The Cost of Living

Why Economics is So Fascinating to Me 

Economics, money, the sociological and the philosophical aspects of it are endlessly fascinating to me. 

The cost of living

Certainly there are certain things which undoubtably make life better. For example, having money and purchasing power to buy good coffee, good meets, having some sort of basic car that could take you from point A to point B.  Also, having enough money and economic power and may be freedom of time to have children, and also raise them yourselves.

Also there are certain things which indubitably make life better, for example having economic power dictating where, when, and how long to live somewhere.

For example, certainly far superior to live in Los Angeles during the summertime, rather than to live in Siberia during the winter time.

The use of money?

Also certain things which are useful, like having a fast Internet connection, being able to pay for fiber Internet or whatever, and also having certain devices which make photography possible.

For example, money to purchase your digital camera, having some sort of iPad or laptop to download and upload your photos from, and also being able to pay for your website and server bill.

But beyond this, what is the use of money?

Health and fitness

Another thing that money is good for is paying for your gym membership, your yoga membership, or having money to just purchase your own weightlifting equipment.