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The Henri wrist strap PRO is a minimalist setup to always have your camera in hand. The PRO edition comes with a soft and strong leather pad to help support heavier cameras.

The Henri strap is functional, fashionable, and has character. Made from durable 100% leather (available in CREMA BROWN & PHANTOM BLACK), the HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO will age beautifully as you take it on your photographic adventures. Handmade, hand stitched in small batches.

Designed for rangefinders and small sized cameras with side lugs. It fits all Fujifilm cameras (X-Pro series, X100-series, etc), all Micro 4/3rds cameras (Olympus, Panasonic, etc), all Leica cameras (Leica Q, M, film M, etc), and most film cameras.

HAPTIC Mission: We support honest and beautiful work with respectful wages to our artists, artisans, and collaborators.

Read the story behind each strap to find the perfect strap for your photography adventures!

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Dear friend,

I am excited and proud to share our newest product with you: the HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO.

The ultimate hybrid

Henri Wrist Strap Pro (Pictured above Prototype)

HAPTIC INDUSTRIES has been producing the Henri line for over 3 years. the HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO is the ultimate hybrid of all the straps we have created so far– combining the soft neck pad, with the durable wrist strap. Consider the HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO as the ultimate wrist strap, keeping your hand married to your camera, so you never miss another decisive moment.

Will the Henri Wrist Strap Pro fit my camera?

Pro Henri Wrist Strap: also available in PHANTOM BLACK.
Pro Henri Wrist Strap: PHANTOM BLACK Edition

1. If your camera is not a DSLR, it will most likely fit!

If your camera has side-lugs, yes it will fit. Note that HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO does NOT fit DSLR’s.

The HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO (as well as all the Henri straps) fit almost all mirrorless cameras, for example, it fits:

  • Leica M-cameras (digital and film)
  • Sony A7-series cameras (or any mirrorless Sony cameras)
  • Fujifilm cameras (all Fujifilm cameras, including the XT-series, the X100-series, and also the other X-series cameras)
  • Lumix, Panasonic, and Olympus cameras

2. What if I have a Ricoh GR II?

If you are part of the #ricohmafia, the Pro Henri Wrist Strap will NOT fit your camera. Instead, get an Eric Kim Wrist Strap that will fit your Ricoh GR II (because the Ricoh GR II uses threaded-loops, not lug nuts to mount the straps).

Made for you

The HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO is worn on your wrist and the leather adjustment loop can tighten and secure the camera to your hand. The beautiful bronze accent will shine and patina beautifully over time.

Crema Brown or Phantom Black?

Crema Brown x Phantom Black: Pro Henri Wrist Strap
Crema Brown x Phantom Black: Henri Wrist Strap Pro

Due to popular demand, we have made the new HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO available in both CREMA BROWN or PHANTOM BLACK. Both will look beautiful on your camera, and wear beautifully.

Which to choose? It is up to your own personal aesthetics. If you own more than one camera, I would recommend buying both.

Why buy an Henri Strap?

Henri Wrist Strap & Henri Wrist Strap Pro (Crema Brown & Phantom Black Editions)

I (Eric Kim) have been a street photography practitioner for over 10 years. I use all the products I have co-created with Cindy for HAPTIC, and I put my word and soul on our products. Not only that, but I have created all the products that have helped empower me as a street photographer (and everyday photographer), to shoot more!

Furthermore, I have this unquenchable thirst and desire to create great products that I hope that will outlive me and you. Consider purchasing an Henri Strap as an investment, that will inspire and motivate you to make more photos!

Will the Henri Strap make you a better photographer? Of course not, but if it helps spark some more joy in your life, and helps encourage you to shoot, it is one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

Excited to see the photos you will make with the new Henri Wrist Strap Pro, or any of our straps.


The story behind the Henri Strap

Portrait of Lan, the artisan who hand-makes (all) Henri Straps and leather HAPTIC INDUSTRIES Products
Portrait of Lan, the artisan who hand-makes (all) Henri Straps and leather HAPTIC INDUSTRIES Products

All of our leather camera straps (HENRI neck strap, HENRI wrist strap, Henri wrist strap pro, ERIC KIM wrist strap,  and ERIC KIM neck strap) are 100% handmade, crafted with care from start to finish. Each Henri strap is hand-made by two of our friends, Lan and Uyen who are a leather craftsmen and artists in Saigon.

Cindy and I are their clients and collaborators, and we worked together with them to design the strap. Since they are our friends and collaborators, they have always set the price for the straps to cover their costs and labor. Lan and Uyen source the leather, handmake the straps during the weekdays between music gigs, and ship them to California from Saigon.

Rather than mass produced, these are handmade in small, limited-quantity batches in order to preserve a level of excellent craftsmanship and quality. Each strap is unique.

Once they get to California, Eric and I, (and now with the help of our loving and supportive family) work to quality check, finish, and package each strap:

Why buy from HAPTIC aka Cindy & Eric?

Unlike huge, anonymous factories, this is the entire operation: Eric, me, my family, Lan, and Uyen. We are transparent about the labor practices behind the straps because we are proud and love each product we make.

We live in Vietnam currently and are very cognizant of global inequality, especially in labor practices. This is why we price our products the way we do. We want to give a fair and respectful wage to everyone involved. We do not run a wholesale factory, but support honest and beautiful work.

Reviews of the Henri Wrist Strap

Excellent product & presentation. Well crafted and thought out. High quality thick full grain leather & custom handmade craftsmanship. The best camera wrist strap available. You will not be disappointed. Will look better with age. Will last eternity. 5 Stars.
Ordered this strap as a gift with the Canon G9 X. Its simple, elegant and pairs wonderfully with the G9 or (I imagine) any point & shoot or rangefinders that fancy a bit of charm. Lovely packaging and an ideal gift as it turns out! The construction appears to be very solid and after attaching it to the Canon, have no worries. If you’re looking for a strap that compliments a good looking camera, this is one to consider.
I’ve always used neck straps with my cameras over the years (dating back to Canon AE-1, Canon digital, and now Fuji). Usually I sling them over my shoulder instead of hanging them around my neck. I got to the point where I wanted a change, and decided to give a wrist strap a try. It’s a lovely leather strap that pairs wonderfully with the retro design of the Fuji line of cameras. I love the color and soft texture. I only found out after I purchased it that the strap is from Vietnam, which happens to be my mother’s native country, so it’s great to be able to also offer support.


Crema Brown, Phantom Black

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