Great! Some reasons:

First of all, my son Seneca loves it. At age 1 year, 3 months he already knows how to use it! Just click the top record red button on top, and it automatically turns on and starts recording.

Secondly, files look great. 1080p, 60fps (exporting it down to 720p, 60fps) looks great. Video files look waaaay better than iPhone Pro to me.

Third, more fun to shoot with a GoPro than an iPhone or any other phone camera. Video on GoPro is so much more fun because you don’t need to worry about focusing or anything. Also the uber-wide mode (‘super wide mode’) is very fun. Also the built-in image stabilization for GoPro 10 is insanely good.

Fourth, more playful. To just shoot random clips of whatever on a GoPro is far more fun and playful than a ‘serious’ video camera.


Fifth, because it is so robust, it can be easily banged around (literally by Seneca), and I have zero concern of it scratching, breaking, etc. Compare this to an iPhone or any smartphone — you are always concerned about scratching it.

Sixth, the Quik GoPro app is actually really good.

Seventh, price is super good!

Eighth, it is super small. I just keep it in my front left pocket.



Eric kim bicep flex

For example in K-12 schools, especially for kids, perhaps 90% of the time should just be spent outdoors playing and being physical, and only 10% on studying.

Exhaust the limits of the possible

“O my soul, Do not aspire to an immortal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible”- Pindar Pythian III

From intro of “The myth of sisyphus” (Albert Camus):

The upside of getting lost in a Barnes and Noble or bookshop in the philosophy section (the only section worth checking out).

Cruise Hacks

Take a cheap Carnival cruise — I liked the 7 Day Panorama Mexico one. Some hacks:

  1. Order 8 steaks at the sit down dining.
  2. Go to the gym everyday (they have 100 pound dumbbells!) The hot sauna is also very good.
  3. Stop by all the places early, and come back early.
  4. Don’t use Wi-Fi onboard. Disconnect for a week.
  5. Bring your laptop and make some ebooks or e-zines. iPhone is quite useless without Wi-Fi. Laptop is the GOAT when it comes to offline computing.
  6. Guy Fieri burger bar very good. My record is 12 Patties (ask them to just give you burger Patties). Eat with mustard and pickled Jalepenos.
  7. Bring a GoPro. Very fun! Shoot ultra wide (super wide), GoPro hero 10 (1080p, 60fps).
  8. Shoot street photography on the cruise ship and off the cruise ship.
  9. The Library room on the cruise ship is very zen.
  10. When you go offshore and go to the beach and water, easiest to just swim in your boxer briefs (Exofficio boxer briefs).
  11. Cabo, Mexico is actually super nice. The beach and water is even more beautiful than Hawaii!!
  12. Don’t get suckered by excursions. Just get off the ship, walk or call an Uber somewhere (works well in Mexico).

More cruise thoughts

Exciting Life

eye selfie Eric kim low key

We all just want a more dynamic, interesting and exciting life. Not more money or more fancy cars or things.

Anti Points

Nobody cares for points. We just want to win. In STREET FIGHTER II, you get all these random “points”, but nobody cares for them. Winning is the goal.

Perhaps in life, money (cash, USD, $) is the point system. But in real life, we want to win. Don’t get distracted by the points.

Apple is Boring

All the new Apple products — my only critique is that they’re boring. No longer sexy, interesting or unique.

Even new Lamborghini stuff is boring.

Just leave your phone in the car

When you go out, park your car, just leave your phone in the glove compartment. Fully present and attentive. Same with going to dinner with your girlfriend, wife, partner or family.

Planning is Fragile

To plan ahead, even with working out is fragile. Why? Impossible to know how you will feel tomorrow.

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