Real Versus Superficial Choice

In modern-day consumerism, we are presented with an array of choices, what to buy, and what not to buy. Yet the problem is there is an illusion of choice: we think we are unique by buying certain brands, when in fact the reality is that all these brands are owned by a few parent companies.

For example, did you know that Porsche, Bugatti, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini are all owned by Volkswagen?

Or do you know that Rolls-Royce is owned by BMW?

Or do you know that the gap clothing company owns banana republic, Old Navy, and Athleta?

Or that the Louis Vuitton LVMH brand owns practically all the luxury goods?

Or that Lexus is just an expensive Toyota, Infiniti is just a expensive Nissan. Acura is just an expensive Honda.

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The only ‘bad’ which exists is which pertains to cowardice.

In life, think–

When did I truly desire to do x, y, z … but it is cowardice that stood in my way?

Perhaps the only time we should atone and feel regret is when it comes to cowardice. But when it comes to matters of exhaustion, weakness of willpower (which is often physiological exhaustion), or non-desire, feel no regret.

Once again:

With your true desires, let us strive to never exhibit cowardice!



I think one of the main ways we are suckered by modern day consumerism is the notion that we must invest in high-quality goods, which are very durable.

But in actuality, I believe it is better to have lighter, more natural, and superior tools, at the expense of durability.

For example, it seems that durability is a German notion. What is the American notion? That which is sexier, and more new.

Do things in order to blow off steam

In beyond good and evil by Nietzsche, he says all living beings desire to discharge their strength.

To me this is a very interesting idea, because this challenges what we typically think of standard physiology.

For example, we are taught that as your workout, and after your work out you become stronger. But what if, the correct order is that we must simply work out in order to get rid of our excess stream. Thus perhaps we get stronger simply as we keep blowing off our excess steam and power?

On getting the best out of both worlds

A thought: rather than thinking of just getting one or the other, for example gasoline versus electric, why not have both? For example, maybe plug in hybrid cars are the best cars, because they harness the best of both worlds? The convenience of gasoline, and the speed of refilling, with also the upside of being able to plug in your car for free at these EV charging stations?


A concept I have, which pertains to finances, and life in general: have extreme buffer.

For example, if you’re about to miss an exit on the freeway, allow yourself to extreme buffer to just miss it. Better to lose a minute of your life, than lose your life in one minute.

Or when it comes to your finances and bank account, better to have extreme financial buffer, then cut it too close to line. The way I think about it is live your life like you’re a billionaire, but like you’re a spartan 300 soldier.


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been into cars. For example when I was 15 years old, I bought my first used car, and for me it was a symbol of freedom and self independence. I could go anywhere I wanted, and I was able to modify my own car with great pride, in the tiny 1.6 L engine, five speed manual transmission, with no tachometer. The extreme pride I had and being able to shift my car simply by hearing the engine.

Fast forward into the present day. I actually really enjoy racing films. The speed the drama, and Ford versus Ferrari is a great underdog story. As an American, I love it.

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Photograph what scares you

A simple way to increase your chance of making interesting photos. Typically, when you’re afraid of something, it is because you actually want to photograph it. Thus, when you’re afraid, click the shutter. Or, you could always ask for permission.


One of the biggest reasons I love the Ricoh GR 3 so much is this: I no longer think about cameras, which allows me to just focus on my photography.

What do camera companies want? For you to be perpetually dissatisfied with your camera gear, to keep buying new camera upgrades, and lenses, and other equipment. but this is a huge waste of time. Rather, the most productive think you can do as a Photographer is just focus on making new photos.

Anti Productivity

In order to become more productive, remove distractions.

Also one of my practices is every day, trying to uninstall at least one app from my phone, or uninstall one app from my laptop.

Also, rather than installing new software to become more productive, figure out what kind of superfluous off or you can uninstall in order to become more productive.

Risk and Greatness

Your appetite for risk is what makes you great.

Not even whether you win or lose, or if you’re right and wrong. No. The level of risk you’re willing to stomach, and attempt.

Having the courage to be seen as lame?

What is the true courage, especially when it comes to fashion matters? I said it is having the courage to be seen as lame. All great fashion innovators are the ones who intentionally do what is not considered cool, but with great confidence.

Or in other words, true courage is having the courage to stand out, even at the expense of being laughed at and ridiculed.

What is anti-courage? Following trends, because you want to be seen as cool.

For example, dad sneakers were always seen as lame. But Kanye West made them cool. Why? He thought to himself, why is dad sneakers such a bad thing? Why is being dad such an uncool thing? Maybe being a dad can be a cool thing.

