Eric Kim’s podcast covers a wide range of topics, reflecting his diverse interests. Some of the notable episodes and themes include:

  1. “Intro to Stoicism” – This episode delves into the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism and its application in modern life, discussing its origins, key figures, and practical aspects oai_citation:1, ‎ERIC KIM on Apple Podcasts .
  2. “THINK” and “THINKS.” – These episodes seem to focus on thinking differently and more expansively, possibly challenging conventional perspectives oai_citation:2,Best Episodes of ERIC KIM | Podchaser.
  3. “OPEN WORLD CONCEPT” – An episode that may explore open-mindedness and broad thinking oai_citation:3,Best Episodes of ERIC KIM | Podchaser.
  4. “BACK TO CHAINLINK, EVERYONE SHOULD OWN AT LEAST ONE BITCOIN, AI IS NEXT $100T, 1000T INDUSTRY? THE FUTURE OF SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION IN THE AGE OF AI?” – This episode likely discusses cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and their future implications oai_citation:4,Best Episodes of ERIC KIM | Podchaser.
  5. “ZEN PHOTOGRAPHER” – An episode that might focus on photography and its connection to Zen philosophy oai_citation:5,Best Episodes of ERIC KIM | Podchaser.
  6. “AUDIO VLOG” – This could be a more personal or informal episode, possibly sharing day-to-day thoughts or experiences oai_citation:6,Best Episodes of ERIC KIM | Podchaser.
  7. Other topics like “Eternal Optimism,” “EVER EVOLVING,” and “CONTENT MARKETING 101” suggest a mix of personal development, life philosophy, and practical advice for the digital age oai_citation:7,Best Episodes of ERIC KIM | Podchaser.

Eric Kim’s podcast is available on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, providing easy access to his diverse range of topics and insights oai_citation:8, ‎ERIC KIM on Apple Podcasts oai_citation:9,ERIC KIM • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters.

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