FILM NOTES Print Edition

FILM NOTES Print Edition

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FILM NOTES is your step-by-step introduction to film photography.  Learn how to properly expose and focus your photographs, push film, and design a workflow for developing, scanning, and storage.

– “Workshop in your pocket”: Intentionally small, portable electric red book that fits in your pocket, 3.5 X 5.5 inches

– 44 pages of guidelines and worksheets to track and learn film settings

– Made in small batches with haptic acid-free paper in California, USA


FILM NOTES is your new electric-red companion to learn film photography.

Inspire Yourself with FILM NOTES

FILM NOTES is a distillation of everything I learned about film photography for the last six years. If I started film photography all over again, I wish I had a copy of FILM NOTES.

With FILM NOTES, you will streamline your learning process on shooting film and learn the fundamentals of film photography such as:

  • Mastering manual exposure
  • Never missing the ‘decisive moment’
  • How to push film for street photography
  • Designing a custom workflow for developing, scanning, and storing film.

Cindy and I believe that you can learn how to shoot film in a fun and easy way. FILM NOTES will demystify all of the confusing jargon online about film photography, and help direct you to enjoy the joy of shooting film.


SHOOT FILM Original Artwork by ANNETTE KIM

A Workshop That Fits in Your Back Pocket

If you are a photographer curious about film, but have no idea where to start– FILM NOTES will kick-start your learning.

FILM NOTES is a streamlined process to help you quickly and effectively learn the fundamentals of film photography, and help you steer clear of time-consuming mistakes that many film photography beginners make.

Investing in FILM NOTES will complete your educational photography trifecta of STREET NOTES x PHOTO JOURNAL.

Innovative User Interface

We have spent countless hours perfecting, refining, and simplifying the worksheets in FILM NOTES. There is no other guide on the market which allows you to track your film settings to help you understand light and master exposure.

The User Interface worksheets are comprehensive yet streamlined, to track your progress and self-learning in film photography.

Always With You

FILM NOTES is your new crimson-red companion on the streets. We intentionally designed FILM NOTES to fit in your back pocket, so you will always have inspiration at-hand.

Use FILM NOTES when you’re out shooting on the streets, when you are commuting to work, and when you need a shot of inspiration (get it?)

It also looks great as an Instagram photo with your film camera and cappuccino.

Printed in Small Batches in California

FILM NOTES is printed in California in small batches on 100% recycled paper by HAPTIC PRESS. Each copy of FILM NOTES is inspected by hand by our sisters Anna and Jennifer. This will ensure that your copy of FILM NOTES will be perfect for you to enjoy.

Your purchase will support open-source information and photography on this blog, to continue to empower and educate the online photography community.

Prefer Digital and Printable?

Pick up your copy of FILM NOTES MOBILE to always have with you or to print out your own film worksheet pages.

Connect With the Film Photography Community

Join the FILM NOTES community of like-minded and passionate learners in the photography community.

Share tips, host meet-ups, and follow along the photographic journey with the hashtag #FILMNOTES on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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