$ 79

  • Don’t leave home without it: Hand-crafted with love and pride.
  • Each wallet is unique, proudly bearing the organic and haptic marks of your adventures.
  • Handmade craftsmanship from start to finish with solid brass components, hand stitched and cut.
  • Functional: Carries two standard SD cards to always ensure you never miss another decisive moment.
  • HAPTIC Mission: We support honest and beautiful work with respectful wages to our artists, artisans, and collaborators.


It is here.


We are proud to announce that ERIC KIM WALLET is here, and available to order (right now) here in the HAPTIC SHOP. If you desire one wallet for your everyday life and photographic adventures, ERIC KIM WALLET is for you. 

For the Everyday Photographer

Create, travel, be prepared for every photography adventure EVERYDAY.

Tried and True

Five years ago Eric designed a perfect everyday wallet with our artisan-creator friend Lan in Saigon. After many iterations of self-user testing, we are proud to introduce THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S WALLET to you.

Perfected Design

We researched, tested, and perfected the design for THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S WALLET for five years to bring together function and design.

  • Durability: All of the components have been tried and tested: from the hand-stitched threading to premium leather.
  • One of a Kind: THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S WALLET  is beautiful, timeless, and over the years it will develop unique patina from your artistic adventures..

Aesthetics & Proportions

photographer's wallet proportions

  • Outside dimensions: Width: 12 cm, Height: 9 cm
  • Designed for international sized paper currency (United States, Canadian, European, Japanese, etc), credit cards, business cards, and 2 slots for SD cards.


We are currently accepting pre-orders for the PHOTOGRAPHER’S WALLET here exclusively in the HAPTIC SHOP. Each wallet is handmade for you, and we expect it to be shipped April 2021.



HAPTICLABS is our experimental playground to develop small, limited edition projects and collaborations with local artists and artisans. We make our leather products in Saigon and honor Saigon–we loved our time in Saigon; Cindy’s family has a close familial connection to Saigon; and we are deeply inspired by the lively hustle of young Vietnamese artists and entrepreneurs in a city textured by a profound history. Unlike huge anonymous factories, the entire operation is Eric, Cindy, our sisters (Annette and Jennifer), and the local artisan Lan. We are transparent about the labor practices behind THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S WALLET because we are proud of it and love it.

Global Entrepreneurship

Lan and Uyen Vietnamese artists and artisans

We lived in Vietnam and are very cognizant of global inequality, especially in labor practices. This is why we price our products the way we do. We work directly with artisans who set above market prices for high end artisanal craftsmanship. We do not run a wholesale factory, but support honest and beautiful work. We spent years perfecting the design, workshopping different versions with the Saigon artisans. Each THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S WALLET is made with love and shipped with care from California.

The Story Behind the Photographer’s Wallet

Dear friends,

After a brief hiatus, HAPTIC is back in full effect with our newest product, The Photographer’s Wallet. If you ever wanted the perfect “everyday carry” wallet which has perfect aesthetics and function, The Photographer’s Wallet is for you:

The concept and design philosophy

The general gist and concept was this:

How can I (ERIC KIM) create my own ideal everyday wallet, which is both aesthetically beautiful and functional?

I personally have carried a prototype of this design for almost two years, then switched to the black leather design (with the crimson red stitching, which looks killer) for another 3 years. Our artisan friend Lan from Saigon has finally had the opportunity to hand stitch and create The Photographer’s Wallet just for you.

Available for preorder

The Photographer’s Wallet is currently available for preorder in the HAPTIC shop, and will be available for both American domestic and international orders. We expect shipments to go out early April, 2021.

Features and functions

Below you can see my personal version, and how I set it up. Two spots in the front inner fold available for two SD cards, which has been super clutch for me several times when I either ran out of SD card space or had a corrupted SD card while shooting. This innovation alone is worth the justification of this wallet.

Also there is more than enough room in the two flaps for your credit cards and identify cards, and also for your cash money (I have also been able to fit coins in the back flap).

And if you’re wondering, I haven’t had any issues with any SD cards getting corrupted by being inside The Photographer’s Wallet, or bending or breaking. I personally tested this wallet for 5 years, and I can personally vouch that it is battle tested and solid.

Why buttons?

The beautiful golden brass buttons are great, because it’s the most effective and efficient way to easily open and close your wallet, and also not having the anxiety of your cash or other personal things from falling out.

In terms of the color palette, crimson red stitching (nice and thick and criss cross) feels great in terms of texture and hand feel, and is a strong and bold contrast against the black onyx leather. Also the golden brass buttons truly shine with character.

Fits comfortably in a front jeans pocket

The Photographer’s Wallet fits comfortably in the front of my black skinny (stretchy) jeans front pocket, and also fits well in my back jeans pocket. It is also robust and flexible enough to fit inside a bag, backpack or purse.

If The Photographer’s Wallet gives you a bit more security or confidence in your photography, it is worth it.

If The Photographer’s Wallet gives you just even a bit more security when it comes to your photography, it is worth it. Security in knowing you always have an SD card backup, no matter what. No more concerns about running out of storage space while shooting, or corrupted SD cards which may cause you to lose a decisive moment.

It is just an insanely great wallet.

Lastly, this is just an insanely great wallet. Looks great, extremely supple and smooth/strong buttery leather, feels great in the hand, has perfect proportions, etc. I know as guys (and girls) we often look for the perfect wallet— and pay out of the nose for all these crazy designer wallets which aren’t even that well constructed, wabi sabi, or have character.

Each and every Photographer’s Wallet is one of a kind, hand constructed and stitched, and produced with pride and love. The profits go back to our producer artisan friend (Lan, who also hand makes all the Henri Straps), and also helps support me and Cindy.


photographer's wallet proportions
  • Outside dimensions: Width: 12 cm, Height: 9 cm
  • Designed for international sized paper currency (United States, Canadian, European, Japanese, etc), credit cards, business cards, and 2 slots for SD cards.

Pre-order the photographer’s wallet in the HAPTIC SHOP HERE >


Bronze, Phantom Black

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