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Your ultimate guide to mastering street photography: all in an open-source epic 16GB .ZIP package; free for you to use on unlimited devices and more!

Dear friend,

I am super excited to share with you my newest and most innovative concept ever: an offline ‘Street Photographer Starter Kit’, which you can teach street photography to yourself, at your own pace, all offline — via an easy-to-purchase/download .ZIP file.


Street Photography Starter Kit Download Links:

    1. What is Street Photography? (2.4gb)
    1. Black and White (2.3gb)
    1. How to Shoot Street Photography (2.2gb)
    1. Street Portraits 101 (1.9gb)
    1. Conquer Your Fears (430mb)
    1. Composition (460mb)
    1. Masters (107mb)
    1. Editing and Post-Processing (1.3gb)
    1. Photography Projects (1.4gb)
    1. Motivation (3.7gb)

Innovative Concept: Master Street Photography Offline

Everything you will need to know about street photography, all accessible offline, in a convenient and epic ZIP file. Open-source, free for you to distribute with your friends, family, or anyone. No limit on how many devices you input the files on. Full creative freedom. Your own personal starter kit for street photography, including ebooks, my best articles, videos, audio, lectures, and assignments. The value of this course is worth over $1000 of value. This will be the best investment you will ever make in yourself, your photography, and to give you the inspiration, motivation, and boldness to take your street photography to new heights!

Unprecedented Value

  1. HAPTIC Mobile Products: Includes Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Street Photography, MASTERS Mobile Edition, STREET HUNT Mobile Edition, STREET NOTES Mobile Edition, HOW TO SEE: Visual Guide to Composition, Color, & Editing in Photography, 30 Days to Jumpstart Your Photography, and Embark on Your Own Photography Adventure.
  2. Access to all Full-Resolution images from ERIC KIM’s portfolio.
  3. Open-Source: You can have unlimited access to all this material, transfer it to as many devices as you want, and share it with your friends/family. No copyright on any of the material #copyleft
  4. All Killer, No Filler: The best from the ERIC KIM BLOG, Videos, and Information to most effectively advance your street photography skill and personal vision.
  5. Over 7 Years in the Making: This is the ultimate distillation of all the knowledge I’ve created from 2011-2018. This is essentially my magnum-opus on everything street photography. All of your purchases will continue to support open-source information, and to support the online photography community.
  6. 16GB of Content: All content provided with DRM-free direct download links, and you have the right to store the files wherever you please, however you please.
  7. 3,400+ Pieces of Content: Includes full-resolution JPEG photographs (3000 images), contact sheets, RAW files, ERIC KIM Lightroom Presets (78+ presets), 49 Videos, PDF’s, eBooks, and Visualizations. A truly holistic starter course– which will activate all of your different creative muscles.


9 Modules to Optimize Your Learning

The course is separated into 9 sections/modules, which include:

  • 0. What is Street Photography? (2.4gb)
  • 1. Black and White (2.3gb)
  • 2. How to Shoot Street Photography (2.2gb)
  • 3. Street Portraits 101 (1.9gb)
  • 4. Conquer Your Fears (430mb)
  • 5. Composition (460mb)
  • 6. Masters (107mb)
  • 7. Editing and Post-Processing (1.3gb)
  • 8. Photography Projects (1.4gb)
  • 9. Motivation (3.7gb)


Ease of Access

This starter kit is epic, with over 16GB (gigabytes) of content (very big). For your ease of access, when you purchase the starter kit, you will have many options to download/access the content:

  1. A massive direct download link for all 16GB of the content in a .ZIP file. The zip file includes folders for all of the course content.
  2. If you have a slower internet connection, you can download each section separately (9 sections in total).

*** ## Street Photography Starter Kit Syllabus Dear friend, First of all, thank you so much for supporting me and the entire HAPTIC team by purchasing ‘Street Photography Starter Kit’. My ambition is that this offline ZIP file will contain everything you need to master the fundamentals of street photography, without an internet connection! I believe that learning online is fantastic. There is so much great information online on my blog, on other YouTube channels, and more! But the problem is that it is very difficult to not get distracted online. For example, when we are watching YouTube videos and lectures, it is easy to get distracted by the other random ‘Recommended Videos’ on the sidebar which are suggested. I know for myself, I find it very difficult to focus online. I often turn off my internet to focus, meditate, learn, and produce. But how can you learn if you don’t have access to the internet? Thus I made this course– a streamlined process for you to learn everything you need to learn about street photography in your spare time. ***


This course is open-source, which means you can put it on unlimited devices, copy it as much as you would like, and rename, remix, or change the files however you please. Also, there are no ‘copyright’ restrictions here. Feel free to share it with your friends, family, or anyone else who might be interested. *** ### FLOW So, what order should you go? My suggestion: go in whatever flow you would like. I have specifically numbered the sections and folders to be gone in a sequential order, but you can break that. Feel free to skip around, and learn at your own pace. *** I know through this starter kit, you will get inspired to go out and shoot more street photography! Have fun, ERIC

Excited to see what kind of street photography adventures you go on, and what kind of photos you make! Have fun! ERIC

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