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The Best Camera Brands are Panasonic-Lumix and Ricoh-Pentax

Lumix-Panasonic powers (much) or inspires much for Leica digital cameras. For example, the Leica SL-line seems just like a variant of Lumix SR-series cameras.

Ricoh-Pentax is superior to Canon, Nikon, and Fujifilm. Ricoh GR III as the ultimate compact camera (10x better than even iPhone Pro). Lumix as making the best vlogging or video cameras. Pentax 645z digital medium format as the supreme DSLR camera. Lumix G9 as best compact video or vlogging camera.

In terms of phone cameras, Google Pixel as superior to iPhone for photography. Why? Google has the best computer vision AI people, which means the Pixel night vision seems 10x more robust than the iPhone night vision.

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