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TRAVEL NOTES: Photography Assignments & Inspiration Manual

TRAVEL NOTES: Photography Assignments & Inspiration Manual

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– Your new travel photography travel guide, to embark on new photographic adventures

– Philosophical and practical: Discover the best places to travel in the world and to photograph.

– Reflect on why you want to travel in photography, and direct and plan your photographic travels to re-spark your passion for photography and exploration!

– “Inspiration in your pocket”: Intentionally small, portable, fits in your pocket, 3.5 X 5.5 inches

– 44 pages for writing notes and reflection

– Printed locally in California by independent experimental publisher HAPTIC

HAPTIC Mission: We support honest and beautiful work with respectful wages to our artists, artisans, and collaborators.


Buy Travel Notes Print Edition, get Travel Notes Mobile Edition for Free

Super awesome deal:

If you buy TRAVEL NOTES (Print Edition) you will also get Travel Notes (Mobile Edition) for FREE!

When you purchase TRAVEL NOTES (Print Edition) here, you will automatically get direct access to download Travel Notes (Mobile Edition) for free. This is the best to get the “best of both worlds”:

Having BOTH the print edition AND the digital edition.

I still think the print edition of Travel Notes is the best, as there are tons of prompts you can fill in, write in, and accompany you with. The reason we also designed it in hyper-orange is to make it visible inside your black bag, and also the color is optimized to SPARK passion in you — to be that little spark to motivate you to book that next travel, and travel more!

Never stop traveling,


Dear friend,

Since dropping STREET NOTES, PHOTO JOURNAL, FILM NOTES, and STREET HUNT — we are very excited to share with you our newest creation:



Our personal ambition with TRAVEL NOTES:

To inspire, motivate, and encourage you to TRAVEL MORE!

TRAVEL NOTES is your personal guide, companion, and friend in your world journeys. Published locally in California, the hyper-orange cover will inspire and motivate you to travel more, explore more, and adventure more!

Philosophical and Pragmatic

What is great about TRAVEL NOTES:

The book is highly pragmatic AND philosophical.

There are a trillion books on travel and photography already. What isn’t there? A personal handbook that you can actively use, abuse, and travel with, in order to see more of the world, and derive more personal meaning from your travel photography.


A preview to TRAVEL NOTES:

PART 1: Before Your Trip

  1. Adopt a traveling mindset
  2. Why travel for photography?
    1. Travel to learn
    2. Travel to create
    3. Assignment: Why travel for photography?
  3. Planning your trip
    1. Assignment: Budget and plan your trip
  4. Setting goals
    1. Assignment: Set goals for your travels.
  5. Gear & Equipment
    1. Assignment: What do I desire to do while traveling?

PART 2: During Your Trip

  1. Photography projects
    1. Project 1: Shoot your trip on 35mm/one type of film
    2. Project 2: Stick to one neighborhood.
    3. Project 3: Take photos while in transit.
    4. Assignment: Develop your travel photography project
  2. Where to shoot
    1. My favorite places to shoot around the world
    2. Assignment: Create a list of specific places to shoot in your destination.
  3. How to shoot while traveling
    1. Assignment: Create a photography and editing workflow
    2. Reminders
  4. Ten composition tips
    1. Keep it simple
    2. Hand gestures, body gestures, & eye contact
    3. Juxtaposition
    4. Pure aesthetic beauty
    5. Shoot a variety of photos
    6. Triangle composition
    7. Layers and depth
    8. Repetition & breaking the pattern
    9. Off-center subject
    10. Show scale

PART 3: After Your Trip

  1. Choose your best photos
    1. Let your photos marinate
    2. Get a second opinion
    3. Look through your photos as thumbnails
    4. Follow your gut
  2. Share your photos
    1. Make a video slideshow
    2. Make a zine/photobook
    3. Blog about your experiences and post your photos
  3. Reminders
  4. Travel Photography Log
    1. Travel date(s)
    2. My favorite photo spots:
    3. What I learned during this trip:
    4. To do and what not to do





Step 2: Write your mission statement — Why do you travel? What do you want to photograph during your travels? Why do you think traveling will reinvigorate your photography? What are your personal travel goals?

Step 3: Book and plan travel photography adventures

Step 4: Being TRAVEL NOTES along with you during your travels (a good opportunity to zen-out with TRAVEL NOTES, a lovely cup of coffee, and some time to disconnect and reflect on life while photographing your travels)

Step 5: Find inspiration, motivation, and practical travel photography tactics with TRAVEL NOTES during your trip.

Step 6: Share your travel photos and experiences online, to your own website and blog, and use TRAVEL NOTES to schedule your next travel adventure!

How TRAVEL NOTES will re-inspire your photography

  1. Discover new places to travel to and explore
  2. Reflect on why traveling and photography is important to you
  3. Give yourself more direction and purpose in your travel photography
  4. Learn practical tips and techniques on how to make better travel photos
  5. Set and track your travel photography goals
  6. Adopt a traveling mindset– using TRAVEL NOTES to broaden and open your mind to new experiences and photographic challenges
  7. Conquer your fears of traveling
  8. Use TRAVEL NOTES as a stimulus to your creative flourishing and creating
  9. Plan your next travel adventure and pursue a photography travel project.
  10. Travel photography composition, style, and editing tips.

Invest in yourself!

The best way to re-inspire and re-motivate yourself in photography isn’t to buy a new camera or lens, it is to TRAVEL MORE, EXPLORE MORE, and ADVENTURE MORE!

TRAVEL NOTES is a tiny motivational spark. But we believe that TRAVEL NOTES might be the little spark to re-ignite your creative passion for photography!



  1. Hyper-orange cover: Designed to motivate you to move and shoot, and also to quickly identify inside your camera bag
  2. Optimized to fit in the palm of your hand, in your front shirt pocket, or in your back jeans pocket.
  3. Printed with durable materials locally in California.
  4. Created for you to write in, scribble in, to fold, to use and abuse. TRAVEL NOTES is happiest when you’re using it!
  5. Practical and philosophical assignments, advice, tips, techniques, and pages to log your ideas, jot your ideas, and for you to reflect on your travel adventures.

Where is your next photographic adventure? What new photos will you create? What new experiences will you experience?

Pick up a copy of TRAVEL NOTES and discover for yourself!



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