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Care over Fame

A lot of people were once famous, but we no longer care for them.

Thus perhaps the goal isn’t to become “famous”, but to have others CARE for us, and CARE about us?

Who do we care for in history?

Plutarch (when writing about his “lives” about Alexander the Great) said:

I do not write histories. I write lives.

Which means:

We should care for the deeds and lives of great individuals in the past. And we dictate who to care for.

Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great

Do you care whether others care for you after you die?

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After we’re dead, there is no way to reap the benefits of our legacy. Also after we’re dead, we cannot benefit whether others care for us or not. But if people care for you, you will be remembered.


But after you’re dead, why do you care whether you’re remembered or not?

Humanity > You

My thought:

We care to be remembered, in order for us to motivate, inspire, and push the evolution of the human race forward.

Ray Dalio stated in his book ‘Principles’ that his goal in life was to help direct human evolution forward. I think this is also Elon Musk’s grand dream (make the future of humanity brighter and interplanetary). And Steve Jobs’ goal: to make great tools to empower humanity, and help drive humanity forward (his life goal has paid off; Apple products certainly have helped empower me).

Current and future human evolution is the goal.



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