You Can’t Tame Me!


What is the role and task of modern day society? To tame the individual, to tame the beast-man. 

For example, if you think about almost all K-12 education, even at the college University level… What does it aim towards? Obedience, ability to sedate children to sit down, be quiet, listen to the teacher etc.

For example, even when I think about traditional elementary school, it seems mostly disturbing that kids only get about 30 minutes or an hour of free play, outside today? There’s too much focus on “education”– this amorphus concept of “education.”

Most books are bad?

Recently, I’ve been taking Seneca a lot to these public libraries. We typically think the following:

More books, more reading … “more” better.

For example, we think about it in simple vector arithmetic forms. The more books you add to your brain, the more words and pages and books you consume, the “more” smart, virtuous, noble, and superior you will become. 

But the issue here, going to the library, honestly 99.99% of these books are bad.

For example, a lot of these books which are made for children are either dumb, or, they encourage strange morality. A lot of these books return for kids now are snarky And mostly written for the shits and giggles for parents.

Weird kids at the park?

Another hesitance and reticence of puddings Seneca in school; most kids at the park or actually really strange? With strange parents?

For example, a lot of these kids who are obviously older than Seneca, because they talk really well and in full sentences etc.… They have strange morality, and also, strange ethics. Strange playground and workflows.

Then you look at the parents… Look a little bit disturbed, all out on their phones, checking dumb Instagram and watching YouTube videos, while their kids are playing at the park, vying for their attention?

iPhones are the new dumbing down tool. 

I have a very simple idea for  parents, children, and adults alike:

Lock up your iPhones in the glove compartment of your car, or just leave it at home when you go out.

It is almost like a metaphorical analogy of tying yourself to the mast a la Odysseus.

For example, if you really really want to be 100%, 1000% present with your child when you’re at the park with them, very very simple, turn off your phone, put inside the glove compartment, close it, then play with your kid at the park!

Another funny workflow or hacks; if your kid wants to play on the iPad, make it a rule that you are not allowed to watch or do anything on the iPad at home, only at the park, or the downtown area.

I even have an idea for adults; perhaps the rule should be you are not allowed to use your phone, laptop, iPad at home endorse; only outside, in the direct sun!

The sun

We checked out this new super space book from the library the other day, and Cindy was reading it to Seneca before sleeping, and an interesting fact:

One second, of the power of the sun could power the entire earth for 27,000 years.

This is insane.

It looks like now, summer is upon us, literally about four days ago, the sun came out in full force! Personally for me, this is my utopia in Paradise being in Los Angeles, but even yesterday… The sun almost became too strong for me. Even with SPF 60 sunblock on, The sunrays on my skin started to feel like pins and needles on my forehead, my forearms, the back of my neck, etc.  it is so strong that I am contemplating on starting to wear a baseball cap more frequently, and also, wearing long sleeved button up, popping the color to protect my neck.

Anyways essentially, I think the new man is the man who best embraces in channels and harnesses and utilizes the environment to his benefit.

Air conditioning weakens you

I think the only legitimate time to use air-conditioning is if you live in a very very hot and humid place, turning it on for sleep. But besides this, air-conditioning I think is positively bad for you. Especially when you pair it with being indoors, and also with the air conditioning on.

For example even being at the public library, which is indoors, dark and air condition… Being outside and being indoors is literally night and day.

When I am outside, either in the shade or the sun, I immediately feel more energy, power, more zest for life. The second that I go indoors, it is dark and cramped, with air conditioning on… It immediately lulls me to sleep,  and also, shuts down my physiology? 

And then I think, essentially the big issue here is adults, maybe even children now have been conditioned to prefer being indoors, like domesticated cattle, or tamed bulls?

The raging bull

Essentially, what is cattle? A male cow? Or whatever? A castrated cow.

For men and for us men… it is obvious that our power comes from our balls. Our testicles. 

