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HAPTIC makes creative tools to empower visual artists. From educational tools, art platforms, to camera equipment, HAPTIC is driven by a spirit of experimentation and creative collaboration. We are a majority women led, family operated industry, and have great pride in everything we make.

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What is HAPTIC?

HAPTIC means ‘relating to the sense of touch and proprioception.’ HAPTIC honors the meaning of ‘touch’ by making artistic tools, educational resources, and collaborative platforms. HAPTIC also inspires the making of art that touches others and uplifts our spirits.

1. Creative playground for poetically subversive artists and their work. Featuring

2. Publisher of empowering educational materials. Freshly pressed are Creative Every Day & Masters. Locally printed in small batches and personally shipped from California. All purchases help to support open source education on the blog.

See the HAPTIC SHOP > (We ship worldwide from California)

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Embark on your eternal return to CREATIVE EVERY DAY by picking up a limited edition copy of Creative Every Day on Amazon or in our shop (We ship anywhere in the world!).


Creative Every Day is your artistic toolkit with philosophical and practical tools to learn to photograph, draw, write and express your creative spirit.


We create information tools (books like STREET NOTES, FILM NOTES, and PHOTO JOURNAL) to give you INSPIRATION to spur you to create more art.

Also, we are venturing into mobile technologies, like STREET NOTES MOBILE & KINDLE EDITION — for you to always have inspiration with you.

Experiments in small limited edition, hand crafted tools



CINDY X HENRI WRIST STRAP by Eric Kim. Kyoto 2017



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Story of Henri Strap & Eric Kim Strap

All of our leather products — the HENRI COLLECTION (neck strap, wrist strap, wrist strap pro, shoulder strap, chroma) and ERIC KIM COLLECTION (wrist strap, neck strap) are 100% leather and handmade and crafted with care from start to finish. Each Henri strap is hand-made by two of our friends, Lan and Uyen who are a leather craftsmen and artists in Saigon. We design and develop the aesthetic concept of each strap and work closely work with the artisans Lan and Uyen. Lan and Uyen source the leather, handmake the straps during the weekdays between music gigs, and ship them to California from Saigon.

Rather than mass produced, these are handmade in small, limited-quantity batches in order to preserve a level of excellent craftsmanship and quality. Each strap is unique.

Once they get to California, Eric and I, (and now with the help of our loving and supportive family–sorry Mom for taking over the dining room table…) work to quality check, finish, and package each strap:

I designed the packaging of each product (I love boxes). The labeling is hand-stamped!

Why buy from HAPTIC aka Cindy & Eric?

Unlike huge, anonymous factories, this is the entire operation: Eric, me, my family, Lan, and Uyen. We are transparent about the labor practices behind the straps because we are proud and love each product we make.

We live in Vietnam currently and are very cognizant of global inequality, especially in labor practices. This is why we price our products the way we do. We want to give a fair and respectful wage to everyone involved. We do not run a wholesale factory, but support honest and beautiful work.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you

We know there are so many other straps and camera accessories to choose from, so we thank you for choosing to support us!

Who is Haptic?

HAPTIC PRESS BOX x CINDY NGUYEN fulfills her childhood dream of a box company

Haptic is the brainchild of Director Cindy Nguyen.

“My dream is to build a community of playing, making, and sharing. I do not know what to call this, but for the time being let’s say it’s an experimental playground. Not quite a collective, gallery, or industry, but just a space to “fux wit it.” Come and leave as you please. Make this your own space.” – Cindy Nguyen


Each of our art, products, and platforms is a labor of love. Many hours, work, money, and thought go into each piece of HAPTIC. We are a collaboration and expression of our families, friends, artists, and the community here. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your love and support.

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HAPTIC Videos by Cindy Nguyen

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See the HAPTIC SHOP > (We ship worldwide from California)

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