HAPTIC INDUSTRIES: the creative place to be.
A place where we can create together, freely.

Haptic Industries,
Let’s shoot together in the breeze, just you and me.

Haptic Industries,
Let’s create life like a tree,

Haptic Industries,
Gather creative pollen; bumblebee.

Haptic Industries,
You nourish my creative soul

Haptic Industries,
The world is your visual pearl.

Haptic Industries,
You give me creative power,
To create incessantly, no counting the hours.

Haptic Industries,
Thank you Cindy Nguyen

Haptic Industries,
My creative bicycle; all the wheels do is spin.

Haptic haptic haptic
Creativity, you will never lack it.

Haptic haptic haptic,
Keep your backpack light, and shoot with your camera in hand
With no plan
For the road ahead
Shoot from the gut
Not from our head

Street Gods,
Today give us our daily photo bread
Street Gods,
My next decisive moment is not far.

Street Gods,
I am one of you
Street Gods,
Be like a street photography Sherlock Holmes, and just follow the clues.

Street Photography,
Roam the streets like a street dog with a taste of blood

Street Photography,
Make photos, don’t steal or rob.

Street Photography,
Always shoot a little hungry,

Street Photography,
Let my visual taste and tongue lead me.

Street Photography pulse
I know my self-worth
I don’t sell myself cheaply,
I just like to make interesting photos; oh so freaky.

Shoot proudly
Don’t be sneaky
Your chest is strong
Never shoot weakly.

You’re stronger than you think you are,
Rely on your own two legs, and you will travel very far.




eric kim street photography x100f fujifilm-7189

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