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– Photo Journal: A Workbook & Reflection Assignments Journal by Eric Kim, Edited by Cindy Nguyen and Jennifer Nguyen (Third Edition, 2019)
– Personal Photography handbook to re-inspire your creativity
– Essential photography topics to reflect on “why” you shoot photos
– Intentionally small, portable, fits in your pocket: 3.5 X 5.5 inches
– 44 pages for writing notes and reflection. 17 prompts, practical tips, and assignments
– Made in small batches with Haptic textured paper in California, USA


Super pumped to share that PHOTO JOURNAL (Third Edition) is now available!


Fresh off the presses: Third Edition (2019) with Haptic Textured Paper now available!

What is Photo Journal?

Photo Journal is a Personal Photography handbook to inspire you to make your photography more personally meaningful.

Photo Journal invites you to reflect on your photography, motivations, and dreams. This handbook is a friend to help you reflect on “why” — why you take photos, why photography is meaningful to you, and why creativity is important to you. Personal Photography is a tool to discover your own inner photography purpose and to better appreciate the beauty in the mundane.

After the initial questions about gear, technique and style, what are the important deeper questions that draw you to photography? Why do you take photos? Do you shoot for yourself, or for others? Do you want to find more personal meaning through your photography?

 Example Prompts

Photo Journal gives you 17 practical prompts or assignments such as:

  • Day 1: Why do I make photos?
  • Day 5: Do I need to take photos everyday?
  • Day 9: What constitutes a ‘good’ photo?
  • Day 14: Discover my inner child
  • Day 17: What do I want my legacy to be?

Fits in your pocket

We intentionally made Photo Journal pocket sized, 3.5 X 5.5 inches, 44 pages (100% recycled paper) so that you could always carry it with you in your front shirt pocket, back pocket, or bag.

Photo Journal can always be carried with you while you’re on the streets shooting, on your morning commute, or enjoyed alongside a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine. Flip through the prompts whenever you uninspired and seek motivation in your photography.

Photo Journal Reviews

I just got this and it looks like it’s going to be very helpful. It’s a companion to Street Notes and as a novice photographer I needed some motivations to help me focus my growth. These little books and his website do just that.

The book fosters new, creative ideas for street photography that I would not have thought of. Well done!

I don’t do product reviews but I want to tell you that I loved your Photo Journal. It is very Zen-like and really made me think about my photography. I am retired and have a lot of time now to pursue my photography. The journal gave me some good ideas and I will refer to it to keep me thinking. Thank you.


Our Mission

Cindy and I believe in making educational resources that can empower and inspire. From this dream came Haptic Press, which published “Street Notes” and now “Photo Journal.” We hope that that these books can bring joy, gratitude, and spark creativity in your life. We priced Photo Journal at 19 USD because Photo Journal is printed in small, quality controlled batches in California. Each purchase will help to support open source information and keeping things free and open on the blog.

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