Personal Philosophy

There is no ultimate right and wrong in life, all is opinion. Therefore, it seems most logical for you to just share your own personal opinion, share your own personal philosophy. This is how people, society, and ideas evolve and thrive.

Why all truth is relative

There is no such thing as ultimate, irrefutable truth. Truth is just a reconfiguration of certain value judgments to things, and truth finding is not the goal of philosophy. I see philosophy as an art form, but instead of creating art objects, we create artwork out of ideas.

And what is true to you may not be true for another. Also, what I value is not what you value. Therefore, it is the task of every individual to discover their own true personal preferences, without getting indoctrinated or suckered from others or society.

Why blogging is great

I wonder if Socrates were alive today, he would really like blogging. Why? It seems that Socrates and a lot of philosophers of the past didn’t like writing down what they wrote, out of fear that when they changed their mind, they would be seen as hypocrites. But, if you live long enough, sooner or later you will contradict yourself. For example, let’s say when you were a kid you told people you want to grow up and become an astronaut, and when you grew older and you did not become an astronaut, people might say that you’re contradicting yourself. Certainly we do not see this to children, but we do say it to adults.

People change. Lifestyles change. Our life conditions change. To be tenacious to a certain opinion for the sake of it, is unwise.

Therefore the great thing with blogging is that if we change our opinion, you could either delete the post, or modify it.

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