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Dissatisfaction and Gratitude

I’m very grateful for my life, all my advantages and accomplishments yet I’m still dissatisfied — I want more. Perhaps this is a good hybrid? To harness dissatisfaction to continue to hustle forward, yet still expressing and feeling gratitude for your past accomplishments?

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When Buying Stuff (Capitalism) is Good

I am a very curious case. On one hand, I am very anti consumerist and capitalist. On the other hand, I am very pro-capitalism and pro-consumerism in other contexts and domains. This is the tricky thing:

There are times when buying stuff (merino wool clothing, happy lamps at home, workout equipment and weights for home) is legitimately a good use of money. And there are other times when money is a huuuuge waste like buying expensive sneakers, expensive watches, expensive cars, etc.

Then I suppose the pragmatic goal we have is this:

When is capitalism-consumerism bad, and when is it good?

So the ‘when‘ question needs to be addressed!

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Why Aesthetics Matter

No aesthetics, no beauty.

Why beauty? Beauty is the great physiological joy of humankind. And we as artists… aesthetics is all we care for. Beauty and only beauty — we hate the ugly!

Then the goal is this:

To surround ourselves with only the beautiful, and to strive to create beautiful things, and to become *MORE* beautiful ourselves.

To focus on our own self-beautification.

A life only focused on utility — a slave-like existence.

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Why the new iPhones don’t really interest me

If we want a better camera, just use or get a RICOH GR III. For most people, the difference between 4G won’t really change your life in any meaningful way. In fact perhaps 5G will cause more people to waste time streaming these empty TV shows and Netflix movies.

Better investment to use money on body building, weight lifting, travel, or arts creation.

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5G Towards What Ends?

We will always desire faster internet. But towards what ends, and for what?


5G as insanely great for creators.

If you desire to share a lot of photos, videos, or data-heavy content or information or artwork, having a faster mobile connection is hugely beneficial for being a “creator on the go”.

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Trust your emotions and gut more than “logic”, price and “rationality”

The only regrets I have in life are when I betray my gut, my emotional preferences and aesthetic preferences. Lesson:

It doesn’t matter how much “money you save”, or how “rational” something is.

Emotions, gut preferences are supreme. Lesson:

Moving forward in life, you don’t need to “explain” your emotional preferences. Just obey yourself, and your own gut!

Emotions will rule the future!

Also moving forward, become *MORE* staunch on your personal preferences in life, and never kowtow what you truly care for. Having the courage to upset others. Never make a decision just to please someone else or to make someone else “happy”— as you often will make yourself miserable!