online or to the mall, and buying things which we think represents us as people, artists, and individuals.

This ain’t good. Why? It limits you. This means your artistry or artistic self expression is limited by the things which already exist out there. But if you truly want to be a creator, innovator, or to push the needle forward … you gotta build it.

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Self Development Over Happiness

Virtue =/ Happiness

The bias in philosophy:

The end-game is to maximize your personal happiness (often hedonic happiness).

Then comes the notion of ‘eudaemonia’ (human flourishing) or it literally means in Greek: Good (eu) + Daemonia (your inner-spirit, soul).

What do you do once you’ve maxed out your happiness stats?

I have had many days where I have maxed out my happiness stats. I felt like a 12/10 in terms of the happiness scale. But once I hit it … it was kind of ‘whatever’. Which made me think:

Perhaps there is a more interesting and noble goal than base happiness.

Beyond happiness

Then this is my thought:

To continually self-develop yourself is the goal.

Not self “improvement” (self improvement assumes that there is something defunct with you). No; there is nothing wrong with you. You are already great. The goal then is to augment your (already existing) awesome to the max and beyond.

What types of self development?

It seems the best form of self development is a combination of almost everything. For me, I like this idea:

Augment your physical and physiological strength (powerlifting, muscle augmentation) to the max, be cut (less than 10% body fat, so you can see your 6-pack), and also augment your artistic, creative, and philosophical spirit to the max.

Then the goal?

Use your own life as an experiment to see how far you can thrive!


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How to Do More Work

Not work for work sake but noble work; work you only care for. To not do any ‘bullshit’ work (busy work). I am convinced, much of the modern notions of ‘work’ (vainly checking your email, trudging through your todo list) is things we hate to do. No child likes to do busy work in school. What do kids like to do? Play! To run around! Do fun stuff!

But I still think … work can be good if it is directed towards means and ends you truly care for. Then if the goal is to do more work and to perform more work, some thoughts:

  1. Intermittent fasting; no insulin spike or sugar crash during the day. More stable metabolism and creative energy throughout the day. Break your fast in the evening (after you have done all your work) with a victorious and glorious meat-heavy meal!
  2. Ruthlessly prune distractions. We all know what our personal kryptonites are when it comes to distractions. Thus just identify your primary distractions and shut them off. For me, this is email and phone. So I almost never use it, or if I will use it, it will be faaaaar later after I do my real work (writing, thinking, making art, making photos, making videos, etc)
  3. Get rid of toxic and negative people from your life: Any negative energy is a retarding force in your life. Ruthlessly prune the energy-suckers, the energy-vampires, and those who like to throw their negative shade upon you.


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Bitter is better
Throw me a letter and send it into the air
Let it fare
Do well
Do good

Do what you think you should in life; not what you think is ‘right’. There are no wrongs, only compromise. Look through your green eyes, and see it real. Keep turning Ixion’s wheel, and never tire.

Keep flying higher, street fighter glider!

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Mass Success is a Failure?

If you get millions of views and followers perhaps it is a bad thing? Do millions of people own a Lamborghini? No, but we do got millions of people drinking Starbucks and eating McDonalds. Just because it is popular, it doesn’t mean it is good. Same goes with Android vs iOS/iPhone: Android is far more popular and has far more users, but iOS and iPhone is clearly superior!

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Google is Adware?

A thought:

I think if we really think about it, Google is just adware.

I think people tend to get too caught up in the whole ‘privacy’ thing, when the real issue here the advertising thing.

Perhaps in the earlier more utopic days, Google was supposed to be a tool to ‘democratize the world’s information and make it useful’. Now the new modus operandi is:

Let us use tactics to maximally increase our advertising revenue, which happens by tracking certain user behaviors to ‘better serve them’ with more ‘accurate’ ads.

Thus my critique of Google is mostly an aesthetic thing; I hate advertisements, pop up ads, banner ads, and almost all forms of ads. Worse when I try to watch a YouTube video and I have to watch some lame ad.