Spartan Philosophy

One of the things I love the most is Spartan philosophy, thinking about ancient Sparta etc.

Why? Aesthetically, ethically, and in terms of the ethos — I love it!

Just watch the movie 300

I watched the movie 300 at a good time; I think it came out when I was in high school, maybe my junior year, at the peak of my hormones.

Watching the movie 300 when I was around 17 years old was good, because it’s solidified a certain aesthetic and physique ideal.

But now, I feel bad for all these modern day kids, who being raised with these weird aesthetic and physique ideals?

First, it seems that the new modern day trend is towards notification. Ugly bodies, everyone is skinny fat, no muscle mass, not permitted to be happy gay jubilant and ratchets; everybody is antisocial weird and awkward.

On the other extreme is all these dudes hopped up on steroids. Apparently it is even OK to be on steroids nowadays, which I also think is a bad thing. I think we need to inject more shame into steroids; it is really really bad.

For example, everybody knows that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is on steroids, yet everybody turns the blind eye. Why? We like the idea of the rock, yet, we don’t want to acknowledge that he is juicing his eyeballs out?  

Think muscle

Even Nietzsche talks about muscle. 

Even in his book the Walter power, or was it twilight of the idols… he posits the future man as being more carnivorous, with more muscle? 

Nothing is natural

The weird thing in diet health physiology fitness… Everyone is always trying to do what is “natural”. But nothing is natural.

For example, people say the lame response, that eating meat is not natural, or being a carnivore is not natural whatever. But it doesn’t matter… Neither is being vegan or vegetarian, everyone is and should be permitted to do whatever they want to do.

You can be whatever you want to be

The philosophy of becoming; you can become whatever you want to become.

Technically, nothing you will do will cause you to die. For example, doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian or vegan, it won’t kill you. You won’t die. Yet you probably won’t be that muscular or strong, or well… But once again that is your imperative not mine.

Most people don’t know what they want to become?

I think this is the big issue in today’s world; nobody really knows what they want to become.

One of the easiest things that you would ask a kid was this: “what do you want to be when you grow up? Perhaps this should be the same question for adult; what do you want to be when you grow older?


So why does this matter? 

I have some interesting thoughts; one of them is towards some thoughts on life, living approaches etc.

First, think of the ancient Spartan gymnasium, in which all the guys are just naked working out, hanging out in the open air plot of land, lifting weights, being manly.

Second, think about what the ancient Spartans wanted; they just wanted to be left alone.

For example, the reason why Sparta was military state was because she just wanted to be left alone, and the military power of Sparta was simple;

If anybody tried to invade Sparta, and subjugate it… Sparta would have a formidable army to protect itself from being taken over. 

All you need is 300

In today’s world everyone wants billions of followers, but think… Would you rather have 1 billion Persian slaves or 300 Spartan elite?

I would choose the 300.

King Leonidas was a historical fact

What I think blows everybody’s mind is the fact that King Leonidas was in fact a historical fact. He existed in real life, and the 300 were real. It was not just a fantasy or hocus-pocus story, like anything written by Moses. Or the ancient early Christian fathers.

Even the ancient Romans and Greeks were so inspired by the ancient Spartans — laconic, Lacadonia — there were lots of big fans.

Laconic sayings

Another manly thing; true men speak few words. 

For example when Persian emissary told king Leonidas that they would have so many arrows that they would blocked out the sun, I think it was Kingsley Leonidas or one of his generals who joked and said “Then we shall fight in the shade.”

Also, another saying:

When the ancients Spartans were told, that the enemy was approaching … instead of asking “How many are there“? They would ask, “Where are they?”

John Wick doesn’t say more than 200 words in John Wick 4? 

John Wick as the ultimate zen stoic spartan. 

My self ideal?

Body of a demigod, mind of a spartan, zen aesthetics.