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Ever since I started powerlifting again, my mood is far less sensitive and more stable?

Ever since Covid hit, I’ve been gymless for many months. Just got a new membership, and hit the deadlift, squat, heavy dumbell press. After quarantine my strength is still surprisingly good! Max 455 deadlift before COVID, and I just did 415 (pretty easy), squatted 3 plates and a 10 on each side (felt easy), and 100 pound dumbell with good effort.

Since this week powerlifting again, I’m less agitated easily. My mood is far more balanced and zen-stoic calm.

I read a theory from Nassim Taleb about testosterone:

The higher your testosterone, ironically your mood is *less* variable, and cortisol (stress) affects you less.

Then the theory:

If you desire to have a more stoic and zen calm in life, increasing your testosterone (via natural methods like powerlifting and consuming more fatty red meat like beef) is massively advantageous!

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Real gratitude:

In fact, your life is great. And you feel deep gratitude for the greatness in your life.

False gratitude:

Your life is actually quite shitty, but you play the ‘sour grapes’ idea in your mind, trying to trick yourself into thinking that your (really bad) situation isn’t *that* bad.

Why is this difference important?

Well, let us say you’re in an abusive relationship. To simply say ‘oh my situation isn’t that bad, he doesn’t beat me *THAT* bad’ is unacceptable. We must not be fooled. And to have false gratitude will prevent us from actually changing our real life situation for the better.

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Unlimited vs Bounds

There are many things which are unlimited and many things which are limited and having bounds.

Limited and bounded: the maximum extent of human life (maybe 130 years?)

Things which are unlimited: digital things, energy (in a practical form), etc.

Then the question arises: how to maximize and leverage things which are unlimited while being mindful of what’s bounded in our life?

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What is Your Grand Mission Statement in Life?

In life, your basic needs will be met. Also, even if you acquire all the best tools, fashions, equipment, clothes, cars, watches, homes, etc … what is the end of all of it?

To me, it seems the best strategy in life is this:

Harness your body, mind, and gut as a tool to create new art works, to discover new truths which will have positive utility for mankind, and to help evolve humanity forwards and upwards!

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Photography is Like Breathing

There is no such thing as “good” breathing and “bad” breathing, and we also don’t need to force ourselves to breathe.

So why judge our photos in a similar vein? Why not enjoy photography as seamlessly and effortlessly as we approach breathing; subconsciously, unconsciously, and without force and effort?

The best photos are effortless. You shoot as you see things, with no hesitation, self censorship or judgement.

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Strength Respects Strength


With us men, there seems to be some sort of male hierarchy based on physical strength.

For example at the gym, the question is:

Can you deadlift over 4 plates? Can you squat over 3 plates? Can you bench over 2 plates?

This seems to be the very basic bar in terms of strength. Either you are above it, or under it.

If you are over it, you become part of this elite club. If you cannot, you are just another ‘rando’ (random) individual who is just sort of a hobbyist.

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Photo idea:

Photograph really up-and-close macro photos of food.

Food is insanely interesting to photograph, to see all the valleys, shapes, textures … especially in porous materials like bread.

When looking at sourdough bread (high contrast monochrome) up close and personal, think about the fractal pattern:

Bread up close and personal is no different than a Rocky Mountain cliff from afar!

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