Perhaps the best way to think about an approach life is towards radical and insane abundance; idea that you’ll never run out.

    I think this is mostly the appeal of Tesla, digital things; is that it is infinite.

    Zeiss lens wipes?

    OK, some funny random things:

    First, my beloved Zeiss lens wipes.  they are truly pardoned on the best. I have not discovered anything even halfway good.

    It’s super annoying because I always run out of them. And having to re-order them is always a pain in the butt.

    However, fortunately they come in a pack of around 200, sometimes even 400.

     Then very much to our surprise, the other day on our front door came another pack of 200! I think Cindy did the Amazon subscribe and safe thing about half a year ago, for the small discount, and forgot to unsubscribe. Now I have enough Zeiss Lens wipes to last me a small lifetime. 

    ECO 80oz hair gel?

    Another scam in the world is hair gel, hair wax, hair products.

    For men, in which we are all striving to become more masculine manly dominant etc.… one of the biggest scams out there is in regards to hair products. 

    For example, why is it that a little shitty tiny hair wax paste thing could cost $20 $30, 40 even $50!?

    My best discovery is discovering on Amazon, you can get this insanely huge top up hair gel, 80 ounces, this brand called Eco — which lasts you an insanely long time! And I think the huge tub is only about 25 bucks.

    My only personal desire is not to be one of these LA losers who’s always wearing a baseball cap. I only ever wear my baseball cap when I run out of gel, but otherwise, I hate the look and aesthetic because you just end up looking like everybody else. 

    Why think infinite? 

    I’ve been through the whole game; doing everything and in between in photography.

    One period that I went through which was super annoying was Fatar, even though I love the process and the aesthetic to death, the notion of film, 35 mm film, and log film that runs out, that you had to buy money to purchase, and also pay for processing, pay more money to get this scanned etc.… Now that I look back at it, it is such a scam.


    It is not infinite!

    Compare this to digital photography, now that I am 36 years old, I’m starting to look back at it and I’m starting to appreciate digital photography more and more. 

    First of all, it is infinite. At this point pretty much storage is free, if you use Google Drive, Google photos, WordPress, Flickr, your own website whatever. It is so cheap it is effectively infinite.

    I am shocked, even on my antiquated Lumix G9 camera, the original one, it has still held up very well, and is built like a tank! 

    The photos that it produces our great, I have gotten so many great photos out of it, with Seneca growing up, videos and beyond.

    Infinite food and coffee?

    In terms of real goods, a practical one is coffee. I’d like this idea of having infinite coffee, very much like the joy wonder living in Vietnam, especially in Saigon; that is Center of great coffee and coffee roasting.

    The reason why I love it so much is that it is the freshest coffee of all time. And not only that,  it is closest to the source, some of the finest fine robusta beans grown in the central Highlands.

    Anyways, when I run out out of my own good coffee, what I do instead afterwards  is either go to Whole Foods, which often has good deals on the coffee selections, or Cindy just orders a 5 pound bag of coffee on Amazon prime, which lasts forever essentially.

    Also with food, The reason why I love Costco so much is because you essentially know that at in regards to meet, you’re paying rock-bottom prices. We may still complain that meat and food is too expensive, but truth be told, this is just the reality of inflation. Which means, when your beloved beef ribs used to only cost you 199 a pound pound, and I’ll cost you 499 a pound, essentially the value of the US dollar has the value valued by half, because everything is two times more expensive, not because things are actually more expensive, but because the US dollar is worth less.

    Let us consider, people 20, $25 an hour to be a janitor, and people are still not fighting… This is a bad sign. I think even the other day I saw that McDonald’s was hiring for $18 USD an hour. That is what I earned Graduating from UCLA as an undergraduate, a four-year college degree!

    Which makes me think, for Seneca’s generation, will he need to go to college? Probably not.



    Thinking about abundance, radical abundance, I think the reason why this is so good and important is because when you think unlimited, you become unlimited.

    Who likes feeling constrained? Nobody that I know.

    The secrets?

    Something which is still very very shocking to me, looking at Seneca, at three years one months old… He essentially has infinite energy more or less. Typically his workflow is when he wakes up, he rubs his eyes, uses the bathroom and rinses off, and then starts his slow waking up process by stepping into the bathtub, turning on the hot water, and slowly booting up underneath the Faucet of the hot tub.

  • How to Live a Better Life 

    People have the wrong thought and assumption that somehow… having more money will make them live a “more” better life. This is not the case.

    Here this is where critical thinking, physiology, practical thinking comes into play. I think if your true goal is to live a better life, you gotta think about physiology, environment, life in general, not money. 

    The sun?

    Probably the greatest realization and discovery that me Cindy and Seneca had recently was the discovery of the California science center, taking the metro, and being able to access it all simply while jumping on the metro, not having to drive at all. The reason why this is such a big deal is that Truth be told, this life workflow has brought 1 million extra joy to my life.


    First, there is all this talk about cities of the future etc., and the truth is taking the metro, will indeed provide you with a “better” life.

    How and why? 

    First, contrary to the traditional antisocial behavior modernist line of thinking, the truth is people are actually much happier when they are kind of surrounded by people, or at least adjacent to other people.

    For example, when you’re on the metro, being able to just be surrounded by other human bodies is actually strangely comforting, fun, and even the last few times that we have all taken the metro together, we had discovered some really cool people! Small talk, meeting new folks has been extremely uplifting.

    Second, physiology. Thought to myself; we know that is bad, and that is good… I thought of this invention of a standing car. We have standing desks, walking treadmill desks, why not the equivalent for transportation?

    Surprisingly, it exists! The metro!

    When you’re riding a metro, you could be straight up, and even walk around the cabin. The reason why this is so useful is that your physiology has improved by 1 billion x.

    Also, thinking about your kids; kids love the metro! Actually which is funny; adults, we all dream about owning a certain type of car, but, kids don’t really care about ownership; they care more about experiences.

    For example, the first time we jumped on the metro from the Culver City station, it was probably the most joy I’ve ever seen in Seneca’s face and his life.

    Why? When we are walking around the metro, he always sees the metro going around, but I don’t think he actually really knew you could actually go on it. And once he is on it, it is so exciting and fun!

    First, it is actually really really fast. A lot faster than driving, even if there is no traffic, which is an impossible in Los Angeles, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Second, you get a really really cool elevated view of Los Angeles. I find it actually really exciting to jump on the metro, because what we have going for us in Los Angeles, is that our metro is above ground, which means that we are not trapped underground like the mold people in New York City. I think the reason why people don’t like the metro in New York City is that you have to go underground, in Los Angeles, it is all above ground, which means that you get lots of natural light, and great view of the city.

    what is the purpose of human beings?

    I think this is the question which has pled flossers for thousands of years. The truth is that we are here, this is a fact. Now what?

    A lot of these loser existential philosophers wonder, why are we here? 

    I believe that this line of thinking is a waste of time. Much more productive to consider, now that we are here, what should I do with my life?

    I think most people approach life the following way:

    How do I progress through life with a minimal amount of pain, sorrow, and suffering… and maximize my base pleasures? 

    For example, people do the pain in the sorrow of modern day living with painkillers, antidepressants, marijuana, television and media, music, podcast, going to festivals, going to burning man, psychedelics, alcohol, drugs etc. Modern day soma. 


    First, the simple thought is in regards to transit, getting around, tried to figure out whether you could do it all while standing, or walking, etc.

    Even my critique about riding a bicycle is that it forces you to sit. Anything which forces you to sit is bad. 

    Second, think the sun. I watched this insanely inspiring IMAX film at the California science center with Santa and Cindy, called deep space, and the general thought about it was that the sun was the epicenter of all life at least in our galaxy.

    And then the turbo thought I had:

    Think Heat.

    We also saw the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit, and he attempted to create a perpetual machine, but as we all know, it is impossible and it doesn’t work and it feels because much of motion is actually lost to heat.

    Which made me think, is motion, power, life, just heat?

    Even one of the easiest modern day ways to make your life better is to crank up the heat! I find that people have this foolish optimization in life in which they subject themselves to terrible cold in order to “save money”. But don’t these fools realize that converting your money into heat, for your home is probably the wisest trade?

    Therefore, ways to heat up your life include creaking up the heat at your house, doing hot yoga, or investing in insulation for your home, or just wearing insulated clothes. For example set up buying a new BMW or Tesla, just buy a brandnew Canada goose jacket! 


    The difficulty with prices is that it is all framing.

    For example, the big issue with apps, digital things that nobody wants to pay money for an app. Or a game. Because it is digital, we all think and hope and wish that it should be free. Why? The reproduction of digital things are technically free, but The big issue here is that the cost of production and maintenance is high. As a consequence, nobody likes to pay for digital things.

    This is here where the subscription model has become interesting; I think people are actually more willing to pay for a subscription than to actually pay for a digital good.

    The halving!

    The bitcoin halving is happening very very soon, on April 20. Don’t be left behind.

    Finance thoughts?

    What is it that people in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, California, or whatever like to complain about or comment on? The cost of living.

    For example, rent, rent prices, as well as buying a house, homeownership, single-family homes, condos etc.

