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Hypocrite vs Contradict

A hypocrite: an actor. Someone who ‘fronts’ or pretends to be something they aren’t.

A contradictor: contra (against) dict (talk).

Thus a hypocrite is a faker, whereas a contradictor is someone who says one thing but engages in behavior that he criticizes others for.

Why is this difference important? Let me explain.

If you live long enough, you’re gonna contradict yourself sooner or later.

When I was 2, I said I would become an astronaut. I’m 32 now, and I am not an astronaut. Should I have pursued my goal as a 2-year old, and should I feel bad that I’m not an astronaut now? Of course not! Times change! You change!

Life pre-covid?

Let us say you had certain life goals BEFORE covid. Now that we are currently living THROUGH covid, of course your life goals are gonna be different, and they MUST be different!

Hypocrite as a ‘faker’

If you tell everyone you have a 12 inch dick, and in reality you got a 2 inch dick, certainly you are a ‘hypocrite’ (a liar, a fraud, a stage actor).

If we think of the etymology of the word hypocrite, it literally meant ‘stage actor’. Thus the pejorative term for hypocrite should accurately mean:

Someone who is not real, genuine, and is faking.

In todays day and age, it seems a positive thing to be a big movie star or actor. But in the past, to be an actor was shameful.

Do you wanna be an actor or the real thing?

Would you be perceived by others as being the richest person in the world, or would you rather actually be the richest person in the world?


Would you rather have others believe you can deadlift 455 pounds (and not be able to really do it), or would you rather to have everyone NOT believe you can deadlift 455 pounds (and be able to do it in actuality?)

Why is it bad to be a hypocrite?

Why is it bad to be a hypocrite, an actor?

I don’t think there is any moral evil with being a hypocrite. For myself, and being into myself, I am more interested in this:

I do not care for others’ perception of me… what do I think of me? What is my perception of myself?


Taking it back to contradiction:

To say one thing, but to do another.

Why is this bad?

My theory:

In the past, we were highly suspicious of contradictory people, because they cannot be trusted and could do positive harm on us.

Do you feel bad for being contradictory onto yourself?

I say this:

Know you’re constantly in a stream of becoming, and you are never the same, nor SHOULD you always remain the same.

Thus perhaps a big step in our wisdom and self-edification is this:

No shame in self-contradiction, because nothing you say or do will be forever.

We must be flexible, pliant, and fluid. To become a rock-hard stoic ain’t desirable if you want to become the maximally strong individual you desire. To become an unchangeable piece of marble… anti nature. What you want to do is become like insanely strong bamboo; flexible yet strong and hard. Able to withstand hurricanes and storms.

Flow on!



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