The Human Vehicle

What is the ultimate mobile human device or vehicle? The human body.

First, once again… I think we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about our cars our vehicles etc. Also kids are endlessly fascinated by vehicles, especially construction vehicles, if you have ever seen a huge excavator up close in personal, it will amaze you.

We are wow’s by  vehicles, of all shapes sizes and forms. For example, any luxury or foreign or exotic car, we are impressed by it. Why? It is a token of how rich or successful you are.

But this is the grand irony; any time you spend on a vehicle, is money you could otherwise put into bitcoin, which has historically been going up 50% every year. That means the $100,000 Tesla you buy today, could be worth $1 million in the near future.

Or even worse, let us say the $250,000 Lamborghini nearby today, that could be worth $2.5 million just a few years from now.


One of my turbo thoughts of this morning is towards the telos of living a good life: 

1. First, having at least one kid.

I think especially as a man, we all desire at least one male heir. Therefore, if your first born child was a son, consider yourself infinitely blessed. After that, life is all upside no downside.

I think the reason why this is so critical is having a kid is almost like having an expansion pack; imagine if we had to be stuck in the original StarCraft for our entire lives without Brood war. Or if we had to spend our entire lives playing Diablo, the first one, without Diablo two, or without any expansion packs. Or if your entire life you had to be stuck with the original iPhone 3GS.  or if your entire life you had to be stuck on Windows Vista.

I think the grand joy of having a child is that you have the ultimate extension of yourself. Often when you look at kids, they are essentially a mini embodiment of their parents. There features, their physiological features, their behaviors, addictions etc. For example, whenever we lament the fact that all their kids are on YouTube and iPhones all day, just look at the parents; they are on their phones and watching YouTube all day as well. 

Anyways, people want to change the world blah blah blah, reduce their carbon footprint blah blah blah, built a coin dollar company whatever. Better to build $1 trillion kid.

2. Your body doesn’t lie

I think the big thing is in regards to theories, theories don’t really matter, the physics of your body your human human body is what matters the most.

For example, all these people say that running or whatever is healthy for you, but look at all these people who run, they essentially look like dying gazelle.

Even guys who into CrossFit, truth be told none of them actually look that fit; they have some level of fitness, but most of them look like a bunch of skinny kinda fit involuntary celibate guys who spend way too much time on Reddit, being formed Nazis, trying to explain to the worldwide they power clean form is superior to yours, and why you’re dead lift and squat form sucks, yet they have skinny hairy legs, and have never even seen 10 plates before. 

Assuming the person is not taking steroids or other weird hormonal shifting stuff, if somebody is doing something, which may seem unorthodox or contrary to your worldview, but it looks like it is working in real life, they are probably onto something.

3. Movement is medicine

One of these funny Lululemon shirts that I got has this motto printed on the inseam that says movement is medicine. Sounds kind of cheesy, but I think it is true.

The purpose of the human brain is to move. To coordinate movement. Therefore a human body which does not move, has no need for a brain. My personal theory on why people get all these mental brain diseases and the depression etc. because they don’t move. They do two Critically detrimental things: first, they are sitting on their butt all day, doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on your butt in a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, you are essentially amended child, a man baby in a stroller with lots of horsepower. They are also on their chairs when in the office or at work. or even if you are using a standing desk, the problem with standing desks is that you are also static. Certainly standing is better than sitting, but walking is 1 trillion times superior to being static.

If you think about it, what is K-12 education? Forcing kids not to move around and to be dynamic, as kids naturally are.

In fact, I’m starting to notice that a lot of activities which include even arts and crafts are bad and so far much as when kids are doing it, they are typically indoors, which is bad for their health, and also, they are static.

Even my critique about Legos; people say that Legos are good for your creativity but not quite; much of the ethos of Legos nowadays it’s just being really really good at following directions, and building the prepackaged model.

Better to just give a kid a bunch of random bricks and have them build whatever they want; but even this, isn’t it better for your kids to get really good at climbing, being physical, and physical strength instead of just being really creative?

4. Opportunity cost

There are lots of practical optimization we must make in modern day life. One of them is driving.

For example, probably one of the greatest blessings to marry is Amazon, Amazon prime, same-day delivery etc. Even apparently Costco does it now too! 

I think the big issue here is that 30 minutes of driving, one hour driving, is otherwise time you could be spent walking, thinking, moving in a multi directional plane.

For example, one thing that nobody ever talks about is the benefit of walking that you could just go wherever you please. Go up the curb down the curb, into a random street and alley etc.  The downside of driving is that you must just drive one direction, and stay on the path. No freedom.

5. Just snap your fingers and zap it

It is 1 billion times more difficult to sell some thing or get rid of something then to buy or purchase it.

For example, very very easy to buy a car, very very difficult to sell car. Especially a used one. 

I think this is where bitcoin is so appealing to me, because of how portable instantaneous and easy it is; one of the big issues with objects homes real estate in general is that first, it takes a very very long time to sell some thing, there is a lot of arbitrage back-and-forth, a lot of hidden costs, And also, headaches and annoyances.

Also, like my friend Don Dylan told me about his Porsche 911 GT3 –

I think we like the idea of owning something more than we actually do having and owning it. 

Let me give you examples; I love cyber truck, to me, it is the best vehicle ever created up until now. To me it is the most revolutionary vehicle ever created. It is by far the most dominant vehicle on the road, even more than any loser Ferrari or Lamborghini; it is all American, And it destroys almost any other vehicle in stature, height, design, the stainless steel XO skeleton body, and also the 2.6 second zero to 60 time.

