MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER: Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneurship Principles For Success

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– Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneurship Principles For Success: Philosophical and practical tools to succeed in this digital world – Mobile Edition to always have on you: PDF, EPUB, and Kindle files designed for all devices (phone, computer, tablet, Kindle) – 73 pages of valuable strategies to help innovate your thinking, marketing, and brand from the leading MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER ERIC KIM – Featuring original artwork, design, and writing by Eric Kim, Annette Kim, Cindy Nguyen




MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER is your new philosophical and practical primer to succeed as a modern photographer in today’s digital world.

A new culture of photography

As a modern photographer, you are a part of today’s new culture of photographer. You are not just a photographer– you are also a visual artist, storyteller, and you have the confidence to market and brand yourself.

Increase your value as a modern photographer

MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER will give you practical tips, strategies, assignments, and ideas to build and increase your value.

Build up your part-time side hustle

MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER will give you new ideas how to make extra side-cash from your photography, or how to build the mental framework to make a full-time living from your photography.

Personal branding and marketing

MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER will give you the confidence and tools to learn how to brand yourself, build your own platform, and your own following.

Discover your unique voice in photography

MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER will give you the opportunity to consider why you make pictures, and how to meaningfully differentiate yourself from others, and your “competition.”

Life and Photography Hacks

How can ’10X thinking’ and ‘moonshot thinking’ help take your photography and marketing to the next level? MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER will push you 25% beyond your own perceived limits.

Empower yourself

MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER is your personal coach and practical manual to help you succeed in today’s world of photography.


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File Formats

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This book will attempt to create a new culture in photography — a culture of entrepreneurial creation, artistic experimentation, and thinking big.

Photography is at the intersection of art, commerce, and technology. With the pervasiveness of the internet, these fields are rapidly changing and we as photographers need to change too. We need MODERN PHOTOGRAPHERS for this modern time.

Your purchase will support open-source information and photography on this blog to continue to empower and educate the photography and artistic community. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER is a labor of love and hard work (with many many hours for layout design, concept, writing, editing), featuring original artwork  by Eric Kim, Annette Kim, and Cindy Nguyen.

MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER was created at HAPTICLABS BERLIN OFFICE, an incubator art, commerce, technology project and published by HAPTICPRESS –an independent and innovative publisher directed by Cindy Nguyen.


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