    As of now, I still think it is wiser to rent a more expensive place in an insanely desirable neighborhood, with the ultimate 100% walk ability score, then on a home, even a very good home in a non-walkable area.

    Why in terms of your personal happiness, walking is insanely positive for your happiness. The more you walk the happier you will be.


    Grass fed beef, grass fed ground beef, they sell them at Costco for really cheap! Get the grass fed ground beef patties, in the frozen owl at Costco. Probably the best deal on the planet. Why breast fed beef? From a practical perspective, naturally cattle consume grass, not corn. Therefore, the real thought is if you consume cattle that was naturally fed grass, as nature intended it, shouldn’t it have superior nutrition, which will better nurse issue in terms of your overall health, well-being, how will you sleep, your energy levels etc.? Don’t be like one of these foolish people “calories “, consuming 2000 cal of Twinkies is different than consuming calories of ribeye steak or bone marrow.


    True science is critical thinking and first principles thinking.

    For example, a true scientist is not foolish enough to believe calories in calories out, the insanely foolish idea that somehow the average human being “burns” 2000 cal a day, and if one keeps their calorie consumption to below 2000 a day, somehow he or she will not get fat.

    The reason why most scientists are foolish is that they think scaler, numbers in numbers out, rather than dynamics.

    The truth about that, getting fat, pudding on post fat tissue is it has to deal more with hormones, insulin levels, sugar and starches then it does with calories.

    Also, I think the whole thing about protein overblown. I think actually, if you’re true goal is to put on muscle mass, and to become more muscular and dominant, the true goal is actually cons more dietary cholesterol, and beef liver, organ meats, etc.

     For example, loser Bill Gates is trying to get all of us to eat less meat, to consume more of a “plant based” diet“. But let us consider what he looks like, just google it, Google images what Elon Musk tweeted “the quickest way to kill your Boner”– (picture Bill Gates, with his obese morbidly obese stomach jutting out. )


    What is my definition of maternity, or the modern day man?

    Somebody who trades his or her health for money and productivity. 

    For example, anybody who sacrifices their sleep in order to finish their work relay tasks, or to be more productive, is a slave to this system.

    My very very very simple suggestion is when you get home after work, or when the sun goes down or whatever, turn off your devices 100%. Turn off your phone, all the way off, turn off the iPad etc.

    Instead, the best way to wind down in the evening is take a really really hot bath, or take a really really hot shower, read a book or whatever. Try to hit a new meat PR, a new meat personal record, how many pounds of grass fed ground beef can you consume in one sitting? 

    Media is toxic

    I’ve also found that one should have a strict cut off time for consuming media. My funny thought is actually the best time to consume me any sort of media, watching a movie or Netflix is actually first thing in the morning. Why? Media is insanely stimulating, and will disturb your sleep, Because a lot of these plot lines in these shows and boobies keep your brain running even late at night.

    If you want to watch a movie or show, do it while drinking or consuming your morning coffee.

    Anti screens?

    The other day Cindy Seneca and I visited the Tesla store in Santa Monica, and some thing I never realized:

    Looking at the touchscreen LCD display in a Tesla at nighttime really hurts your eyes.

    That alone made me think, because sensitive to light, never buy a Tesla. 

    Even one surprising thing that I personally love about my 2010 Prius is that there is no glaring LCD screens. And also you could easily turn off the display if you want to. I am a tech whiz, but I couldn’t intuitively figure out how to dim the screen of the Tesla LCD screen; Not good.

    iPad is bad for kids?

    Send because now three years, one month old, and I am actually very very happy that ever since he was born, he has never watched YouTube, any of these dumb shows or whatever. As a consequence, he is not subjected to any media.

    The only apps I consider good for the iPhone or the iPad is GarageBand, switch playgrounds on the iPad, and more recently, I’m a big fan of the poly bridge 2 app; Seneca loves the physics. 

    However ultimately, at times I’m considering just throwing away my iPad Pro in the trash. Why? Even when he is doing something “educational”, like learning about physics on the iPad, he is static and still, and actually a big problem about kids on an iPad is when they are so focused on it, they will often pee in their pants, they forget their bodily controls.

    Airport, my suggestion is if you’re going to be a new parent or whatever, the simple thoughts:

    1. Never buy your kid an iPad, a stupid Amazon tablet, whatever.
    2. on your iPhone, never install the YouTube app, uninstalled it immediately. It is like giving your kid heroin.
    3. On the iPhone, the only app you should let them play with is GarageBand.

    The real world

    At the age of 36, looking back at my childhood, my only regrets is how much time I wasted watching TV, and playing video games. The truth is only reason why I played so many video games to watch so much TV was that my mom was at work all day, and my dead dad was just watching TV all day, so I had no parental supervision, overseeing, Nobody to guide me in real life.

    As a consequence, my number one tip is the best way to be a good parent is when you’re with your cat at the park, turn your phone all the way off, and just lock it in the glove compartment before you go out to play. Or when you’re at home, once again turn your phone all the way off.

    One idea I am actually very committed to is I will never buy Seneca an iPhone, not even in high school. If you ever wants one, I’ll just tell him to get a job and buy one himself.

    Maybe if he somehow doesn’t need a phone down the line, I will buy him a phone. Or just try to schedule in such a way that he doesn’t need a phone.

    The future is physical

     whenever Seneca plays well at the park, is running around good, going on hikes with me etc.… I feel overjoyed. The days I feel bad is when it is raining outside, and we can’t go out.

    Ultimate privilege of any child or human being or adult is the privilege of being physical. The privilege of walking 30,000 steps a day, the privilege of interacting in the real world. Let us think, if you’re real life was an RPG, would you want to be stuck in your apartment all day, or conquering the real world?




    So a really really cool thing that I got and downloaded for Seneca, currently him at three years old, one months old… This came and physics app called “Poly Bridge 2“.

    first, it is super cool because there is the sandbox mode, which he loves, and I also find pretty incredible. 

    Essentially it is a physics simulator; and it is real. For myself, I have very very fond memories of discovering this game as a child, I think initially on Windows 95, on my first Acer aspire computer which was called I think “the incredible machine”.

    Anyways, what I find so fun in the sandbox mode is that you have unlimited money, unlimited resources, an unlimited budget, and the whole joy of the game is just doing these physics experiments, to see what will happen!

    Real life is also just physics experiments? 

    Surprisingly, my most memorable and favorite class of all time in high school, I will still never forget it… Was my honors physics class. It was probably the most difficult, mathematically arduous class I’ve ever taken, because it was honors class, I think I might’ve gotten a B or B minus in the class, which still counts as a “A”–

    Also pro tip strategy for any highschoolers out there; it is better to take all AP honors classes, and get straight B’s, rather than getting straight A’s in normal classes. 

    Anyways, I really really loved physics, and also my geometry class. Why? I found it very very useful to real life, tied to reality. Almost all other mathematics and science had zero relevance to me, my personal interests, etc. 

    What is the big problem here?

    I think the reason why Seneca loves the Poly Bridge 2 game constructor game,  is that it is tied in with real physics. It is everything that he loves; planes, bridges, physics, cars, elevations ramps etc. Even with his off the grid balancing bike, one of his favorite things to do is to go up steep ramps, and also up in cross bridges. Real life, real physics is the ultimate fun thing for a kid. 

    Kid fun

    I was born in 1988, and I suppose I grew up in the 90s. Something that got really really popular out of the sudden was rollerblading, in-line rollerblading, in-line skating, and I was really really good at it. I was insanely good at rollerblading, and I eventually got into what they call “aggressive in line skating”– imagine Tony Hawk or skateboarding but for rollerblades.

    Anyways, it also tied into the fact that surprisingly, I am also insanely good at ice-skating, which is very uncommon, I am very happy and grateful that when I was a kid, my mom actually took me to go ice-skating a lot. As a consequence, I can get backwards, Skate backwards on my toes, do 360s, backwards, etc. I can essentially do a lot of stuff like Michelle Kwan.

    Also, I’m actually really really good at skiing. Even as a young kid, Aussie able to do black diamond, double black diamond, no problem. I only backtrack when suddenly snowboarding got really cool, and I felt lame doing skiing, and I tried to switch. Worst decision of my life. The same thing goes with trying to get into skateboarding, it never really made sense to me, I can never really do an Ollie or anything. 

    Think Physics

    A quadrillion fold, the most important thing to consider with physics, thinking Aristotle, first principles thinking, etc.;

    The first principles line of thinking — beyond basic social norms is this: “is it possible from a physics perspective? Is there anything about the rules of physics which prevents this from happening or becoming or manifesting as reality?

     The more I look and consider cyber truck, and the reason why I find it so insanely innovative is that it seems to defy all the rules of physics, but, it still works just fine.

    Disrupt reality 

    I’ve been seeing a lot more cyber trucks in reality, in the wild, and whenever I see it, the more I look at it, the more I see it, the more I love it!

    The basic thinking and logic is that I really think it is the most innovative, most beautiful, greatest and the most grand creation I have ever witnessed in my whole life. I think it might be the only car I will ever consider purchasing, now that I am a bitcoin millionaire.