A very very simple observation: the genetic difference between men and woman is situated in the issue of testicles or no testicles.

It doesn’t even matter what your sexual orientation is, or your self-professed gender. The better question:

Do you got balls or no balls?

Honestly, all of this debate and politicking  about sex, gender, sexual orientation etc.… It seems here the issue is that people somehow want to deny the scientific laws of physiology?

For example, testes. Or ovaries. If you are a woman with ovaries, or if you experience a sort of menstrual cycle, certainly when you are experiencing hormonal shifts during your menstrual cycle, you will feel act and behaved differently than if you don’t have one. And this is independent whatever your sexual preferences are.

But… I think that women will never understand about men, is that men we have testosterone. How does testosterone manifest itself? Simple: it gives us power and force when we need it, for example, if you want to lift 1000 pounds … you will certainly want to harness and channel your testosterone to your benefit. It seems very foolish too rub one out really quick before lifting 1000 pounds.

Or, I am very dubious that Hafthor rubbed one out really quickly before dead lifting his infamous 502 kg dead lift.

These body parts aren’t free

“This dick ain’t free”– Drake

Another funny gendered truism:

More often than not, it seems that the goal is for men to seduce women in order to bed them, and will often spend largest sums of money directly or indirectly to do this… But never never the other way around? 

For example, assuming that man is the world to power, and man desires more power, in theory the optimal strategy is to never release your seminal fluid. Apparently this is called “semen retention”. And also the funny new pseudo masculine walk strategy is to see how long you could retain your semen, before in naturally emissions itself in your sleep.

I think the superstition that boxers should not have sex the night before the big fight is a good one.

Also, ancient Chinese notions of Yang and Yang; apparently one man ejects his semen, it is considered that he is losing his Yang, a bad thing. Therefore as a consequence, the theory for life for a Chinese Emperor was for him to bed as many women virgins as possible, but he was not allowed to ejaculate? Blue balling yourself for immortality.


Certainly much of science, the scientific method of inquiry is a good one. Cause and effect, experimentation. 

However, often we fall victim to something called “scientism“– the basic ideas that it sounds like signs, but in fact, it is hocus-pocus, uncritical.

For example, this nonsensical notion of “calories“,” burning“ calories. 

The insane idea is that somehow, the average human being “burns” 2000 calories a day, and in order to not get fat, you must “burn” 2000 calories a day. 

My personal theory is that this pseudoscience is promoted by the Coca-Cola corporation, who wants you to “balance“ what you eat consume and how you move. 

For example, the reason why this is so pernicious is that somehow, let us see I drink that mini Coca-Cola can, which has “only” 1000 calories — then the ideas that if I worked out and I’m fit or whatever, or I don’t “consume“ that many calories in a day, I somehow will not get fat and get diabetes.

Then as a consequence, one ends up drinking juice, quinoa salads, and still continues to consume Coca-Cola, and that person ends up getting fat, poor blood sugar levels, and the individuals confused on why this is the case.

Any level of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, Splenda, real or fake sweeteners is toxic.

Or another words, trust no human being who drinks “0 cal“ sweetened beverages, soda or Coca-Cola, even in “moderation”. Also, trust no thinker who smokes marijuana, consumes marijuana, CBD, or alcohol.

Have you ever met a 100% sober academic?


Have you ever met a vegetarian or vegan who did not drink beer, wine, alcohol or spirits, or partook in marijuana?

I think if alcohol was not vegetarian or vegan, you would see a lot fewer vegetarians and vegans. 

Untaming yourself 

If you are a bull, and let us say that you are a fighting bull, is it a good idea to castrate yourself if your objective is to fight? No.

I think a modern day society, man is metaphorically castrating himself. And also, denying his beast like attributes, as well as lowering his testosterone?

For example, marijuana, alcohol lowers your testosterone. Also, sugar and starches lower your testosterone.

I cannot speak from the female perspective because I am not a woman, but, thinking critically about male things is a good idea. 

