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Strength Respects Strength


With us men, there seems to be some sort of male hierarchy based on physical strength.

For example at the gym, the question is:

Can you deadlift over 4 plates? Can you squat over 3 plates? Can you bench over 2 plates?

This seems to be the very basic bar in terms of strength. Either you are above it, or under it.

If you are over it, you become part of this elite club. If you cannot, you are just another ‘rando’ (random) individual who is just sort of a hobbyist.

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Photo idea:

Photograph really up-and-close macro photos of food.

Food is insanely interesting to photograph, to see all the valleys, shapes, textures … especially in porous materials like bread.

When looking at sourdough bread (high contrast monochrome) up close and personal, think about the fractal pattern:

Bread up close and personal is no different than a Rocky Mountain cliff from afar!

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Like Yourself

Before attempting or achieving anything in life, the most important thing:

Like yourself above all others!

In other words, position yourself in a way in which you would not trade spots with any other human being on the planet!