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HAPTIC ARMOR: Become indestructible:

  1. 100% Lithuanian linen weaved in South Korea with cutting-edge technology.
  2. Created, made, and stitched by hand, with the soul of the artisan.
  3. Octagonal three-dimensional weave pattern; virtually indestructible and absorbs water and dries at least 50x faster than cotton.
  4. Perfect for the traveler and nomad: Your new travel companion that you could take with you anywhere— whether on the road, internationally or back home.
  5. Engineered for the furthest use: Use it as an every day bath towel, to wick away your sweat while in hot and humid environments, and to protect you from the sun. Suitable as a covering for your yoga mat, or even a floormat for you to lay down and take a nap on! Can also double as a picnic blanket or a beach towel/blanket.

The only limit of HAPTIC ARMOR is your own imagination.

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HAPTIC ARMOR: Become the nomad, traveler, and creative artist you desire:

Your Linen Armor

Haptic armor Eric Kim portrait

Inspired by the Ancient Greek and Roman Linothorax (a 50x layered linen based armor chestpiece), we present to you HAPTIC ARMOR— an experimental 100% HAPTICWEAVE cloth which is your new metaphorical suit of armor.

The Concept

HAPTIC ARMOR is forged using 100% linen imported from Lithuania— the center for the highest quality linen in the globe. Secondly it is processed and weaved here in South Korea using advanced Korean weaving technologies to create a unique octagonal three-dimensional texture, optimized for strength, durability and weight. 100% linen fabrics are the most supreme at wicking away moisture and water, and the grid-weaved waffle texture means that the HAPTIC ARMOR will dry insanely quickly.

Virtually Indestructible

HAPTIC ARMOR is designed to be used and abused, with zero fear of it degrading. The purpose of HAPTIC ARMOR is to encourage you to live more courageously and recklessly.

The Best for the Best

Seek the best, the most supreme.

HAPTIC ARMOR is the synthesis of my obsession with fabric— I currently the most supreme fabric I have ever discovered, even supreme to my beloved merino wool.

If you desire the most supreme of supreme fabrics, HAPTIC ARMOR is yours.

A day in the life of HAPTIC ARMOR

HAPRIC ARMOR is meant to be used and abused, engineered for the furthest use. Hang it in your bathroom, or on the rack, and use it whenever you hit the gym, or whenever you wash off at home. If you’re ready to jet set, throw it in your travel bag!

Your New Travel Companion

Venture further with your HAPTIC ARMOR. When you’re in transit, just wear it around your neck like a scarf or a garb, and when you visit new places with relentless sun, use it as a cloak to protect yourself from the sun.

Skill Attributes

HAPTIC ARMOR is naturally made from the highest quality in Lithuanian linen, 100% pure, strong, and legendary. Linen connoisseur from all around the world know that linen is the site of the greatest linen raw material, harvested and produced.

Combining with advanced Korean technologies, HAPTIC ARMOR is mythical and one-of-a-kind. How it will upgrade you:

  1. It will save you time: last time having to wash it, compared to inferior cotton fabrics.
  2. Become stronger: It will encourage you to hit the gym or yoga more often; a perfect companion in your gym bag or on top of your yoga mat during hot yoga.
  3. Hike further; 1000 times superior to any “travel“ towel you will discover at REI and beyond; linen is the most superior towel that naturally wicks sweat away for your body, while still remaining cool and dry to the touch.
  4. Effortlessly elegant: the octagonal three dimensional weave is one of a kind. Like the noble aristocrats of ancient Korea, you will be distinguished by this fabric.
  5. Armor: it is engineered to spark confidence within yourself, more courage.
  6. Hygroscopic: Draws moisture and water away from you and your skin, 10x more effectively than cotton or any polyester-based microfiber fabric.
  7. Naturally hypoallergenic: 100% pure Lithuanian linen, weaved and produced in South Korea; comfortable and confident inspiring even with individuals with the most sensitive skin.
  8. Powerful: The unique Korean octagonal three dimensional weave makes it suitable for maximal tensile strength. Just try it out; wrap it around to dumbbells and lift it off the floor!
  9. Fashion is Function: Armor is not just aesthetic, it is functional. The perfect marriage between function and fashion.
  10. Distinguish yourself and stand out: why stand in, when you can stand out?

Where Will You Venture Next?

The difficulty of modern day living is that we lack the opportunity to adventure, quest, and conquer. HAPTIC ARMOR will be your mythical and unique garb, in which your only limit is your courage and creativity.

Shipping and Limited Availability

The first batch of HAPTIC ARMOR will be produced in an extremely limited quantity of 20.

Update: Shipping is Now Live! Available immediately for order in the states and internationally!

Command Your Destiny

Be the first to suit yourself with HAPTIC ARMOR. The rare for the rare. The first line comes in only a limited quantity of 20 suits of armor. Seize your chance!

Use and Abuse It!

The great thing about HAPTIC ARMOR is that it doesn’t require any special or sensitive care. Just throw it in the washer, with normal detergent, and dry it in the dryer as well.

If you’re on the road, all you gotta do is put it outside in the direct sun and let it hang dry. The great benefit of 100% linen is that it doesn’t smell or retain any odors. And as Elon Musk said, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

You Can’t Fake Passion

Why get HAPTIC ARMOR? Also, why did me and Cindy produce HAPTIC ARMOR in the first place?

First, Cindy and I have a passion for creating revolutionary products that will legitimately make your life better. We have been using it for ourselves the last two weeks, and it has legitimately made our lives better. For example, now that we are currently on the road away from home, being able to use haptic armor as a bath towel has reduced the insane annoyance of having to constantly wash and dry our towels.

Secondly, to stimulate economic activity. Our current production line includes myself, Cindy, my mom and Lily (linen “ajoomah”) currently here in Hadong South Korea. And being able to create a brand new product, built with passion and pride is insanely fun for all of us!

Third, to improve your life. If HAPTIC ARMOR even gives you a tiny bit more motivation and inspiration to travel, hit the road, exercise, workout, hit the gym, hit a hot yoga session, or get out of your house and do more creative things, it is worth it.

Now What?

This is a rare drop. Do you have ventured requested far enough; now it is time to seize your prize!


Available Everywhere on Planet Earth!

Now: Available immediately for ordering in the states and internationally. Seize your destiny now!


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