So what should I do?

In the realm of photography and street photography, I think one of the critical concerns that people got is photographing children now that I am a parent, and I have a young child, the calculus is simple:

I have zero problems if a photographer or street photographer wants to photograph Seneca. I would just prefer they don’t do it with a telephoto lens hiding behind a bush.

Creepiness is proportional to focal length. 

What that means is this; if you don’t want to look creepy, don’t use a telephoto lens. Only use wide-angle prime lenses. 

And also, no need to be hidden stealth and candid all the time; even Henri Cartier-Breason used to shoot street photography with a handkerchief tied around his Leica camera, and would pretend to sneeze when shooting pictures. I find this a bit creepy. 

“How would you feel if somebody photographed you without your permission“?

I wouldn’t mind. In fact, I would feel flattered.

This is where ethics becomes so interesting;

My ethics don’t need to be proportional to your ethics in order for me to be legitimate.

Now what?

My simple line of ethics is to do things, 100% naked and transparent, which means, never do anything in secret public or private that you wouldn’t be comfortable having your wife or kid know.

For example —  I would not encourage a man or a father to look at certain images or videos that he would not be comfortable having his son know that his father is doing in secret or in Google incognito, with bay browser, with a VPN, or with any sort of “privacy”, preserving tools. Also the issue with privacy is I wonder… how much of this fake privacy stuff has to deal with people watching strange pornography on the Internet?

Don’t watch porn that you would not feel comfortable having your kid know that you’re watching.

How to live a virtuous life?

Virtue is what we seek. I think even with our children, the goal is to raise virtuous kids? Even my best man Justin told me in regards to child rearing; he just doesn’t want to raise a degenerate kid.

I wonder if the first thing:

Perhaps good parenting is “via negativa”– what don’t you want your kids to become to grow up.

For example, I don’t want Seneca to become a degenerate, drug consumer, smoke weed etc.

In fact, I recently discovered that a lot of these really rich families, and issue with the children; they get addicted to methamphetamine, partying with women on yachts, blowing through the family wealth.

What I want to teach Seneca to become a Spartan voice; simple, stoic and hard.

What that means is imputing my ethics and morality into him, which is centered around virtue, simplicity, courage and strength. Also, physical valor.

First, seek to become your own ideal

I was talking to a dad the other day about who the greatest basketball player was of all time, and it is either Michael Jordan, LeBron James, or Kobe Bryant. Why? Their will to win.

On one hand, the notion of winning were losing as a bad one because in real life, this notion does not exist, only in games, or sports.

I suppose in ancient Greek times, if you think about the Iliad, the simple calculus was who kills who? 

For example, as long as nobody could kill Achilles in combat, he is the victor. And also, Lee it doesn’t matter your philosophy or worldview, if somebody else kills you in battle, you are the loser.

Don’t get killed

Then perhaps the first notion of success is not getting killed.

Then, if you are babysitting your nieces or nephews for the weekend, the best way to return them to their parents is “alive and intact”.

Don’t let your kid die 

Living here in Los Angeles, it seems that the biggest issue here is that  it seems there is actually a very high likelihood of dying in a car accident, getting hit by cars, have your kid die in a car accident, we’re having your kid get killed by a car that runs a red, either by accident or intentionally.

Some thoughts:

  1. First, if your child is still young, and you’re living in the city, the rule is they are not allowed to cross the street. It doesn’t matter if your kid is the most intelligent kid in the world. Even a car driving at 15 mph hour or 25 mph could be lethal, especially to a small and young 3 1/2-year-old child.
  2. Non-distracted driving? Certainly the change begins with yourself. I made it a rule along time ago to never listen to any music or podcasts when I am driving in my car. I only use my phone for GPS and Google maps, everything else is off. In fact, the critical issue here was that I was listening to a podcast, while in Berkeley, and there was some sort of annoying pre-roll advertisement I think on Tim Farris’s audio podcast, and I was trying to skip it, and while trying to skip it on my smart phone, I almost got into a car accident.

