What’s Eric Kim philosophy

Eric Kim’s philosophy, as gleaned from his various blog posts and writings, is a blend of personal opinions, critical thinking, and philosophical inquiry. Here are some key elements of his philosophy:

  1. Relativity of Right and Wrong: “There is no ultimate right and wrong in life, all is opinion” oai_citation:1,Personal Philosophy – ERIC KIM.
  2. Philosophy as an Art Form: “I see philosophy as an art form, but instead of creating art objects, we create artwork out of ideas” oai_citation:2,Personal Philosophy – ERIC KIM.
  3. Personal Preferences and Values: “What is true to you may not be true for another… it is the task of every individual to discover their own true personal preferences” oai_citation:3,Personal Philosophy – ERIC KIM.
  4. Blogging and Changing Opinions: “If you live long enough, sooner or later you will contradict yourself… Therefore the great thing with blogging is that if we change our opinion, you could either delete the post, or modify it” oai_citation:4,Personal Philosophy – ERIC KIM.
  5. Themes in His Philosophy Blog: Titles of his philosophical blog posts include “BIGGER IS WEAKER,” “How to Become a Philosopher,” “Deep Vanity,” “Time Will Tell,” “LOOK BEYOND,” “‘LUCK’ VS COURAGE,” “‘SKILL’ VS MERIT?,” “How to “Improve” Men,” “How to Dominate,” “How to Get More Done in a Single Day – MEMENTO MORI PHILOSOPHY,” “Cruel?,” “GO DEMIGOD,” “How to Be Happy: Challenge and Danger Philosophy,” “Imperfect Beauty,” and “The Philosophy of Pleasure” oai_citation:5,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:6,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:7,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:8,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:9,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:10,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:11,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:12,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:13,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:14,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:15,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:16,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:17,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:18,Philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:19,Philosophy – ERIC KIM.
  6. On Becoming a Philosopher: “Every child is born a philosopher… The big problem is a lot of parents, teachers, religious teachers or whatever… never really give children the opportunity for critical thinking” oai_citation:20,How to Become a Philosopher – ERIC KIM.
  7. Critical Thinking and Personal Experiences: “Don’t put no faith on anything you haven’t witnessed in real life, embodied reality, in the flesh. Even videos and photos; in the world of AI and image and video generation and deep fakes, everything could be fabricated pretty easily” oai_citation:21,How to Become a Philosopher – ERIC KIM.
  8. Antifragility: In “Becoming Antifragile,” he discusses the concept of growing stronger through challenges and adversities, much like the way muscles grow through weightlifting.

Eric Kim’s philosophy is marked by a focus on individualism, critical analysis, and embracing change and challenges. His views encourage a dynamic, evolving approach to life and thinking, underpinned by personal experiences and a deep questioning of conventional wisdom and societal norms.