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Black and White Promotes Focus

A thought I had while looking at this warmup video I made:

Wow, seeing this video in monochrome, high contrast, sporadically going in and out of focus seems very artistic.

To me, it was interesting because even though the videos were out of focus, it promoted focus meaning–

The ambiguity of the shapes forced me (the viewer) to *actively INTERPRET* what was going on (using my brain power) in order to identify the human shape and form, and I found the whole thing to be very beautiful!

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Public Indoor Spaces

A realization:

It seems the reason I love coffee shops, the gym, the mall, the library etc is because they tend to be “public” spaces … often indoor, which creates a better sociological space where people and strangers can bump into one another and rub shoulders with one another?

In other words, I like being surrounded by other people, and strangers are hugely fascinating to me; friends and folks I have yet befriended! Perhaps this is also the root of our interest in street photography?

Also the reason I like living in apartment or condominium complexes is because I like seeing and interacting with other people?

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As Direct as Possible (ADAP)


With work flow, and almost everything in life… strive to cut out the “middle man” or kinks in the pipe which prevent the directness of what you desire to do, or achieve.

For example, the upside of using the iPhone/iPad lightning to USB connector — to import photos from my Ricoh GR III — photos shot in small JPEG. Photos look great “out of the box” in the RICOH JPEG, and don’t require any further post processing! This is great then it simplifies and streamlines our workflow, because all you gotta do is shoot the photos in jpeg, import them to your device, then directly upload to your WordPress media library to quickly share!

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On Self Development and Happiness

Insight: when we perceive our personal growth and we see our self development augment itself, we are happy. When we see ourselves or perceive ourselves to be degenerating, we are unhappy.

Then the question:

What do we really want a a final end– happiness or self development?

Or are the two things like an interconnected flywheel and yin-yang; both powering the other?

Also perhaps when we perceive that we aren’t growing and developing ourselves into something further and beyond, we become frustrated and that frustration (unhappiness) becomes the spur to motivate us to seek that happiness (self-growth and self-development?)

My hypothesis:

It is self development which we seek, and happiness is the means to that end!

Because when we witness and the self developmental growth becomes factual and true in our eyes, we get a spurt of happiness (serotonin, other hormones and bodily-brain chemicals). Thus in order to feel the happiness, we keep striving for more self growth.

So happiness is the drug which addicts us, and self growth and self development is the true goal and end into itself!

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The Desire to Banish Ugliness from Our Eyes

Our desire as artists, or as individuals with very sensitive eyes and visual senses:

We hate the aesthetically ugly in shape, texture, and form … and we desire to banish ugliness from our eyes by either changing our environment (our homes, exterior and interior design, architecture, community, city, climate, and neighborhood).

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Eating is Also Part of Your Training

Technically we don’t get stronger *as* we lift the weight. When we successfully lift a new PR (personal record) in any of our lifts, it is just an acknowledgement of our pre-existing and innate (latent) stength.

Technically we become stronger when we’re eating more meat, and sleeping and recovering and building our muscles through this “post traumatic growth” period. The weight lifting is the trauma trigger to stimulate growth. The “resting” or “recovery” phase is when the real growth is happening. Thus the thought:

Let us remember it is the times when we are resting, recovering, eating, and consuming and sleeping when the “real” growth happens, not when we are just “forcing” ourselves to work more!