    I think the reason why it is such a big deal is that it really disrupts reality. Think visually, we have been trained and indoctrinated, and accustomed to the fact that cars must be round, curved, whatever. I think this is why the Lamborghini Countach Was such a big deal  was it seemed to defy physics and reality. If anything the way I look at cyber truck is that it is a Lamborghini Countach on steroids. 

    Buy cybertruck, not a loser Lamborghini 

    Break necks

    A phrase that get from my brother-in-law John Narciso, one of the head designers for black rhino, wheel pros, all the cool off roaring overland vehicles is this notion of “breaking necks.”

    The general idea is when you have a car that is so hot sexy or whatever, people will break their neck turning around just to catch a glimpse of it. This is cybertruck. 

    Reality applied

    Even with weightlifting, one rep max weightlifting, etc.… My principal concern and interest was essentially, like a glorified physics experiment:

    How much can a human body lift?

    Certainly without steroids.

    ERIC KIM breaks the Internet?

    My 1000 pound Atlas lift, so thing I think which will be talked about for years:

    1. First, I do not take steroids. I don’t even consume protein powder or creatine!
    2. Second, I lift weights fasted, which means the only thing I consume before lifting weights or working out or whatever is black coffee, and water.
    3. I use no weightlifting belts, straps, or other accessories. Only chalk.
    4. I am 5‘11“ tall, with a more lean build; I got a six pack, maybe my body fat percentage is around 5%, and I also follow a 100% carnivore diet. I am not one of those fat steroid guys.

    Anyways, at my old beloved crunch fitness gym in Garden Grove, I was able to successfully lift 1000 pounds, which is my beloved Texas power squat bar, with 10 plates, a 25, and I think a five and 2.5er on each side. 

    The regimen was super simple:

    Every week, just add 2.5 pounds to each side of the barbell. 

    Super easy. A very simple straightforward “kaizen” approach. 

    Back to physics

    I think in the early days, they actually called sociology “social physics”. To me this is super interesting because it is true. For example, sidewalk politics, sidewalk confidence: when you’re walking on the sidewalk, there is a certain politicking which happens, whether people make eye contact or not, etc.

    A simple suggestion:

    You’re walking on the sidewalk in public, always give a head to people who stare at you, or throw up the peace sign.

    More physics thinking 

    Another very simple way to think about things is think body physics. For example, the position of sitting, in terms of pure physics, it is really bad for you. Your metabolism shuts down, your spine compresses, etc. In fact, I believe that the worst modern day melody is Trying to think that sitting is a virtue and a good thing.

    Let us consider the Apex capitalist desire: to be seated, sitting down on your butt, in the Lamborghini or whatever. But once again, a true man is standing.

    Never rate anybody successful, dominant or strong until you have seen them standing straight up. 

    How to improve your posture

    Probably my new favorite discovery and invention innovation is discovering this 60 pound weight fest that I purchased on Titan.fitness

    The reason why it is great is that actually, it has forced me to improve my posture. Because the weights are in the front and the back, it forces me to stain straight up. In fact, instead of all these silly people, “running”– I actually think it is a far more effective exercise to just wear the 60 pound weight vest and just walk around. Better for your muscles, heart rate or whatever etc.

    Real life?

    Certainly real life is not like a sandbox in the video game. You cannot build a bridge in 30 seconds, you cannot erect a skyscraper in a minute.

    What is your control what is not in your control?

    To me I think the most interesting and disruptive notion of bitcoin, and crypto is that it is like dematerialized digital property, assets, wealth and capital. I think as of right now, my best definition of bitcoin is digital capital. 

    What is the best use of capital?

    Certainly the first is for your own physiological greatness and grandeur. Any portion of your life and which you have to sit on your butt stuck in traffic, is patently bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Rolls-Royce, a self driving Tesla, or even in a cybertruck. 

    What is the secret to happiness, or living a happy life in LA?

    Never spend more than five minutes driving a day in LA.

    I can easily rate my overall physical health, happiness levels based on the amount I drive every single day. The days I never have to jump into my Prius, I am the happiest.

    So what should I do?

     I think the best way to approach life is to just effort, just try it out, take the small financial risk or whatever, try it out, and figure it out as you go.

    For example, I think now I’m living here in LA, Culver City for now five months… In the first two or three months, even now… Figuring out how to live a virtuous life here has been novel.

    I think the slow transition from life in the suburbs to life in a cosmopolitan city has been tricky; I’m figuring it out good things and bad things, good strategies bad strategies on the way.

    Difficulties and annoyances are good information

    Typically when things annoy you, make you angry or whatever… Treated like good information. I think often the big problem we face is when we just let these annoyances grate us,  without actually doing anything to change it.

    So a simple life strategy:

    When something annoys you in life, use that information to switch things up!

    I think the loser mentality of life is to keep sitting on your button and complain about things, without actually changing anything your physical reality.

    How to think like a winner?

    Destroyer versus creator 

  • Fun Picks

    Choose fun

    Come up with your own new economic theories —

  • The Only Photographer

    I love the LUMIX G9– this thing is built like a tank!

    Invest in more tank-like things!


  • Seeing Like a Photographer- Artist

    1. Don’t look at things literally — look at them figuratively and metaphorically
    2. Don’t make it look “true to life”— the role of the artist is to *transfigure* and *change* reality, not to show how things really and truly are, but how things *should* be—



    Your body matters

    Why Your Body Matters 

    In modern daytimes, we believe there to be a divorce between the body, the mind, the soul whatever.

    For example, we have this foolish idea that somehow, you could just be stuck in bars all day, and somehow have beautiful thoughts, beautiful ideas, etc.

    Also other weird things; we tend to praise all of these artists, and creators who are all hooked on alcohol drugs methamphetamines etc.

    For example, we all go gaga over Jean-Michel Basquiat, or Jackson Pollock artwork, but, don’t you know that Jackson Pollock was a severe alcoholic, I think he died in a car accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. Bad.

    Also, Jean-Michel Basquiat, I think was hooked on cocaine or some other weird drugs. Therefore what we consider “innovative”, in terms of artwork is simply drugs manifesting in strange ways visual art imagery words etc.

    Can you be innovative without drugs alcohol etc.? 

    Am I the only sober millennial alive? The only person who was born in 1988, currently 36 years old, that doesn’t drink alcohol, any alcohol, smoke weed or do any drugs? I’ve only smoked weed maybe twice in my life, I wasn’t really into it that much. And I quit drinking alcohol not out of ethical reasons, but simply I didn’t like the way you made my body feel. The big realization was when I would track my sleep, and actually discovered that after drinking alcohol, even a small amount, didn’t actually help me to sleep, but ruined my sleep by 500%.

    Why are all academics either low-key alcoholics, and also a lot of them are hooked on weed? 

    Another strange thing with higher up elite society, a lot of them think and assume that for some reason wine is associated with elites, fanciness, whatever. Little do they know that wine is just sugary grape juice that makes you fat, with a good conscience. To know all this constipated knowledge about so-and-so wine grower and so so region, another way that people could feel big in grand for being fat, lazy, and alcoholics.

    In modern-day America, it is not permitted to be anti-alcohol, or even anti-weed? 

    First, I actually think that marijuana is a lot less bad than alcohol. Alcohol might be worse than marijuana by 1000 X. It is true that nobody ever died while smoking too much weed, but a lot of people do die from drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol might be one of the most toxic Substances on the planet, even Plutarch in his “Morals” mentions how the real serious soldiers, one day were at war, or in war, would be very wise to abstain from alcohol. Blue tart said that only slaves would drink alcohol, but actually in fact, if masters were smart, they would prevent their slaves from drinking alcohol, because it would make them wanton, and change their behavior in poor ways. 

  • Think Digital

    Unlocking value

    I don’t want my thoughts to be derailed

    I think the reason why I like to wake up early, before anyone else does, and then drink coffee, thing, walk around, either Vlog or jot down notes is because I don’t want my thoughts to be derailed by an external issues at hand.

    You know best; never do anything to just make other people happy or make them feel at peace or restful;

    Financial Thoughts 

    Some finance, financial thoughts on my mind; how and why does finance matter?

    What is the etymology of finance?

    First of all, it seems that the etymology for the word finance is centered around the notion of a fine, the end, “finis”–

    If you take this metaphorically, maybe finance, personal finance is all about the banks, these credit unions, issuing debt, and if you don’t pay the monthly payments, the ransom, the settlements, you will be charged a penalty.

    Also taken more artfully; perhaps we should consider the end of finance, the end of money etc.

    Money for the sake of what? 

    Recently I listened to the interview of Michael Saylor with Lex Fridman, I both watched the video YouTube podcast recording, and then ultimately I just read the transcript. One of the big takeaways was this:

    Money is solidified labor, solidified energy and power.

    For example, all of the money value that created over the last that give herself, traveling the world doing workshops, creating and selling products etc., ultimately all this money end up becoming solidified and codified into money.

    Bitcoin as the most exciting thing since PayPal?

    The reason why I have been very grateful to be alive at the time that I was, when I first started teaching workshops, I was easily able to create a PayPal payment by it now, in order to collect money from teaching workshops. The very very nominal 2.9% transaction fee to me was nothing; Essentially if PayPal did not exist, I would collect zero dollars, 0%. So 2.9% out of 100% to me is nothing. As long as the fee is less than 10%, I am happy.

