Test it for Yourself

Dear friend,

A simple idea:

Don’t take others’ word for it. Test it out for yourself.

Reviews are a waste of time

I’ve always been a sucker for technology since I was 12 years old. I used to be addicted to reading online technology, camera, phone, etc reviews. This was the reason:

I was always hungry for new technology, which I perceived would empower me, make me more productive, a more convenient life, and to be “happier”.

Anyways this is the problem with online reviews:

Your preferences and opinions are unique from anyone else. It don’t matter how qualified someone else is, or how much of an expert they are. Your preferences will always be different from theirs.

I really wanted to like the new iPhone

I’ve recently been testing the new Google Pixel vs the new iPhone. All the reviews on the internet said the camera on the new iPhone was really good. But after testing it out for myself, I really don’t think it is that great. It isn’t that my opinion is more legitimate than anyone else; it is just that the camera on the new iPhone isn’t up to my personal expectations.

The same thing with all cameras and technology. Now that I really think about it; all the reviews I’ve read on (almost anything) have been useless to me. My opinion is often contrary to what others believe, and I pride myself in that.

Follow your own curiosity

Technology is good; I wouldn’t want to live a life without a washing machine, without an espresso machine, laptop, camera, etc. Yet most technology is a waste of money (the “upgrade” is super marginal–perhaps only 5-10% of an upgrade).

Anyways it is still worth experimenting with new technology, but this is my practical suggestion:

Vehemently ignore the opinions of others by abstaining from reading gear review websites or blogs. Instead, only test out technology that you are personally interested in.

Thank goodness for return policies

Most companies (Amazon, Google, Apple) offer around a 2-week return policy. So to me this is the obvious strategy:

Test out a new technology for a week or so, and if you don’t like it, return it. If you love it, keep it. If you feel “meh” or lukewarm about it, return it.

Only keep technology and tools you LOVE.

Test life

This is another idea:

Test out certain life and living philosophies.

I think we are all seeking more power, autonomy, freedom, control, and happiness and joy in our lives. But we will never know what is the ideal living philosophy for ourselves, until we test certain things for ourselves.

For example, if you’re interested in self employment, working for yourself, being an entrepreneur, and having your own company; try it our for yourself! Don’t waste your time asking others for their opinion; try it for yourself!

Know yourself.


I think one of the prerequisites to wisdom is knowing yourself to the fullest extent. Knowing what you love and hate. Knowing what you believe in and what you don’t believe in. Knowing what you’re willing to devote your life to, and knowing what you wish to ignore in your life.

You will never gain this self-wisdom unless you test it out for yourself.


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