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When to be stubborn, when to be flexible? My thought:

Be insanely stubborn for 1% of the insanely important things in your life. Then be uber-flexible with the other 99% petty things in your life that you “kind of” care for.

In other words:

Become more stubborn for what you truly care for, and become more flexible for what you don’t really care for, or what you feel “meh” about.

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No Regret Investment

I have zero qualms about investing any money that makes me more productive and focused.

Also— monetary investments to gain new and interesting experiences, or towards education of any sort. Or using money to buy more time, free up more of your mental space (trading money to gain more “mind space”). These investments always have zero ounces of regret attached to them!

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No regrets or sad feelings in life. Perhaps everything which happened had happened as it *should* have happened.

This doesn’t mean that everything happens for a reason, but it is a good mental tool to help us cope with (past) reality, recognizing much was out of our control, and we will never truly have 100% control over reality, the future or fate.

Or as Nietzsche coined the phrase: “Amor fati” (love your fate, or what happened to you, or what will happen to you!)

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Augment My Human Experiences, Have Turbo Thoughts and Reflections then Share and Publish Them with Others and the World!

My simple approach to life. The general gist:

My life purpose is to plumb the depths of human experience, knowledge, wisdom and art and by having unique human experiences I can learn. Then my end game is to share these lessons with others!

In other words I experiment with everything in order to gain deeper truths about reality, being human and society. Then I can transcend myself and just transform myself into a tool to serve and help empower others!

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Towards a Maximally Convenient Life

Convenient comes from “convenio” in Latin (to come together): con (with) + venio (to meet).

Typically when we think about convenience culture, we see it as a vice. To do what is convenient is seen as lazy, immoral, and bad.

But what if convenience was the superior mode of life … convenience as a road and a means to more artistic and creative productivity in life?

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16 Inch MacBook Pro Touch Bar Unboxing and First Impressions by ERIC KIM

Quick thoughts:

  1. Not as heavy as I thought it would be. Feels only marginally heavier than my 13” MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Perhaps in this new COVID world where we won’t be traveling as much, it seems like it makes more sense to get a (refurbished) 16” MacBook Pro Touch Bar instead of getting the 13” MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
  2. The keyboard feels much better than the 13” MacBook Pro Touch Bar. More key travel equals less carpal tunnel for typing (sad truth I get carpal tunnel and wrist and finger pain when typing on my 13” MacBook Pro Touch Bar for too long).
  3. The screen seems substantively brighter (at max brightness) when compared to 13” MacBook Pro Touch Bar. I can notice the difference and it is good.
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Magnanimous Virtue

Don’t expect others to treat you the way you treat them.

This then means:

You are a magnanimous monster of great and highly virtue. If others act petty around you; don’t let it faze you.

You just do you (meaning, you pursue your epic virtue for the sake of it and for the sake of yourself!


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In Praise of Playing with Kids

For the most part, I FAAAR prefer interacting and playing with kids than adults. Why? We have soooo much more to learn from children:

  1. Their phenomenal sense of creativity, disregard for rules and ‘social tact’. They speak what is *really* on their mind.
  2. I wonder if children (if we observe their thought patterns and behaviors, etc) are the more *true* form of human being. The modern adult as simply a castrated, domesticated (herd) animal. Children are like wild beasts; is this our primal nature?
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Why RICOH GR III is the Best Camera

I am convinced. RICOH GR III is the best camera of all time (thus far). Why? Reasons:

  1. The smallest size of all time, and the most premium. Smaller than even the great RICOH GR II, with better performance. Also lighter. The smaller and lighter your camera, the more you will carry it with you everywhere you go and the more you will shoot. And for us photographers, to make *new* photos is our lifeblood.
  2. The best JPEG files: Cross process filter on JPEG is phenomenal. So is the high contrast black and white monochrome mode. You will never need to shoot RAW ever again!!
  3. Shoots great videos and is perfect for vlogging.
  4. The best price. You cannot beat the ‘bang for the buck‘ compared to any other camera on the market.
  5. The sharpest photos. Sharpest photos… even more sharp than digital Leica photos! Also the resolution of the JPEG files are huge (6000 x 4000 pixels). You can print insanely huge, and also pixel peep a ton as well (if you want).
  6. Charges via USB-C: This means you can use your MacBook Pro charger to recharge your Ricoh GR III … insanely useful.

Long story short, get RICOH GR III.


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