    One thing which is really cool about Coinbase, and I suppose a lot of these mainstream crypto market fund platforms is that you can easily purchase corn or whatever crypto with your US dollars or traditional bank account money, and also if you wish to, cash it out back into Fiat currency, if you want.

    Even more interesting is the new Coinbase debit card visa card, in which you could essentially just use it to draw from your crypto reserves, to buy groceries at Costco or whatever. I think that I have yet been able to do is figure out a workaround or hack to have the Coinbase debit Visa card pay for rent; but beyond this, it is pretty phenomenal.

    Why is it so damn hard to move money?

    OK, some simple things; if I want to send money, either to myself from a different bank account, a simple wire transfer, whether domestic or international, why does it require me talking to a bunch of random people on the phone, wasting about 3 to 5 hours of my life, sometimes on the phone or sometimes in person, and sometimes having my money stuck in arbitrage, with some random person in the Back door of an office in the Philippines in Manila, “reviewing” my case, ensuring that my wire transfer is not a scam or fraud, before the transaction actually goes through?

    Banks are the new gatekeepers, the new DRM digital rights management

    OK, I have always been passionate about this open source notion, open source information, open source knowledge etc. Even what Saylor.org — Michael Saylor is doing with his open source information knowledge wisdom, is very admirable.

    I think a huge point of enthusiasm and reinvigorated passion that I got from the Michael Saylor Lex Fridman  interview is Moores law, the immense power of the dematerialization of things. 

    For example, when it comes to aviation, rockets to the moon, whatever… Why is this all the same same? The fundamentals materials of aluminum hasn’t changed for almost 40 or 50 years, in the general shape of airplanes have not changed at all either. The only really big innovation that I think we’ve had during my lifetime is Tesla, and electric vehicles; but still if you think about it, the overall shape of cars, even the Tesla cars are pretty similar to what we already got, albeit much better. 

    Also a grand dismay that I have in regards to homes, real estate, etc.; why is it that homes have not really changed, even the new constructed ones? Maybe the only big innovations I’ve seen in house and home design is having your kitchen door patio thing open up directly Into the backyard or whatever, maybe have a pool or whatever, but that’s it. Why not any sort of Buckminster Fuller, geodesic, or even my own personal vision, a glass cube on top of a hill?

    How bitcoin benefits from Moore’s law

    I think a really big thing about bitcoin and Moore’s law is that anybody with the $50 smart phone or device can handle it, storage, in essentially the custody or the ownership of your money or your keys or whatever is a simple password that you can memorize in your brain. Or another thing which is good with Apple ID, your thumbprint, biometric data is that it is pretty difficult to fake a thumbprint; iron vision that a thumbprint is actually more secure than Face ID ID.

    For example, I currently have an iPad Pro M1 chip, and already, the Face ID is busted. However compare this to my $299 iPhone SE; the thumbprint is secure. So even as much as I like to like the new iPhones, maybe just sticking to thumb ID is a better idea in terms of security. 

    Once again, digital property, materials cannot increase at a rate of 2X year over year or whatever more law is. Yet, bitcoin, crypto, digital money can.

    Or even some other basic good things; crypto could be treated every second, every day, doesn’t matter if weekend or weekday. Isn’t it strange that even in 2024, today’s capital markets, the markets are closed on Saturday and Sunday? Come on, we live in the world of self driving cars, robots, Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT etc.; why are we still in the stone ages in terms of finance?

    Are you going to use your gold bars to buy a home?

    It seems that one of the great real assets that people eventually aspire to have our own or procure is a home, property, ideally a single-family home. It also seems the truth is any people whose first homes a condo, secretly hopes that they had bought a single-family house, or they’re just saving up more money in order to buy a single-family house.

    Owning a condo is like glorified renting 

    I suppose one of the benefits being raised the way I was, I never was really into this idea of owning a house or owning home. Maybe this is because my family and my mom only ever rented our whole lives, part of it is that we were just broke, And part of it also, we moved around too much.

    It seems that currently the American dream is all about owning a home, owning a single-family home. Perhaps this was just the postwar ideal or something; but maybe the new dream, the new Millenial dream should be to own (at least one) Bitcoin?

    My simple math behind it is I equate one bitcoin to only one single-family house, or one piece of property. But the great upside of bitcoin and digital property is that I don’t have to maintain it, I don’t have to check for mold, I don’t have to worry about changing the roof, I don’t have to worry about bad tenants up the house, etc. And also, a big scam I think I’ve discovered about homeownership is property taxes;

    Even if you buy a $3.5 million house all in cash, into perpetuity, you got it paid like $3000 a month in property taxes alone? That is essentially free money that you’ll never ever see again, that goes straight to the city and the government.

    Even if I was worth 100 M, maybe because the way I was raised, I wouldn’t want to pay $3000 a month Justin property taxes, indefinitely? Especially considering that my rent is only $3200 a month right now, if the price of property taxes is equivalent to the price of renting, real estate really makes no sense.

    The future of bitcoin and digital property?

    Also another reason I found an interview with Michael Saylor and Lex Fridman so enlightening was not even the bitcoin stuff, but, how Michael Saylor cross pollinate his genius in sciences, history of science, engineering, mechanics and applies it to money finance in the world in general.

    Especially the notion of energy.

    For example, the reason why I am so grateful every single time I have a good cup of coffee is that there are people in Vietnam, in the Highlands, growing your coffee, tending to it, eventually picking it and sorting them, then you have an expert person like Hana Choi from 96b coffee roaster in Saigon Vietnam roasting it, and then ultimately delivering some great product like 100% fine robusta, ERIC KIM OMAKASE COFFEE, delivered straight to you.

    What is a college degree, a PhD, a masters or a bachelor is worth today anyways?

    If I think about it, if I think about it, cart blonde, Sukha today, if you didn’t want to go to college, or get a higher degree, I wouldn’t really mind too much. Why?

    First, his parents, a.k.a. me and Cindy are already super educated. We both went to UCLA is undergraduates, Cindy got her PhD at Berkeley, and now is a full-fledged professor.

    So why do we need more education in the family?

    What is education for anyways?

    Assuming that your family already has wealth, having a higher degree is only a legitimacy thing.

    For example, if your family empire is already worth $500 million, and you have a bunch of kids, you just want them to graduate with at least the bachelors degree to “prove “that they’re not dumb.

    If you’re doing any sort of business transactions, or just networking in general, eventually someone’s gonna ask you where you went to school, a.k.a. where you went to college.

    Even now when I meet people, and ask them why they went to school or whatever, and they say UC Davis or something, I think that it is OK, and I tell them that I want to UCLA, I can already see their face and countenance change, That they feel a little bit made small by the fact that I went to UCLA and they went to a second tier school.

    However, the reason why this is so bad is that why would you take your own self-esteem based on an institution?

    This is also where brands, are so silly. For example everyone is so gaga over Louis Vuitton, but just Google image the actual founder of Louis Vuitton, a fat obese man with a funny mustache and beard; do you want to look like that guy?

    Building the future, upgrading the planet?

    The final words of Michael Saylor was quite poetic interesting and simple; “upgrade the world“, upgrade the planet, upgrade the human race.

    “Uh-up-uh-upgrade complete!” – StarCraft

    What does it mean to upgrade things, the planet, the human race?

    First, maybe it is to first apply a fresh, gigabit Internet like mentality to our brains. For example everyone is so quick to just upgrade their iPhone or devices or their car or whatever, isn’t the more important fact to upgrade your mind?

    For example, I just got rid of loser spectrum Internet, they still don’t get them, and upgraded to team gigabit fiber Internet which is 1 trillion times better. Even when trying to cancel my old spectrum thing on the phone, it was so damn annoying, just like trying to cancel your AWOL membership back in the day.

    Anyways, maybe we gotta think about this like gigabit Internet Wi-Fi. Upgrading your mind is like going from 56K dial up modem to gigabit fiber Internet.

    Grand Visions

    I follow the Peter Thiel model here:

    Better to risk boldness than to risk triviality. 

    Or another words, better to go insanely bold and big, and fail, rather than two go and bet same same, and succeed.

    Even one of the random things that I am insanely proud about myself, is successfully lifting 1000 pounds; the infamous ERIC KIM Atlas lift. 

    I think it is more interesting to lift 1000 pounds, my unorthodox way, which is 10 plates of 25 and I think a five and a 2 1/2 are on each side, rather than even squat five or six plates the standard way, or even dead lift seven or eight plates the standard way.

    Bigger always wins.

    Once again, the ultimate flex in the ultimate interest is how many plates you have on the bar. When you stop counting, that is when you know you are strong.

    For example, typically the reason why people like to dead lift, or do sumo deadlifts or whatever is that you could put more plates on the bar. For example a reasonably strong person can let’s say squat for plates, but for dead lift do five or six plates. And the upside to switching to sumo dead lift is that you could go from 5 to 6 plates pretty easily; if you’re doing conventional, Because the biomechanics are not as efficient, you cannot lift as much. 

    Lifting more is more important

    Once again, to lift more is more impressive.

    To do things, the conventional or standard way, is boring.

    Or even taken into a greater extreme; what is more impressive, to lift 2000 pounds, or two benchpress 300 or 400 pounds? Lifting 2000 pounds is far more interesting.

