Pixel 3 vs iPhone xs selfie

iPhone Xs vs Google Pixel 3 Camera Review

Why I think you should get the Google Pixel 3 phone for the camera, instead of the Apple iPhone Xs for photography:

1. Low light: Pixel 3 is king.

Google Pixel 3 blows the iPhone Xs out of the water in low light.

For example here is iPhone:

iPhone XS

Vs Pixel 3:

Google Pixel 3 (normal mode)
Google Pixel 3 in “Night Sight” mode

Another example:

iPhone XS

Vs Pixel 3:

Normal Pixel 3 mode
Night sight mode on Pixel 3

Books low night

Let us say you’re shooting random objects, in low light.


iPhone Xs

Vs Pixel 3:

Normal mode on Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3 in Night Sight Mode

Night street photography scene

iPhone Xs:

iPhone Xs

This one really blows me out of the water, on Pixel 3:

Pixel 3 low light, normal mode.

Now look at the amazing Night Sight mode:

Pixel 3 Night Sight. Amazing

Color and saturation at night

Here you can see the colors and saturation and vibrancy of the Pixel 3 is far better than iPhone Xs.

iPhone Xs at night

2. Shooting in the shade

Better saturation and contrast on Pixel 3, even after applying filters and post processing.

iPhone Xs, no filter.


100% zoom on iPhone Xs. Detail deteriorates a bit.

With different Apple Photos filters:

With VSCO:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset. iPhone Xs

With Pixel 3– already looks great out of camera for color:

Pixel 3, no filter

Closeup: much better details

Pixel 3 Zoomed in

With the “auto” Google Photos filter, which works very well:

Pixel 3 with “auto” filter applied

Now with VSCO A6 preset applied; looks even better:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset. Pixel 3

Should I get the iPhone Xs or Pixel 3?

Pixel 3 vs iPhone xs selfie

Practical ideas:

  1. Pixel 3 (by far) is the better camera, when compared to Apple iPhone Xs
  2. iPhone Xs is the better phone (when comparing the user interface, UX, and software of iOS vs Android). iOS is far superior to Android in operating system.
  3. Option: You can own both phones. Use the iPhone Xs as your primary computing device, and use Pixel 3 to shoot photos.

Google Photos and computational photography

  1. Pixel 3 big benefit is integration with the native Google Photos app. Unlimited storage of photos, the filters work super super well, and even using VSCO to process photos, Pixel 3 photos look superior to iPhone Xs photos.
  2. Pixel 3 Night Sight is a game changer. Makes photos that look at least 10x better than iPhone Xs photos in low light.

Don’t listen to ERIC KIM

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset. Shot on Pixel 3

Ultimately test it for yourself. These are just my thoughts; you must have your own.

Pixel 3 processed with Vista preset in Google Photos

I’ve been shooting with Pixel 3 for a week, and it is cool; the more I shoot with it, the more I like the camera and photos I can produce with it!

More takeaways:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset. Shot with Pixel 3, zoomed in.
  1. Shoot more with your phone. Shoot more abstract photos, and shoot more monochrome.
  2. Experiment more with processing pictures on Google Photos or VSCO.
  3. Have fun!


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