HOW TO SEE: Visual Guide to Composition, Color, & Editing in Photography

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– HOW TO SEE Mobile is your guide to seeing composition, colors, and examining photographs – Mobile Edition to always have on you: PDF file designed for all devices (phone, computer, tablet) – Practical assignments to train your eye, practice composition and color theory, and learn to edit and choose your photos. – Written by…


HOW TO SEE is your personal visual acuity manual to learn to “SEE” composition, color, and “read” (evaluate) the elements of a good photograph..

Your all-in-one visual toolkit

Treat HOW TO SEE as your visual gym-trainer, full of practical insights to train your eyes, to better analyze shapes, forms, perspective, and colors.

Use HOW TO SEE to do the following:

  1. How to identify a beautiful scene
  2. How to best compose and frame the scene
  3. How to know what makes a great photograph

Visual acuity is your ability to notice, see, and appreciate the beauty in everyday life. By building your visual acuity, you can find more photographic inspiration in your everyday life, shoot more, and find more joy in photography.

Discover photographic beauty everywhere

HOW TO SEE is structured to give you photographic inspiration and insights, and also practical hands-on assignments for you to start shooting more, whether at home, on the streets, and give you the opportunity to reflect on your photography.

Discover a unique perspective in your world

HOW TO SEE is your visual reset button– which will help you cultivate more of your child-like curiosity in your eyes.

HOW TO SEE will help you find beauty in the mundane, to find photographic inspiration anywhere and everywhere– whether at home, in the streets, and in the overlooked.

Uncover your best photographs


HOW TO SEE will teach you how to select your best photos to “keep” or “ditch” by analyzing the perspective, colors, shapes, forms, and textures of your photographs.

You will learn how to use the ‘small thumbnail test’ to effectively look through your images, and discover your golden needles in your photo haystack.

Read photos, don’t just see photos.

Not only that, but HOW TO SEE will teach you how to ‘read’ a photograph– how to dissect, analyze, and deconstruct images, in order to train your eyes, and also to help you choose your best images.

Make more dynamic compositions

If you want to discover the secrets of what makes a great composition, HOW TO SEE will challenge you to make more dynamic yet simple photographs, to better accentuate the drama and mood in your photographs.

Download Instructions

HOW TO SEE comes in PDF format to use with all devices (phone, tablet, computer).

Note that the files are very large file downloads and will take some time and faster wifi connection to download. If you have problems with the download link, try opening the link in a different browser.

To import the PDF file into your iPad for iBooks, see this screencast here.

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