masters mobile edition

MASTERS Volume 1 Mobile Edition

MASTERS Volume 1 Mobile Edition

$ 50

– Distilled lessons from the masters of photography to carry in the palm of your hands
– PDF mobile edition for all devices (Phone, Tablet, Computer) to always have with you
– 53 pages of philosophical and practical lessons
– Featuring original artwork by Eric Kim

If you want to achieve your personal maximum in photography, learn from MASTERS MOBILE EDITION (Volume 1).


MASTERS MOBILE EDITION distills the key lessons from the masters of street photography, and is beautifully edited for your mobile device, for you to find inspiration from the masters, regardless of where you are. When you need a shot of inspiration, open up MASTERS MOBILE EDITION, flip to a random page, and put a lesson into practice. It is our hope that MASTERS MOBILE EDITION will take your street photography to new heights, and give you a new well-spring of inspiration and motivation.

Eric Kim curated all the essential lessons after a decade of intense study, practice, and photography teaching into his “Learn from the Masters” series. MASTERS is the essential collection of all of his photographic study and practice.

MASTERS was written by Eric Kim, designed by Cindy Nguyen and mobile-optimized by Annette Kim.

Prefer Print?

Pick up the beautiful limited edition copy of MASTERS Volume 1 Print Edition. Printed locally in California, only limited supplies remaining.


Download Instructions

Masters comes in PDF format to use with all devices (phone, tablet, computer).

Note that the files are very large file downloads and will take some time and faster wifi connection to download. If you have problems with the download link, try opening the link in a different browser.

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