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The equipment I am currently using:

  1. RICOH GR III in small JPEG, High contrast black-and-white mode, with highlight exposure metering. ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP MARK II.
  2. ERIC KIM WALLET with transcend SD card, with 64 GB.
  3. For my travel street photography backpack, think tank backpack.
  4. For clothing, black merino wool outlier.NYC T-shirt, black merino wool leggings, black merino wool shorts. L run shark water shoes slippers. Ex officio black boxer briefs. In short, all black merino wool everything.
  5. 13’’ MacBook Pro Touch Bar, space gray, maxed out refurbished from 2017. My next laptop will be a MacBook Air.
  6. iPhone 11 Pro, refurbished, space gray, with no case. I prefer the iPhone mini, and my next phone will be an iPhone mini, of course with no case. Living life on the edge!
  7. No watch, no socks.
  8. No car. I don’t currently own a car, just currently borrowing Cindy‘s mom‘s car.
  9. 80% my cryptocurrency is Chainlink, 10% digibyte, 1 bitcoin, and I’m starting to accumulate Ethereum.


Our design philosophy for things, tools, and equipment. Optimize for as small as possible.

For example, when you’re traveling, use or purchase the smallest bag as possible. With file sizes, as small as possible. Even in photography, the smallest JPEG size as possible. The best camera isn’t the one with the most megapixels, but actually, the one with the least megapixels possible.

The same reason why the Tesla model Y is superior than the Tesla model X, and the same reason the Tesla model three is superior than the Tesla model S.

Eliminate anything that is white or bright

A simple way to practice photography composition: eliminate anything that is white or bright from the frame, when you are framing with your LCD screen. For example, strive to make your photos as dark as possible. Avoid anything that distracts from your frame.

Composition is a matter of elimination, not addition. The best way to compose a photo is to get rid of distractions. Same thing with productivity philosophy, the best way to be productive isn’t to force yourself to be more productive, but to just eliminate distractions.

Same thing with Health, the best way to become less fat isn’t to work out more, but just to illuminate things that make you fat. For example, eliminating sugar carbs, starch, alcohol, and anything sweet. Even 0 cal sweeteners. even “natural“ sweeteners. No honey, no agave, no Stevia, none of that nonsense.

Sweet is bad. Bitter is better.

Same goes with design philosophy, to design a thing better, rather than adding superfluous elements, figure out what to subtract. For example, the best Kanye West Yeezy shoe is probably the new foam runner, because it illuminates the necessary use of socks, and shoelaces. Or think about the Tesla model 3 is superior than any BMW or Mercedes car, because it has stripped away all these unnecessary superfluous design elements. I kind of get the notion or the sense that the reason why BMW and Mercedes keeps suddenly changing the way that the rear bumper looks, it’s not because it is better, but to promote more sales.


Our new design philosophy and aspiration: hyperlight. Even though it’s not always wise, as an aesthetic notion, hyper light is best.


The best design is that which is insanely light. The lighter, the better. Never upgrade or change your things unless you find an option which is lighter.

For example, iPhone mini is supreme, better than iPhone Pro. Same goes with laptops, MacBook Air is better than any MacBook Pro.

With shoes, the lightest shoe possible.

Even with headphones, optimize for the lightest headphone possible. Maybe this is how the normal AirPods is actually superior than the AirPods Pro, because the normal AirPods are lighter.

Also with cars, the lightest car is the best car. The most fun to drive, even though it may not be the “supreme” or the fastest. For example, the Tesla model S plaid is the most supreme car but probably not the most fun to drive. Probably more fun to drive a Mazda Miata, manual transmission of course.

Also when it comes to traveling, don’t optimize for the best set up, but the lightest.

HYPERLIGHT as our new ideal.


The supreme happiness and joy: having extreme pride in your own creations, your own designs, your own innovations.


For example, I have zero interest in any luxury designs, which are not mine. I deserve to build it all myself, design it all myself, and create it all myself.

For example with shoes, my extreme joy in discovering the L run shark shoes, water slippers. 1 billion times better than any Nike I’ve ever bought. And I discovered this through my own industrious experimentation, and design philosophy, that which is supreme lightness is supreme.

Critique of Corporatocracy

What’s the biggest problem in the modern world and society? The fact that corporations rule our lives.

For example, do we just want our children to aspire to one day become a CEO or a corporate executive of a big company? Or do we desire them to become courageous entrepreneurs?

The reason I love America the most in the world? It is the most friendly towards entrepreneurs, and the most encouraging of entrepreneurship.

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