$ 1,535

– Handcrafted from start to finish – Pure Italian Vachetta leather and Onyx Crocodile Leather – Bespoke avant-garde design in ephemeral edition of 20

Only 15 left in stock


Discover MUSE — the supreme strap.

One strap to rule them all.

Triple black. An expression of your individuality. Pure craft and elegance.

The onyx crocodile leather peeking through. The unwavering attention to detail. The soul of the artisan in every stitch. Handcrafted from start to finish in pure Italian Vachetta leather.


Each MUSE is unique, and one of a kind. MUSE is the apex of art and design, fused together in harmony.

MUSE is an investment

Fashion trends come and go, but MUSE will remain.

MUSE is engineered to last (longer) than a lifetime. Designed to pass down to your children, and their grand-children.

MUSE is future-proof. Compatible with Leica, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, and most mirrorless cameras.

MUSE is an extension of your ego

MUSE is not to be pampered. MUSE is meant to be used and abused. MUSE will forever accompany you in your future photographic journeys.

Dangerously bold.

MUSE defies convention and refuses to be constrained in a box. MUSE is both bold and functional, and will motivate you to explore more. MUSE is meant to strike up a conversation. MUSE is meant to awaken your aesthetic senses, and heighten your appreciation for art, luxury, and the apex of design.

MUSE is not necessary

MUSE is not necessary. It won’t improve your photography or make you more inspired.

However MUSE will heighten your artisanship. MUSE will give you peace of mind, knowing that it is the ultimate strap.

MUSE– for the brave, intrepid, and inspired.


MUSE is designed to be worn at front mid-chest level. The length of MUSE can be adjusted depending on your height or stature.


MUSE will fit all digital Leica M-cameras (Leica M10, Leica M240, Leica M9, Monochrom, etc), practically all film cameras, Fujifilm X100-series cameras (as well as the X-Pro series and XT-series) with side lugs.

MUSE will also fit Sony A7-series cameras, and most Micro 4-3rd and mirrorless systems with side lugs.

Ephemeral edition of 20

Only 20 MUSE straps exist. Invest in one before they all disappear.

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