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Why Lumix G9 and Leica-Lumix 12mm f/1.4 Lens is the Best Food Camera (intelligent Auto, iA mode) in JPEG

I am convinced — the Lumix G9 (and the Leica-Lumix 12mm f/1.4 lens) in JPEG (intelligent auto mode, iA mode) is the best food camera. Why?

  1. Great macro ability: You can focus uber-close.
  2. The colors of intelligent auto (iA mode) are incredibly vibrant, rich, and true to life.
  3. Also great for shooting 4K 60 fps footage of your food. The Leica-Lumix f/1.4 lens is one of the best lenses I have ever owned (rivals and perhaps even *superior* to my Leica 35mm f/2 Summicron M-mount lens). The Lumix f/1.4 12mm lens is only ~$1,000 whereas the Summicron set me back around $2500-3000 USD.

I am convinced at the moment, in terms of hybrid photo and video … Lumix is king.


  1. Best uber-epic video camera as Lumix S1-H.
  2. Best hybrid camera for photo and video and vlogging is Lumix G9.
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