Laser eyes?

Laser eyes are the future. You don’t want to enslave your eyeballs to a foreign screen or device.

For example, when I think about the real world, when I think about embodied reality, the world is like one mega jumbo screen, four dimensions, infinite.

Then I think that people enslaved their eyeballs to a tiny 5 inch screen, this is bad.

Simple thoughts:

  1. Get rid of those iPhone Pro’s. Honestly, Apple coming up with the iPhone Pro, a shameless cash grab. If Steve Jobs were still alive I don’t think he would ever let it fly. Also — Jony Ive. I have a theory that even Joni I was reluctant to design and produce the iPhone pro, because he knew that it violated the design ethics of Steve Jobs and Apple.
  2. Get outside! Am I the only person on the planet who walks around town, with his iPad Pro, and voice dictates everything?

Building the future 

Stop buying those iPhones buy those bitcoins!

Recently my neighbor just bought a brand new Porsche 718 S, and I thought to myself:

Wow, that $80,000 would be a lot better invested into bitcoin.

Assuming that bitcoin 10 X’s, 100 x’s, or even 1000x’s from here…  that means $80,000 will turn into $800,000, turns into $8 million, turns into $80 million.

If your automobile, that money you sink into it would be worth $80 million even 10 years from now… Would you do that trade? No.

Even cybertruck; which I consider the best vehicle created of all time; I would love to have one, but I think the more intelligent strategy is to transform your body into a cybertruck, and just put your moneys into bitcoin instead. 

Why? The simple math is even from a conservative perspective, bitcoin has been going up at least 50 to 55% year over year. What that then means is if you just do a simple calculation or graph using ChatGPT pro , your $1 million in bitcoin today will be worth $57,000,000 10 years from now, $57 million, or $3 billion dollars years from now. 
And in 30 years, your bitcoin will be worth $191 Billion dollars.

Or other maths:

  1. 6 years until you hit $10M
  2. 12 years until you hit $100M
  3. 18 years until you hit $1B– which is not that long that is when Seneca turns 21.

Do you remember when Google first IPOd, when Facebook first IPOd, when Amazon first IPOd and everyone thought that it was stupid? 

Or, do you remember when the first iPhone two came out, and everyone thought it was insane that it had no physical keyboard like a blackberry?

Or, do you remember when Steve Jobs first announce the iPad, and people were angry that it didn’t have any USB ports?

Everyone will always ridicule something until they get one. 

For example, the joke with the iPad is they called it an “I tampon”.

How many people who were die hard blackberry users, now use an iPhone?  And thinking about the future, how many foolish people with a Ford F150, or even worse, an F150 raptor will eventually trade in all their cars just buy a Cybertruck truck? 

Or, all of these early adopters of the Rivian truck, how much of them are secretly jealous or envious or desired that they had a cyber truck instead?

Even myself, I was a diehard user of android phones for a very very long time, even having the original android HTC Evo — but even myself eventually I figured out that iPhone and iOS was 1 trillion times better, and eventually I even switched.

Same thing goes with computers, I was always anti-apple, but once I got my first 11 inch MacBook Air, realized I was a fool for using windows all along.

I wonder if the line of thinking will be for bitcoin; when people finally do get bitcoin, they will think:

Why didn’t I buy bitcoin earlier?

Financial thinking

I think the simplest way to become more frugal is assume that the $1,000 you spend today will multiplied by a factor of 10, 100, or 1000 just a few years from now. If this is the case, how would your spending behaviors change? 

The $1000 iPhone Pro you purchase will become 10,000, 100,000, $1 million in 10 years. Then the optimal strategy maximally frugal; the true capitalist just uses an iPhone SE.

Technology x Capitalism

We are the new capitalists. Bitcoin is the way.