How to Use Photography to Find Purpose in Your Life

To live a fulfilling life: you must discover your purpose in life (chosen by you)— and to every day, do it.


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ERIC KIM’s purpose in life

For example, I feel my purpose in life is to empower others, using photography as a tool of empowerment.

How can you use photography as a tool for self-therapy and to find your purpose in life?

1. What is your purpose in life?

First of all, just ask yourself:

What is my purpose in life?

Just brainstorm, and write down a list of anything that comes to mind. Don’t censor yourself, don’t be humble, and no need to share this list with anyone else.

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Some things I would write:

The purpose of ERIC KIM’s life is:

  1. To empower others
  2. To share information that can empower others (open source)
  3. To discuss the secrets of visual art, what makes a great photograph, and the purpose of art
  4. To help people conquer their fears in life, and to find more satisfaction and purpose in life (via Stoicism and Zen philosophy)
  5. To help others fulfill their personal maximum

Whatever you write down, don’t think it is dumb. Just be honest, idealistic, and a bit foolish.

2. How can you bridge the gap with photography?

Now, how can you use photography as a tool to achieve your life goals, and to fulfill your life’s purpose?

For example, I teach street photography workshops to help empower others — to help them conquer their fears in life, and to also help connect people together (“Conquer your fears and meet new peers” is my tagline).

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Also, I started the masters of photography series to better understand what makes a great picture, and practical lessons I could integrate into my own photography. I kept all the articles open and free, to empower others.

Also, I started the Cindy project to remind others:

Don’t take your loved ones for granted, because they might die any day.

Therefore, my philosophy is this:

Making good pictures isn’t the purpose of your life. Rather, you should discover your true purpose in life, and figure out how photography can be used as a tool to fulfill that purpose.

3. Dictate your purpose for yourself

In terms of your ‘true purpose’, only you can dictate this for yourself.

Be your own judge, arbiter of your own destiny.


Lastly, be strong. Life is fucking hard. But you’re harder and stronger than you think you are.

Use pain as a stimulus to become stronger and more powerful in your life.

Life would be meaningless without struggle and difficulty.

So when life throws shit at you, smile, grin, and say:

More, please.