Dear friend,

I want you to download me — download all these books, articles, and information for free– for you to remix it however you would like.

For you to use these images to illustrate blog posts. For you to look at these full-resolution images to analyze composition.

For you to use these free Lightroom presets to actually make your digital RAW photos look good.


For you to empower yourself. Because I think that information is power. Information is everything.

Information is money and control of the world (just consider that scene from the James Bond 007 Skyfall at the end of the film — the guy who controlled the information controlled the world).

Photo by Cindy

With this information, you can learn how to conquer your fears, find more personal meaning in your photography and life, and seek to empower others through the art of photography.


Download all PDF books:

Individual PDF books:

  1. 31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography
  2. 100 Lessons From the Masters of Street Photography
  3. Color Manual
  4. Film Street Photography Manual
  5. How to Overcome Photographer’s Block
  6. Leica Manual
  7. Letters from a Street Photographer
  8. Monochrome Manual
  9. Personal Photography Manifesto
  10. Photography 101
  11. Photography by Eric Kim
  12. Street Photography 101
  13. Street Photography 102
  14. Street Photography Aphorisms
  15. Street Photography by Eric Kim
  16. Street Photography Contact Sheets Volume II
  17. Street Photography Contact Sheets
  18. The Art of Street Photography
  19. The Social Media Blackbook for Photographers
  20. The Street Photography Project Manual
  21. The Street Portrait Manual
  22. The-Photography-Manual
  23. Zen in the Art of Street Photography
  24. Zen Photography by Eric Kim

Lightroom Presets





All the information on this site, including photos, images, videos, articles, books, or text is free and open source– meaning you can do whatever you want with it.

You can remix it, translate it, or sell it for a profit.

The reason why I am doing this is to help empower you with information. And I feel that freedom is information, and power.

Be strong,



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