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How to Become a Great Blogger

How does one become a great blogger, and what does it mean to become a great blogger? My thoughts.

First of all, I believe it means to give yourself the freedom to blog about anything. Literally anything on your mind. And the best blogger is the most fearless blogger; the most courageous blogger. It ain’t about being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ — it is about not censoring yourself. The more directly and honestly you can speak your mind, the better. 

Also, it means for longevity. To never run out of ideas to blog about; this is the goal!

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Let us not be suckered and fooled:

Digital publishing (not print) is king.

Digital is far superior to print in sooo many different ways:

  1. Speed
  2. Flexibility
  3. Ability to re-edit past publications
  4. Cost (virtually free)
  5. Scale (can manipulate and spread almost indefinitely!)

Digital publishing, media includes your photos, thoughts, words, videos, sound, art, movements, and far far more:

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When Buying Stuff (Capitalism) is Good

I am a very curious case. On one hand, I am very anti consumerist and capitalist. On the other hand, I am very pro-capitalism and pro-consumerism in other contexts and domains. This is the tricky thing:

There are times when buying stuff (merino wool clothing, happy lamps at home, workout equipment and weights for home) is legitimately a good use of money. And there are other times when money is a huuuuge waste like buying expensive sneakers, expensive watches, expensive cars, etc.

Then I suppose the pragmatic goal we have is this:

When is capitalism-consumerism bad, and when is it good?

So the ‘when‘ question needs to be addressed!

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Why Aesthetics Matter

No aesthetics, no beauty.

Why beauty? Beauty is the great physiological joy of humankind. And we as artists… aesthetics is all we care for. Beauty and only beauty — we hate the ugly!

Then the goal is this:

To surround ourselves with only the beautiful, and to strive to create beautiful things, and to become *MORE* beautiful ourselves.

To focus on our own self-beautification.

A life only focused on utility — a slave-like existence.