    Bitcoin developer

    The funny thing is with real estate, your $1 million house cannot certainly become $100 million house in 10 years. But you’re $1 million worth of bitcoin can become $100 million a bitcoin in 10 years.

    A funny rebuttal that people say about bitcoin is that it is not “worth” anything; but then again, owning property is not really “worth“ anything either; to own a few square meters of concrete somewhere is not as glorious as you might think it is, especially considering you got a pay property taxes etc. Not only that but maintenance cost, hidden cost, things breaking things gotta be maintained etc.

    Even simple things, like gardening, cleaning up dead tree leaves etc.; then all of this additional labor.

    Even if you hire somebody to do it, you still gotta put in the labor to manage them.

    What new innovations have yet been created?

    Bitcoin is interesting because it is still in the early infancy.

    First, people have no idea what it is. Even amongst the bitcoin and crypto maximalists, nobody has anyone unified idea on what it is or what it should be.

    For example, some people think that bitcoin should be digital money, other think that it should be digital property, other people think it should be digital gold. But maybe because there is not a consensus on what it should be, this is a feature, not a bug. 

    In terms of what technology you could build on top of bitcoin, it seems that the level 2 layer — the bitcoin lightning network is probably the most useful innovation thus far, that which Jack Dorsey has integrated into the cash app, and let us not forget that Jack Dorsey who is a huge bitcoin advocate also owns and runs square, the infamous and notorious little card reader thing that you use to buy your $10 cappuccino at any hips or coffee shop.

    The philosophy of money and finances

    I think money and wealth is all an attitude thing, which means wants to feel rich, to feel strong, to feel abundant. Nobody wants to feel broke, and poor.

    Even Aristotle written in his economics, Oeceonomia in Greek said the very powerful and simple thoughts, which still rings today:

    One’s expenditures should never exceed one’s income.

    Live like a very poor person

    Even now that I am super rich, I still use the cheapest iPhone, an iPhone SE. Why? Even though I could afford thousands of iPhone pros?

    I think the simple heuristic that I’ve learned is that irregardless of how rich you are, it is always better to live like a very very poor person. Why? Honik and lifestyle creep; sure you make a little money here in there, and get some gains, get a bonus or whatever, you buy the Tesla, buy more expensive things, etc.… But the problem is that often, we think we are much richer than we actually are. The same thing with gains;

    We always overexaggerate our gains, we always underplay our losses. 

    Additional things which are worthy of consideration include having to pay taxes, capital gains taxes, etc. Therefore, if you think about things a little bit more critically, always best to think and act rich, but live poor.

    How does one live poor?

    1. Don’t drink or purchase or buy bottled water or filtered water: just drink tapwater, or filtered water at home
    2. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t consume alcohol, whether at home or at the bar, don’t smoke weed, waste money on weed and drugs
    3. don’t go to festivals, don’t go to Vegas, don’t listen to EDM music, a funny thought: has anyone ever gone to an EDM concert or gone to burning man and enjoy themselves sober? Without taking drugs? No.
    4. For a car, the best car is just a 2010 Prius; I love Tesla, I love Elon musk, I own a lot of Tesla stock, yet I don’t really want to buy one right now, yet. If I were to buy a Tesla, I might hold out for the cyber truck. And actually, in LA, the greatest flex is to drive around in the cyber truck; even more than driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini!
    5. Never buy any new clothes
    6. Build your own home gym, work out at home: or just buy a 60 pound weight vest, and just go walking or hiking in the nature areas, in the woods etc.  For example in LA, I really love this Baldwin Hills hiking area stairs area.
    7. The best entertainment and leisure activities are free! Nature, hikes, state recreational parks etc.

    Now what?

    I always find the quote now what”? Question the most fascinating. Why? After all of this, what is the point of it all? What should I do with my life and time?

    A very simple one is exercise fitness and health. Movement, exercise, fitness is the ultimate leisure. There is no greater leisure than the human body.

    Second, there needs to be some sort of creative output publishing that you do. I think this is the best way we could enact an impact on the planet; information, it is universal, a random person in a small village in India on the $50 android device could easily access your website and blog, or even a random kid in the Philippines.

    Third, think technology, Moore’s law and scale: once again, I think the problem why real estate, land development, construction is so tapped out is that it is still so inefficient, and it does not follow more law. In the year 2024; why can’t I just 3-D print a house in an hour? Why does it still require a litany of annoying contractors, hold ups, and trillions of other problems?

    Building digital properties

    Maybe it is best that we think about websites and digital properties like real estate.

    Something that nobody appreciates is that you could erect a website in 30 seconds, good luck doing that with the skyscraper or even a single-family home.

    Second, domains, domain names. This is still a field which is very very important and untapped.

    For example there is this thing called ES, Ethereum name network or system or something, owning your own crypto address in cyberspace seems like a good idea.

    For example, currently playing around with a new Coinbase web3 wallet, and there is an ability to create your own username on it. Kind of like Venmo. Or PayPal. This is interesting and useful because if I want to just send bitcoin or crypto to somebody, rather than having to copy and paste a really really long Crypto address, it is easier to just punch in their “@“ user ID– it is easier to remember, much more secure etc.

    Why Coinbase?

    Coinbase is the goat. The most beautiful UIUX, it feels the most ethical, and it just works insanely good. Coinbase is like the new paypal for crypto. 

    You can just buy $100 worth of bitcoin

    Everyone wants to own at least one bitcoin, but the beauty is you could just buy $100 worth of bitcoin, you could just do it in the cash app, or on Coinbase or whatever. An exchange I don’t really trust, but at least it is mainstream is crypto.com, I think they are Singaporean based, And they bought out the name rights for the Los Angeles Lakers Staples center, and it also looks like they are doing a good job marketing across sports and television channels.

    Finance also looks pretty good, but I would still kind of stairway from it, because of the old controversies with the ex founder, CZ.

    Now what?

    I think the beauty of bitcoin, crypto is that we can all get rich together. Assuming that the value of it all collectively goes up, if I buy bitcoin, and you buy bitcoin, the value of all of it goes up. Only people who “lose”, are people who get into the game too late.

    Rethinking economics, money and wealth

    We humans are bad at metaphors, math, digital thinking, etc. As a consequence, it seems interesting to try to upgrade your mind, or rethink things from a blank state.

    For example, being born in 1988; the idea of having to pay for information and knowledge always seemed ridiculous to me. But to the old-school people, the old guard, it seemed natural.

    Even in the world of Atari, film photography, doing exhibitions and shows, printing out hardcover books, these are all old antiquated Parisian notions which must be re-examined especially in the year 2024; in which I could design and create a PDF photo book in minutes, publish it for zero cents, and essentially share it to all 8 billion people on the planet for nothing.

    Consider the typical artist who has to sell out $20,000 of their own money, in order to print their book, and attempting to sell it, and eventually not being able to do so, still having hundreds of copies and storage, unsold.

    The great upside of digital products and digital books is that there is no such thing as “stale“ inventory, no such thing as dead stock, or unsold inventory.

    Think Digital!


    A thought: perhaps the best way to live life is to broaden your horizons– both metaphorically and literally.

    Horizon Chase 

    So a funny game on the iPad I’ve been playing with Seneca is a game called Horizon Chase. It is like a pixelated, old-school retro racing game in which year racing and driving into the horizon.

    The horizon is an interesting metaphor because it is a metaphor of that which is just above and beyond the horizon. Nobody is 100% certain where the horizon is, but chasing it, into broaden it seems like a good idea.

    A panopticon view to life

    One of the things I love most about going to the hills and the vistas, going on top of the hill and looking out out it is super epic pen optic con view I have of the world, LA and things.

    When you’re on top of a vista, with a total Panopticon view of the world, it is great because you feel elevated, more powerful, inconquerable, indomitable.  in fact this is why I prefer the mountains in high up vistas rather than the beach.

    The beach is great and amazing everything, but still, the feeling of being higher up, you literally do feel greater, grander, more powerful, more all encompassing.

    In fact, the insanely elevated feeling that I had while living in Vietnam was that I was also literally on top of the world, so beyond everything, once again, only paying $320 USD a month for rent, living in a tiny hotel room or tiny studio apartment, everything paid for, Eating at all my meals and drinking unlimited coffee, and having supreme time to focus and think, this was true paradise. Also no phone, no distractions, no nonsense.

    How and where to broaden your horizons?

    So the first very basic idea is that you could broaden your horizon by just not restricting yourself to one small category of things. For example for myself, even though I’m most famous for photography and street photography, my interests are infinite. Design, physiology, the body, philosophy, aesthetics, bitcoin and cryptocurrency etc.; it is all infinitely fascinating to me.

    I think this is why people are so confused by me, because I refuse to stay in a small box. Even some thing that I am starting to realize more and more, being Asian American, queen American in America; everybody is secretly low-key racist towards Asian, Asian American men in America. Why? Typically, Asian Asian American guys are seen as short, not for muscular, meek, more feminine, introverted and quiet spoken, lacking social skills, and not in tune with hip-hop and rap culture; E-40, keek da sneak, too short, Kanye, Jay Z etc. 

     so when I pull up, super loud and boisterous, smiling and happy, handsome and good looking, with a really cool slick back Brad Pitt fury haircut, topless, highly muscular, full body tan, people are just a little bit befuddled by me.

