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The quickest path to happinessEric Kim coffee selfie espresso

You are destined for a great future. Your fate awaits you.

Every day, coffee is a critical part of your routine, your creative routine. It is a thing that you are excited to drink when you go to sleep, and the thing that motivates you to wake up.

Power your passion

We all want to become happier, stronger, more productive, more motivated, etc. ERIC KIM OMAKASE Coffee is the missing Link.

Why? The coffee we have been currently conditioned to drink is arabica, which is too sweet, and not caffeinated enough.

Eric Kim coffee is powered by 100% find robusta, a unique innovation in the world of coffee.

Currently speaking, the only thing I desire from life is more power and energy. I truly believe that coffee is the critical missing link.

To me, coffee is liquid motivation, inspiration, and entrepreneurship. Not only that, coffee is one of the most real things that you could consume and use to give you that instant power up.

Don’t Rob Yourself of Your Potential

Isn’t it so funny that we care so much about our health, eating organic food, even paying extra money for grass fed or pasture raised, or free range products, yet we overlook the quality and potency of the coffee we consume?

Ever since creating ERIC KIM OMAKASE Coffee, I have zero interest in consuming foreign coffee. Even the other day, we were at a blue bottle, and I refuse to drink anything from there, now that Nestle has bought out blue bottle.

The problem is now, coffee is to commoditized. It is just seen as another Silicon Valley product, create the best product, sell it for the highest priced, and create the maximum profit. Create the façade of exclusivity and uniqueness, and let other people feel special.

The Change

What makes Eric Kim OMAKASE Coffee different is the secret of 100% fund robusta. 2.2 ask the caffeine content of traditional arabica, and also, lower sugar content. What does that mean? A stronger, more effective buzz, powering you throughout more of the day. Some ways in which ERIC KIM OMAKASE COFFEE can benefit you:

  1. Increased mood, energy, and alertness
  2. Greater motivation and inspiration for your creative endeavors
  3. Feel happier, stronger, and more well.
  4. More optimism, positivity, and gratitude towards life
  5. Stronger visual acuity when making photos, reader motivation for focusing on your photography and creative pursuits
  6. Think deeper, further, and beyond. A great assistance to your thinking and innovation.
  7. Innovate harder; use THE ENTREPRENEUR to fuel your entrepreneurial endeavors, and creative risks.
  8. Increased endurance, and tenacity throughout the day
  9. Greater productivity, work more, work harder, greater courage
  10. Finish each and every day feeling satisfied, victorious.

Three Roasts to Inspire and Uplift You

What is “OMAKASE”? In Japanese, it literally means “I leave it up to you”.

My vision for ERIC KIM OMAKASE Coffee is that I have hand tailored and created three unique coffee roast to inspire, motivate, and inspire you:


  1. THE ENTREPRENEUR: Great coffee is a critical ingredient for your entrepreneurship. This first blend is our proprietary 100% fine robusta batch, optimized for maximum caffeine content as well as flavor.
  2. THE THINKER: The greatest minds in history have been inspired and stirred into action with the accompaniment of great coffee. I call this second lot “THE THINKER”; if thinking is a critical part of yourself, your lifestyle, or your passion, this batch is for you.
  3. THE PHOTOGRAPHER: This third and final batch is made for yours, truly. I think at the end of the day, what we all desire is to be more creative, make more photos, and also be more artistic. The third batch of coffee is the first of its kind; optimized with a strong aroma of blueberries to stir you into creative action. I truly believe that THE PHOTOGRAPHER will inspire you more in your photography than any camera, lens, or additional piece of camera equipment.

The Menu

This first batch is limited to only 20 sets. Your order will come with the following 3 bags:

  1. Golden Bag: THE ENTREPRENEUR: 100% fine robusta. Bright blueberry flavor notes 12/10 caffeine content — maximum caffeine content, optimized to stir you into creative action.
  2. White Bag: THE THINKER: Also 100% fine robusta, but from another soil with a unique roast. Strong presence of oranges and bright citrus, white flowers.
  3. Black Bag: THE PHOTOGRAPHER: A unique blend of 50% fine robusta (same fine robusta in THE ENTREPRENEUR) and 50% liberica. What makes liberica so unique is that it has a lower caffeine content than arabica, however it has brighter and more floral notes than arabica. A blend made in heaven; optimized to help you see more creatively and artistically. Almond butter mouth feel.

My Vision for You

ERIC KIM OMAKASE COFFEE is suitable as a creative gift for a friend, family member, or yourself. Each box set comes with three unique bags. Each bag is vacuum sealed, and whole bean, ready for you to grind and enjoy immediately as part of your daily creative routine.

My personal vision is that ERIC KIM COFFEE will help you become more creative, more inspired, and more motivated in your everyday life; when it comes to coming up with creative ideas, to your photography, your motivation and entrepreneurship, and also to help you think more, and deeper.

Grind It!

If your passion is to become more in life, to create more life, seize the bags!

ERIC KIM OMAKASE COFFEE; the hidden link between you and your full creative potential.


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