PHOTOLOSOPHY: Photography Philosophy Course

$ 199

Discover more personal meaning, fulfillment, and motivation/inspiration in your photography with PHOTOLOSOPHY. Access the entire course online for free, and pay to download all the course content offline.


Dear friend,

I am super excited to have you for my brand-new course, ‘PHOTOLOSOPHY’: your unique opportunity to find more personal meaning, purpose, and motivation in your photography.


What is this course about?

PHOTOLOSOPHY is a fusion between photography and philosophy. I created this course because I was searching for the answers to find more personal fulfillment, happiness, and joy in my photography — and based on my last 10 years of shooting street photography (and studying philosophy).

What is included?

I distilled everything I know into this easily downloadable 7.4GB .ZIP file, packed with videos, text transcripts, HAPTIC PDF EBOOKS (worth $50 USD), as well as assignments, motivational material, and further resources to keep you shooting in your photography!

Course Contents

  • 0. Introduction:
    • Video #1: Photolosophy Course – Intro
    • Video #2: Photolosophy – What is Photolosophy?
    • PDF Ebook #1: “ZEN OF ERIC” (valued at $10 USD)
  • 1. Street Photography
    • Video #3: Build your Self-Confidence
    • Video #4: Beauty in the Mundane
    • Video #5: Create Art for Mental Health
    • Video #6: Walking Meditation
    • Video #7: Everything is Editable!
    • PDF Ebook #2: “MASTERS” (valued at $10 USD)
  • 2. Personal Photography
    • Video #8: Intro to Personal Photography
    • Video #9: Make Photos for Yourself
    • Video #10: Gratitude
  • 3. Entrepreneurship
    • Video #11: Photography Empowerment
    • Video #12: JUST DO IT.
    • Video #13: How Much is Enough?
    • PDF Ebook #3: “THE MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER” (valued at $10 USD)
  • 4. Motivation
    • PDF Ebook #4: “PHOTO JOURNAL”  (valued at $10 USD)
    • PDF Ebook #5: “CREATIVE EVERY DAY” (valued at $10 USD)
    • PDF Ebook #6: “ZEN PHOTOGRAPHY”
  • 5. Audio
    • All mp3 files for the entire course.
  • 6. Lightroom Presets
    • 78 presets for Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom 5, 6.
  • 7. Transcripts
    • Written transcripts for all the videos.

Unprecedented value

When you also purchase the course, you also have access to $50 USD worth of HAPTIC EBOOKS:

  1. ZEN OF ERIC ($10 USD value)
  2. MASTERS ($10 USD value)
  3. THE MODERN PHOTOGRAPHER (valued at $10 USD)
  4. PHOTO JOURNAL ($10 USD value)

Learn at your own pace

photolosophy preview

We made PHOTOLOSOPHY as holistic as possible, creating the perfect learning hybrid between video, text, and audio:


There are 14 videos, each ranging from 3-5 minutes, fully distilled with empowering ideas and thoughts, on how you can find more happiness and joy in your photography.

2. TEXT:

Written transcripts for all of the videos, to speed up your reading and comprehension (if you prefer to read text instead of watching videos, like myself).


Organized Audio Files (.mp3 format) of all the video lectures: Transfer all the audio recordings onto your iPhone, Android device, or whatever device, so you can learn while at the gym, while commuting to work, or while in the car! MP3 format means that transferring the audio files will be hassle-free!


In the spirit of openness, access, and open source– I made the entire course ‘open source’, and you can see the entire course on this blog here >. Keep this page bookmarked, in-case you want to read it on your phone, tablet, or laptop (maybe even while you’re at work). Feel free to share this link with anybody.

To make a profit from this course, I am selling convenience and offline access: If you purchase the course, you can download all of the course materials in a convenient direct Dropbox link, with all of the sections in .ZIP files. If you purchase the course, it belongs to you. This means if you desire, you can also share the downloaded materials with anyone you desire, or to keep it stored offline on unlimited devices.

I’m confused– is this course free or does it cost money?

Consider PHOTOLOSOPHY like Spotify: free to access online, but paid to download all the files offline.

You can see the entire PHOTOLOSOPHY course online here, but if you want to download all the content to view offline, you pay.

How to purchase the course

Purchase the PHOTOLOSOPHY course here in the HAPTIC SHOP, and you will get direct access to download all the course materials. If you have any issues after ordering, please contact us for support.

Excited to help guide you in your photographic life.