    It kind of goes a lot of ways, we are not allowed to be loud, boisterous, ratchet, etc. 

    Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in a tiny bubble

    I think the reason why there’s a trend that we must be so small narrow focused and niche is because of fear.

    It looks like the modern day person is very afraid of unpredictability. We don’t like people who are unpredictable, I think in fact, we prefer people to follow a basic social script; any sort of behavior or activity which is off script, off the rails is seen as scary for a lot of individuals.

    However, the extreme irony:

    in real life, we hate making iContact with strangers, conversing with strangers, we always have our sunglasses on, full tents in our cars, we are afraid of social engagement and interaction. However at the same time, when we watch media TV shows, movies etc.; we love the outlandish, the ratchet, etc.

    The reason why I see media  consumption is so fascinating is because I think that is what people truly desire, truly want, but, are too afraid to go get it in real life.

    The same thing was a video game; then I think video games, video game culture etc. is fascinating because once again it also shows some sort of deeper human Aires, however people in real life are afraid to go get it in real life.

    So what is the big issue here? 

    I see several issues at play here:

    First, the sociological one, and second, the ethical one, and third, the physiological body one.

    Social logically, society is not equipped or optimized for free thinkers, free spirits, free individuals etc. Let us consider that essentially, we are the new mole people.

    Consider the average kid, the average suburban kid, or even the average American kid, who is raised in captivity. They are born indoors, inside a hospital or whatever, since they are small, they are always indoors; in a house, in a daycare, in a preschool, in a “Montessori“,  in a car, it may be at most they are permitted 30 minutes to an hour of fresh outdoor sun and play, but all of these overprotective parents always cover them up with long sleeves, long pants, hats and sunglasses, sunblock etc., preventing them from getting all this beneficial upside from the sun and UV radiation.

    Taking further, think about K-12 education. Why is it that all these institutions are indoors? I kind of prefer a more hippie Spartan approach; I would prefer classrooms that were all just outdoors.

    Or beyond that, why have school at all? Honestly I think for a lot of parents, it is just seen as free daycare.

    Not only that, but even once you get to university and school, college etc., you’re pretty much indoors all day. You’re indoors all day when you’re studying in the classroom, your indoors all day when you’re studying in the library or your dorm room, and when is it that students are the happiest? we are happiest when we are at the beach, hanging out with our friends, at the beach bonfire etc.

    Different directions and life paths?

    Assuming that you no longer need to work” for a living, then what? What do you want to become, what do you want your kids to become?

     First of all, nobody wants their kids to just become good worker bees. Because that is still the trend today.

    I’m also starting to realize more more, it don’t even matter if you get the worlds best job at Apple Google Facebook or whatever; the huge downside is all these offices are still indoors. Another thought I had while in the parking lot garage;

    Would you be a trillionaire if you had to live the rest of your life in a subterranean, fluorescent lit parking lot garage? Even if you had all the billions of Lamborghinis in the world? No!

    Back to nature?

    If we think about video games, Final Fantasy, riding around in Chocobo etc.; what is it all about? Real world, free world exploration!

    I think for example, video games are good for poor kids. Why? If you’re a poor kid, and you have no money, your world is limited. Maybe besides owning a bicycle, there’s nowhere you could really go and explore.

    Actually, one of my favorite memories and point of gratitude spending my formative childhood years in Bayside queens, New York was just how open freedom it was, hang out with my best friends, riding around our bikes all around town, going fishing at the pier, playing roller hockey together etc. PS 169.

    The best thinking and horizon broadening happens when and while you’re just walking around. 

    I think about this very literally, and also, very practically.

    The big problem in today’s world is that we are so cramped. That is consider, we are just sitting on our butts all day. In fact, I’ll lead the desires that we have are just glorified butt sitting.

    For example, are strange and bizarre desire to own and drive all these exotic cars, technically you’re not really doing anything. To simply approach your Lamborghini, unlock it, pop up this is your doors, hop on in, turn on the large engine, make it loud, drive really fast, spin around, Pop out, with the scissor doors going up again, looking at this beautiful design object, what is the point?

    For example, a lot of people fantasize about driving the PCH, along the Pacific Coast Highway, in some sort of luxury sports car, convertible or not.

    What they don’t understand is on the weekends, there are lots of cops. There are maybe four or five highway patrol just waiting to capture you and only that but most of the time it is trafficky.

    Something to do which is actually much more pleasurable is just drive your whatever car to the mountains, and just going to hike and walk around! Or even more fun is just going to the gym, showing off, being loud, lifting heavy ways, and instead of revving your sports car or your muscle car, Scream really really loud in real life.

    Another funny thing I have discovered:

    Why are we allowed and permitted to rev the engine of our sports car and also cars, but we are not allowed to rev up our voices, and roar our voices?

    For example let us say that you have some sort of Lamborghini Ferrari or Porsche or whatever; you are allowed to accelerate really quickly, posting the loud engine. And the sound of the exhaust whatever. Some people call this sound beautiful. 

    But, modern day man is not permitted to be loud, scream, talk loudly in public. The modern day loser man is only permitted to wear AirPods, AirPods pros, noise canceling headphones, fully tinted out sunglasses, and stay to himself.

    Real world training 

    Some simple suggestions I have include simple things:

    If you see a beautiful person, doesn’t matter if male or female or whatever, compliment them. Compliment their look, their face, their style their demeanor etc. whatever. One of the good things about living in LA is that to a large degree, everybody is very image-conscious. Assuming that you’re just not the typical tech nerd who always wears the company hoodie or sweater, people spend lot time thinking about their outward appearances. Their jewelry, their fashion, their clothing, their fashion sense, their car, their accessories, etc. Anything that is perceived by the outside world. 

    Show me your screenshots, and I shall tell you who you are

    A funny suggestion that I have is if and when you go on a first date with somebody, a simple thing and strategy you could do is either with permission or without, pull up their screenshots in their iPhone. A lot of people I see will often screenshots stuff they want to buy, stuff on Amazon, stuff on other e-commerce websites etc.

    A screenshot is funny because it is almost like a public private memory log; typically we screenshot things we want to remember, or things we value, things we want to buy etc.

    Once again, if you have ever shopped for clothes yourself or bought your own shoes or your own car or whatever, you two are also image punches. In fact I don’t know one human being, one modern-day human being who is not image conscious to a certain extent. 

    Now what?

     so the trillion dollar question is this: let us see you brought in your horizons, you do it all well, what is the point?

    First, you as an individual, the human spirit thrives on expansion. Soul expansion is a good desired outcome. The more you could expand your soul, the better.

    This means expanding your ambitions, your hopes your dreams etc.

    Second, exploration, our passion for novelty. For example, Seneca is currently three years, one or two months old. He really really loves and is excited whenever we discover and uncover a new playground park. We have this hand motion we invented called “ttang ttang ttang”– which is essentially a hand motion that I invented which is putting both your hands into fifths, and being them together, whenever we are excited or having fun.

    Cheviot Hills playground park — we went there the other day, in Los Angeles, he loves it!

    Expansion packs 

    Can you imagine a world and the universe in which we never had any sort of expansions? For example, I’m grateful that we had a Diablo two expansion pack, also a StarCraft expansion pack.

    Keep it easy!

    Another weird thing in American society, we glorify the hard, the difficult, the painful, the arduous, the toilsome. Why? 

    I have the theory; modern day society tries to indoctrinate you with the slave like, servitude mentality. If you are praised for working a lot, working hard, certainly this will benefit society. But will it benefit you? Often not.

    Let us consider the foolish optimization we do: we work hard, we toil, we sacrifice our bodies our health our soul in order to make more money or whatever, buy the nicer house, the nicer car the nicer clothes, etc., we work more… But as a consequence, we sleep less, we spend more time sedentary, we become weaker sicker etc. All for the sake of what? 

    Broad shoulders?

    Go broad! 

    What do we humans really want? 

  • Grateful

    Upon much thinking and consideration, the true feeling in my heart and my soul is gratitude, being grateful to everybody. Doesn’t matter how much they annoyed me in the past or irked me; ultimately even if it is for the .0000000001% of the times they were insanely helpful and or useful ,,, the only feeling in my heart and soul is gratitude!



