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The ultimate workshop for you to conquer your fears:

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If you’re hungry to conquer your fears and meet new peers, this workshop is for you.

The ultimate investment

We are living in a post digital, post camera Society. Trippy told, all the cameras are good, all the tools are good, all the lenses are good. You are your own bottleneck.

The objective of this workshop is simple: for you to become fearless. For you to become the raging bull, for you to conquer and kill any sort of hesitations, or obstacles.

Street photography as a tool 

Ultimately, after being in a decade plus of the street photography game, one of my great realizations is that street photography is an ethic and ethos, an approach to life.

For example, having the guts, the courage, the balls and chutzpah to perform street photography is key. I really truly believe that 99.9% of street photography is courage, whether you do it discreetly or interact with your subjects.

Full stack life development

I think the issue here is we tend to compartmentalize things; we separate out our different personalities hobbies passions etc. Why not integrate them?

One day is all you need

After teaching hundreds of students, maybe even thousands… What I’ve discovered is there tends to be a gap between knowledge and practice.

For example, you could read any of my free e-books on street photography and how to conquer your fears, until you put it into practice, things will not materialize.

Just consider this workshop as your own and personal opportunity to conquer your fears, to conquer and overcome yourself. Think the upsides of this workshop will be multifold which will help you in all degrees and elements in your life.

For example, your social relationships and interactions, your entrepreneur Drive, and certainly your photography and your overall ethos to photography art society and life in general. This workshop is open to all people individuals ages, and degrees of expertise in photography and street photography. Once you have conquered fear, you can do anything. 

why Los Angeles?

To me, LA in Los Angeles is Paradise. The best weather, the best people, the best fashion, the best street photography.

We tend to think that New York is the best, but my theory is LA is better; why? Everybody lives in LA. Why is it that all the famous actors and actresses and beautiful people would prefer to live in Los Angeles, not New York City? Simply put, it is sunny here all year around, and you also have access to the beach!

Downtown LA

Are concrete playground will be downtown LA, which I still consider one of the most fun places to shoot photography. This is where I got my first wings, shot my first viral GoPro POV street photography videos, and where I made some of my most iconic pictures of all time.

For you, it will be a phenomenal place for you to practice your street photography, your technique and approach, your composition and artistic vision. One day is all you need, which will last with you forever.

Don’t think twice 

Don’t think about too hard, just sign up, you will have a blast! It will be insanely fun, educational, and you will also get real critical feedback from me, how to continue motivating yourself in photography and beyond. 

Secure your spot

This workshop is going to be November 16, 2024, Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM.  a lovely time for you to go all in on street photography, go hard-core, become fearless.

Don’t think about this too hard. Just sign up, you’ll have fun!

How to secure your spot

The tuition for the workshop is 999 USD, but if you submit your spot before October 16th (a month prior to the workshop), the workshop will only be 499 USD.  

To secure your spot for the workshop, just pay for the workshop via Apple Pay, or add this workshop product to your cart, check out with your credit card, and your spot will be 100% secure.

  • Meeting point: ilcafe on broadway, downtown LA
  • Time: 11am-3pm
  • Date: Saturday, November 16, 2024
  • How to prepare: Before the workshop, select your three best photos of all time and just bring it on your phone, your iPad, or also feel free to print it out!


How you will be upgraded after this workshop:

  1. Knowing how to channel your fear into enthusiasm and passion for making photos
  2. Decreased hesitation and fear when shooting street photography. 
  3. Learning the practical hands-on strategies to interact with people when shooting on the streets
  4. How to improve and simplify your compositions, especially in the context of black-and-white or color street photography
  5. Learning the best tips tricks and techniques for shooting street photography with your camera, also if you want to learn zone faxing, shooting with a manual lens, etc. 
  6. Learning how to identify your best photos, quickly and effectively
  7. A comprehensive and constructive critique about your photos and your work, how to tighten and curate your artistic vision
  8. Practical photo project ideas which you could integrate after the workshop
  9. Increased fun motivation enjoy in photography and through photography, becoming a part of a like-minded group of individuals
  10. Forever fun!

What would John Wick do?

He would sign up for this workshop, and have fun!