At the Culver city Toyota dealership in which I live, there is a brand new cyber truck that somebody traded in, apparently the guy traded it in for a Toyota Sequoia instead. Anyways, part of my daily morning walk and routine, I always walk by it, and it always puts a smile on my face. But, the great joy is that I don’t need to actually purchase it or own it to glean the delight from it. 

In fact, sometimes I wish that I could just snap my fingers, and automatically just have a different vehicle based on my mood my schedule etc.

For example lately I’ve been doing a lot of family trips with my niece and nephew, and Cindy‘s mom, and sometimes I wish I had seven seats. But I don’t need seven seats all the time.

Therefore in this situation, I wish I could just snap my fingers in that my Prius would magically transform into a minivan, or if I could also snap my fingers and it would be a really good sports car or whatever.

Anyways, with cars and vehicles, unless you have over two kids, unless you have 3, 4, or 5 kids, maybe still for now… It is best to stick with a 2010 Prius. 

Monetary vehicle?

I’ve been contemplating on purchasing real estate, but the big issue is that real estate is not a vehicle, it is not mobile.

For example, I cannot take my $2 million Culver City Los Angeles property, single-family home, snap my fingers and then suddenly take it with me to Cambodia.

Similarly speaking, once again, the downside of purchasing any electric vehicle whether it be a Tesla or whatever is that it is a sinking ship. Batteries do not hold their charge very much, I think the half-life is about 2% or so. Therefore, if you also consider the overall battery health, the big issue here is that it loses overall battery charge capacity overtime. Kind of like your MacBook Pro laptop from 2017, which only lasts for about 30 minutes.

 I think this is where it is still intelligent to have a hybrid vehicle like a Prius; given the fact that the overall battery health will die overtime slowly, at least you could still rely on the gasoline engine. And whether we like it or not, at least for the next 20 or 30 years, I am still certain there will be gas stations on the road.


One of the thoughts that I have about work, their economy capitalism etc. is that essentially your sacrificing your body, your bodily health and freedom and exchange for money.

For example, really matter whether you working at McDonald’s, whether you work at Amazon or Apple, typically you are confined and send some sort of chicken cage, with fancy LED uploading and what not, enforced to use your brain in your muscles in your body in order to perform some sort of work which has economic value. as a consequence, any minutes spent indoors and stuck within a cage is positively bad for you; Silicon Valley I think this is the new “digital handcuffs”– yeah yeah, you want to stop working, but that $500,000 salary a year from Amazon is too good for you to let go. And therefore you will be enslaved for the rest of your life.

I had this thought about two years ago, I’ve just converting all your currency into bitcoin. If you are blessed enough to receive some sort of high salary, I still think this is the best strategy.

What’s the purpose of a human body?

I think the critical question no one ever thinks or considers is what is the ultimate purpose of a human body, your human body. 

Everywhere I look, everyone is in denial about the human body. Either we fall into some sort of religious fallacies about the afterlife, the idea of an immortal soul (I believe in a mortal soul — when you die, your soul also dies). Or even worse, these Silicon Valley fools who want to just upload their consciousness to the cloud or whatever. 

I watched a really bad movie with Keanu Reeves on the plane ones, in which Keanu Reeves is some sort of genius scientist was trying to figure out human cloning, and his whole family tragically dies in a car accident, and he tries to bring them back to life. But essentially the big issue he confronts is that without a human body, you cannot clone a consciousness. And also, an individual consciousness is inextricably connected with a certain human body. As a consequence, no body, no mind. 

What is AI anyways?

I think people lack the critical understanding of what AI, artificial intelligence actually is. My simple suggestion is download ChatGPT to your iPhone or iPad, get the paid premium subscription, use the newest model, currently GPT 4o– and just go on a roll. 

To me, I consider ChatGPT and artificial intelligence just like a really intelligent Google search. And the more you use it, the less it impresses you.

In fact, I think what people do not understand is that now that openAI and ChatGPT is partnering with Apple, this is very bad news for Google. I think over a long enough time horizon, Google will die, and will be usurped by Apple and ChatGPT/OpenAI. 

In fact, for myself personally, I never touch Google anymore. Far superior for me to just ChatGPT it; first, no advertisements. Now that we have bitcoin, and the incoming of the bitcoin lightning wallet and Satoshi’s, and once Apple or iOS built a native bitcoin or crypto wallet to her devices, The future of payments and money will just be trapped in the Apple ecosystem. Even now, I find using Apple Pay 1 trillion times more convenient than having to take out my physical card. Even an innovation which works insanely well is at Whole Foods with the Amazon one hand scanning thing; it works really well, I think the big Has a chance of people using it is that they don’t know how well it works.

I think on a long enough time horizon, convenience is inevitable and will always win.


So what do you want to do with your human body? 

As a man, what is the most precious life force? Your semen.

Your semen is the seed of life, seminal. No seed no tree. No seed, no human beings.

I find a very very bizarre thing of all these weird modern day people and millennials who no longer want to have children because they say it is bad for the planet and bad for the carbon footprint. But let us assume that overnight, everybody decided not to have children because it was bad for the carbon footprint… what would happen to the human race? 

I think a very simple life impetus for the human body is to procreate, have children and be got children. And for this, both man and woman is critical.

In fact, it seems that the optimal strategy here is to conserve all of your money and economic energy possible, and have as many children as humanly possible in this lifetime.