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    31. Carte Blanche Ideals
    32. CHOOSE JOY
    33. Don’t Judge Your Impulses
    34. On Becoming Less Human
    35. COWARDICE.
    36. The Philosophy of Futurism
    41. RETRO IS BAD.
    43. Strive to *Lose* Weight, Not *Gain* Weight
    45. If You Know Your *WHY* You Can Discover Any *HOW*
    46. Life is Too Short to Be Miserable
    47. What Consumption Takes Skill?
    48. OFF THE GRID.
    50. Pain is Information
    52. AUTOTELIC.
    53. UNPLUG.
    54. How to Become a Philosopher
    61. Is Hope a Vice?
    62. MOVE MEAN
    63. Carte Blanche Ideals
    64. One Interesting Thought
    65. What Lasts? What Doesn’t Last?
    67. Children & Purpose
    68. Thoughts on Becoming a Parent
    69. Where Does Our Desire to Upgrade Come From?
    71. Self-Task Yourself an Awesome Mission in Life
    72. Differentiation vs Equalization
    73. My Passion to *Become* Something More
    74. No Aesthetic or Ethos is Forever
    75. What is Your Higher Purpose in Life?
    77. How to Decide
    78. Things You *Want* to Do vs Things You *MUST* Do
    79. Towards a More Beautiful Mode of Existence and Future
    81. AMAP (As Much as Possible) or None.
    82. Why or How Does it Matter?
    83. The Philosophy of Time and Events
    84. How *Not* to Resent
    87. The Miracle of Human Growth
    89. Why Plan?
    90. You Don’t Need to Justify Yourself
    91. The Philosophy of Ego
    92. True vs False Passions
    93. How to Achieve Tranquility
    94. On Making Your Own Philosophy
    95. The Purpose of Life is to Create New Life
    96. Think On!
    97. The Wisdom of Doing Nothing
    98. Congruency
    99. My Thoughts on Meditation
    100. The Philosophy of Purpose
    101. Emulate Yourself
    102. Good Fear, Bad Fear
    103. For the Betterment of Humanity or Just Yourself?
    104. What you *really* believe in and care for is manifested through your actions (or non-actions)
    105. Why Culture is Your Enemy
    108. Artistic, Physical, and Philosophical Muscles
    109. All New Experiences are Good Experiences
    110. What is the Purpose of X?
    111. UTILITY.
    112. Philosophy is a Luxury
    113. The Attempt is More Interesting than the Result
    114. Joyfulness vs “Happiness”
    115. Effectiveness Over Happiness
    116. Self Actualization
    118. Life & Pain
    119. On Living Every Day with No Regret
    120. Learn as if you’re going to live forever, live as if you’re going to die tomorrow
    121. Live Every Day Like it Were the Last Day of Your Life
    122. Self-Determination
    126. Satisfaction is a Sucker’s Game
    127. Supreme Repose
    131. Good Addiction, Bad Addiction?
    132. What is the Best Life?
    133. The Philosophy of Thinking
    134. The Philosophy of Conspiracies
    135. Conspiracies
    136. Growth
    137. Skepticism.
    138. What Do You Really Want Out of Life?
    139. Seem or Be?
    140. Learn Through Pain
    141. Respect Yourself
    142. In Praise of Elitism
    143. Why Independent Thinking?
    144. I Will Never Die
    145. Bitter is Better
    146. The Genesis of Nihilism and Existential Dread
    147. The Ethics of Personal Enrichment
    148. Good vs Not Good
    149. Punished by Privilege
    150. Abstinence Over Moderation
    151. Just Leave Others Alone
    152. You Can Only Critique that Which You Truly Understand and Love
    153. ERIC KIM Critique of Metaphysics
    154. Only Trust Philosophers Who Deadlift
    155. Heuristic: If Someone Talks Shit About Others Behind Their Back, Most Likely They’re Also Talking Shit About You Behind Your Back
    156. Virtue is a Privilege
    157. What Are Your Life Goals?
    158. Honesty
    159. Why I’m Anti Moderation
    160. No Spite, No Malice.
    161. Ascending Life or Descending Life?
    162. Double Edged Sword
    163. Ignorance.
    164. Why I Don’t Trust “Nice Guys”
    165. Why You Must Share Your Opinion
    166. Selfish Isn’t Evil
    167. Wisdom is the Goal
    168. YOU ARE KING.
    170. What is “Good” for You is Often what is Bad for You
    171. Care.
    173. ONE REP MAX
    174. Morality and Ethics is the Snare
    176. Insanity is Good.
    177. Think Deep.
    179. Open Mind vs Closed Mind
    181. Towards a More Critical and Rigorous Line of Thinking
    182. How to Encourage and a Foster Independent and Free Thinking
    183. What is the Purpose of Life?
    185. Elitism.
    186. I Cannot Form an Opinion About Somebody Until I’ve Met Them in the Flesh
    188. Happiness vs Freedom
    189. The Birth of a Hater
    190. My Way Isn’t the Right Way
    191. Walking as an Existential Thing
    192. Why I’m So Tolerant
    193. Mortal Gods
    195. Why I’m So Skeptical
    196. Just Follow the Money
    197. Why Selfish?
    199. Why Are We So Anti Elitism?
    200. What Actually Interests You?
    201. How to Become Yourself
    202. SELF HATE
    203. Optimistic Fatalism
    204. Death is the Ultimate Creative Constraint
    205. FLUX.
    206. How to Think for Yourself
    207. FLESH
    208. How to Live the Best Life
    209. Why Live a Life Without Regrets?
    210. Why Plato Ruined Art and Aesthetics for Us
    211. Self Respect
    212. Hypocrite vs Contradict
    213. Ideals vs Reality
    214. Spaceship Philosophy
    215. What is Your Ideal Life?
    217. Critique of Utilitarianism
    218. Don’t Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated
    219. The Eternal Recurrence of Tragedy and Joy in Life
    220. Elite Asceticism
    221. Why I Don’t Like Numbers
    222. Action and Reaction, Cause and Effect
    223. The Antidote to Nihilism: The Philosophy of Nothingness
    224. ERIC KIM Notes on Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
    227. Self-Wisdom
    228. The Future Belongs to the Fearless
    230. Why Live Forever?
    232. Why Education?
    233. How to Become Yourself
    234. Things Shouldn’t Go Back to the Way They Used to Be
    235. Why Am I So Cruel?
    236. The Great Joy of Existence
    237. Virtue for the Sake of Virtue
    238. NO DISDAIN.
    244. PAIN.
    246. Tomorrow is Never
    247. Life is the Ultimate Creative Constraint
    249. BLACK SWAN
    251. What are you *really* afraid of?
    253. Philosophy is King
    254. Why is Selfish Evil?
    259. WHY FREE WILL?
    261. EGO IS GOOD.
    263. Seek the Good Pain
    264. Anti-Perfection in Photography, Art, and Life
    265. Can You Become an End into Yourself?
    266. WHY I LIVE
    267. Why I Hate Decline
    268. Why I Eat
    269. Why am I So Positive and Optimistic?
    271. Never Stop Gaining
    273. A Life of Maximal Personal Independence
    274. What Do You Desire to Become?
    275. What Do I Want from Technology?
    276. Stratified Society
    277. Do You Love or Hate Reality?
    278. On the Brian, Body and Mind
    279. I’m Maximally Happy, Now What?
    280. Care over Fame
    282. Never Stop Subtracting
    283. How to Live a Happier and More Epic Life
    284. A Risker Life is a Better Life
    285. Only Work on Things You Can Imagine Doing for Eternity
    286. How to Maximize Your Happiness
    287. Influence
    288. The Gladiator Makes His Plans once He Enters the Ring
    289. Meditations on Meaning in Life
    290. There is Nothing More Interesting than Human Beings
    291. Is Hope a Vice?
    292. EGO
    293. Why Be Unique?
    294. Happiness is Metabolism Health and Strength
    295. You’re the Hero
    296. Is Productivity a Virtue or Vice?
    297. Why Do We Prize the Rare?
    298. The Joy of Uncertainty
    299. How Should I Best Use My Time and Life?
    300. A Life Without Pain or Suffering Isn’t a Life Worth Living
    301. Free or Unfree?
    302. What Do You Really Care For in Life?
    303. Anti-Satisfaction in Life
    304. Why Think?
    305. The Eternal Return
    306. Only Do What is Best for You!
    307. Truthiness
    308. Why Be Happy?
    309. Permissionless Living
    310. In Praise of Unconventional Wisdom
    311. Become the Change Which You Wish to See in the World
    312. Happiness
    313. Beyond Freedom
    314. Idolize People, Not Stuff
    315. What Makes You Stronger? What Makes You Weaker?
    316. Why Hate?
    317. The Secret of Happiness
    318. You’re Constantly in a State of Becoming
    319. Life is about Choices, Not Obligations
    320. Anti-Nihilism
    321. First, Do What is Best for You.
    322. Live Dynamic
    323. How to Prosper
    324. Is the Point of Life to Be Satisfied?
    326. How to Become more Idealistic
    327. Thrivival 101
    328. Create Yourself
    329. Non-Small
    330. Inspiration
    331. How to Live a Heroic Life: Dare the Heights!
    332. Human Augmentation
    333. Prune
    334. Happiness: Do What You Want to Do (And Don’t Do What You Don’t Want to Do)
    335. Avoid Vain (Empty) Pursuits in Life
    336. Modern Slavery
    337. Kill the Leeches
    338. Wisdom Augmentation
    339. Why We Need Friction in Life
    340. Straight Line Philosophy
    341. What’s Your End-Game in Life?
    342. Create Your Own Happiness Today
    343. Desire Both Pain and Pleasure in Life
    344. Try the Impossible
    346. Anti-Social Extrovert
    347. Never Blame Anybody But Yourself
    348. Human Flourishing
    349. Simpler, Not Better.
    350. How to be Free
    351. Embrace the Extremes
    352. Cultivate Your Own Culture
    353. COURAGE.
    354. Thrivival
    355. Inner Power
    356. How to Live a Purposeful Life
    357. My Definition of Happiness
    358. Why Change is Good
    359. Why Work?
    360. How to Live the Happiest Possible Life
    361. The Two-Pronged Approach to Maximize Joy in Your Life
    362. You Always Have Another Option!
    364. Never Stop!
    365. What is Your Self-Directed Purpose in Life?
    366. Live Today Like it Were Your Last
    367. Do You Photograph to Live, or Live to Photograph?
    369. Live Life to the Fullest!
    370. In Praise of Selfishness
    371. Why You Must Be a YAY-SAYER to Succeed in Entrepreneurship and Life
    372. Why I Love Walking
    373. Live Life Like a Video Game!
    374. Simple Luxuries in Life
    375. Treat Your Life Like a Fun Experiment!
    376. Only Prove it to Yourself
    377. You Don’t Always Need to Feel Joyful to Live a Fulfilling and Meaningful Life
    378. Life is Too Short to Be Bored!
    379. Money Cannot Destroy Boredom
    380. How to Find Inspiration in Life
    381. Why You Must Ignore Haters to Succeed and Win in Life
    382. An Active Life is a Happy Life
    383. My Simple Joys in Life
    384. Never Stop Striving
    385. How to Motivate Yourself in Life
    386. How to Be Optimistic in Life
    387. How to Dictate Your Purpose in Life
    388. In Praise of a Dynamic Life
    389. PURPOSE.
    390. How to Enjoy Life
    391. Photography Therapy
    392. How to Conquer Regret
    393. Take Your Play Very Seriously.
    394. How to Prosper
    395. Memento Vivere
    396. Destroy in Order to CREATE
    397. Trust Your Body More Than Your Mind
    398. Make Photos to Make Meaning in Your Life
    399. Seek Knowledge, Not Information
    400. The Purpose of Human Life
    401. How to Overcome Impedence
    402. Why I Love Death
    403. How to Be Centered in the Eternal Now
    404. How to Be Happy
    405. Why Do You Care What Others Think of You?
    406. Why I’m Happy
    407. Why?
    408. Why I’m So Prolific
    409. How to Reduce LAG in Life

