We’re riding on a photography ultralight beam,
We’re shooting together, all together on the same team.

We’re riding a photographic ultralight dream
What photo ideas are you scheming?
What kind of images are you meaning
To make?
Don’t think about tomorrow; make today great.

Shoot street photography ultralight
Shoot in the bright light
Shoot in the shade
Shoot everyday,
No doubt in yourself; you’re self-made.

Ultralight photography,
You’re a part of you and me

Ultralight photography,
Walk with thoughts of nothing;
Strip your camera of all that superfluous bling.

Ultralight photography,
What is the sensation of you shooting at the speed of light?
How fast does your mind travel? Are you making a new visual Zeitgeist?

What is the spirit of your time?
Do you savor every moment of your day, when you hit rewind?

If tomorrow you were to become blind,
Would you shoot any differently?

If tomorrow you were to become blind,
Would you mind what camera or lens you shoot with?

If tomorrow you were to become blind,
Would you make photos that cause your spirit to soar with your divine eye?

You’re on a photographic ultralight beam,
Disregard the crowd; make your own visual memes
Your creativity is flowing; a continual stream.

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