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  • Leverage Your Platforms, Move the World 

    Follow the yellow brick Road!

    How to move the world

    “Give me a spot to stand, and I shall move the world!” – Archimedes

    The notion of a lever, leverage is one of the most critical notions of all time. Why? It is all about strength leverage, levers.

    For example, I find it personally more interesting to move 1000 pounds half an inch, rather than move 1 pound for 100 miles.

    The bad thing is in modern day times, we have been suckered into thinking that more it’s better. More repetitions is seen as more virtuous and more better for us.

    However, think about this:

    What is more important, to do 10,000 bodyweight squats consecutively, or to lift 2000 pounds, once?

    Of course the second!

    Don’t trust the nerds

    The big problem is in today’s world, the nerds run the show. The nerds are now the computer scientist, the CEOs of the big tech companies, etc., or once nerdy bullied kids in high school. In fact, my personal thought is your personality gets fully formed by the time you graduate high school. The person you are in high school, Remains with you for the rest of your life.

    This is why when I meet people nowadays in LA, I just asked them: “Where did you go to high school?”

    NASSIM TALEB also has a thought and a theory that in fact, where you go to high school is actually more important then where you go to college or university.

    Therefore, let us think about how critical high school is.

    The psychology of money

    OK now that I am a cryptocurrency millionaire, betting big on bitcoin, now what?

    First, I like the idea that we could all become rich together. To me what is not zero sum; everyone could gain $1 million in their wallet, me gaining $1 million doesn’t mean the subtraction of money from your pocket.

    For example, let us say that we all buy bitcoin. And let us say that the price of bitcoin continues to balloon. If this is the case, then we all suddenly become millionaires all at once!

    I think the loser mentality is that my financial gain is your financial loss. What is this true? No. Anyone who thinks this has zero understanding of how finance works.

    Money is a made up thing

    Perhaps the most insightful thing that I learned from Fernando Galliani‘s treatise on money is how money is just a social invention. 

    Money is faith, money is people. 

    In fact, when it comes down to it, the ultimate valuable thing is just humans, human beings, human labor, human power.

    For example, eventually when it comes down to it, let us say you want to buy a house build a house renovated etc., sooner or later you need a real life human being in the flesh to actually build and put things together. Or if you want to create your own minimalistic dream House, you need a lot of laborers to actually build it. Often Mexican or Latino Spanish-speaking construction workers.

    Who is going to dig your hole?

    Most of us don’t like digging holes for ourselves, and I think most people would prefer not to build their own house, or renovate their own house all by themselves. It just takes far too long, takes too much time, most people would prefer doing something else.

    In Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Holmby Hills I have observed this funny new caste system or bifurcation of people: 

    Insanely rich people who are never at home, and their army of immigrant construction workers who are building their mansions.

    This micro economy which is built is super fast in me because there are bunches of these taco trucks which hang out in these $10 million mansion neighborhoods, $50 million mansion neighborhoods, just chilling and hanging out, and you could tell who the immigrant workers are because they all drive old Nissan Pick up trucks.

    A very very dark thing about going to Asia is how cheap labor is. For example I think there are some people in Asia who work these menial labor jobs who might only get paid $10 USD for a whole day of labor in a restaurant kitchen or a bar or café? In America, it is insane; for menial labor work, we pay people almost $20 an hour?

    How and why media is the future 

    I have this habit on my iPad and which I always go to the App Store, and I’m always curious about what the top performing applications are. One of the things that I have learned is that it looks like all the top five apps on the iPad store are all Media streaming apps. Disney, Disney+, Netflix Hulu etc. Also a fun thing I learned other day is that Hulu is owned by Disney.

    Anyways, it looks like innovation for technology has been tapped out, and now there is a mad scramble for media. Even Apple is dead, in terms of innovation. In one last attempt, what they are trying to do is get into the media entertainment, TV music business; it seems that they are doing very poorly even though they have trillions of dollars to throw at it.

    Free exercise

    A new experiment I’ve been doing is I bought a 60 pound weight vest from Titan dot fitness, and I’ve just been wearing it during the day, when I go on hikes with Seneca, or even while working out. I call it like Goku in the gravity chamber, Dragon Ball Z.

    What super interesting is I guess 60 pounds is actually pretty heavy. Just having it on me and not doing anything, I already feel my heart rate going up. Also what I love about it is it is well balanced; the weights are in the front and the back.

    Also, I found that it may be one of the most effective ways to exercise in so far much as you could just keep it on while doing calisthenics, chub dips push-ups whatever, I even had a funny thoughts; if you want to one of those funny fitness classes and just wore a 60 pound weight vest on you the whole time, certainly it would augment your work out.

    How tech nerds could get stronger? 

    A simple idea is that everyone should buy the 60 pound weight vest, and just wear it all day while you’re at work. And just stand all day and walk around.

    Even all of the silly runners, maybe they should just buy one. It is better to just walk around with a white vest on, at slow pace rather than jogging at a “moderate pace”, for no good reason.

    Also a very interesting innovation that I’ve made is that while wearing the 60 pound weight vest, concurrently doing my weightlifting exercises with it on. This involves farmers carry, rack pull, atlas lifts squats etc. 

    The general idea is anything that increases the force of gravity on your body will make you stronger.

    What I learned after lifting 1000 pounds

    Just Google or YouTube it; ERIC KIM thousand pound lift. I think I am the first non-steroid person on the planet to have done it.

    Super super easy; gradual progressions, the Kaisen process. Just adding 2.5 pound “potato chip“ mini weights to each side of the barbell, week over week. That is if you just add 5 pounds to your maximum lift, week over week, within a year or two years or three years, any able bodied person or man should be able to lift 1000 pounds.

    Can a woman lift 1000 pounds?

    Probably. There are some of these Viking women from Sweden or some thing who are like 7 feet tall and 200 pounds, I’m sure they could do it.

    Certainly for maximum strength, there will never be a woman who has as much strength as a man. You will probably never have a woman on planet earth as strong as Eddie Hall, or Hafthor Bjjorsen.  Even if you gave the strongest woman in the world all the steroids in the world, I am very dubious that they would be able to deadlift 501 kg. 

    Or if you go on YouTube, search the 1 ton lift. One of the strong fat steroid using strong men was able to successfully lift 2000 pounds half an inch, which is 2x of how much I was able to do.

    What I have found is ultimately, anything that you really really really really want to do, and you have a ridiculous passion for, or interest or goal, you can achieve. I think the subtle nuance is that it must be autotelic, which is you want to accomplish it for the sake in itself.  

    For example, trying to lift 1000 pounds, was this funny silly cute cold that I said for myself, without the aid of anybody else. No ridiculous notion of a “personal trainer“, “coach”. To me only unknowledgeable people, people who seem to lack self direction end up investing in these external coaches, because they like the motivation to do it themselves, because for their whole lives, they have never been encouraged to just follow themselves.

    Am I the only rare bird?

    Truth be told, I’ve never met anyone in real life quite as interesting or fascinating as myself. Only other people that have met why find fascinating, not in real life include Jeff Bezos, Elon musk, Kanye West, maybe Jay Z.