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A Risker Life is a Better Life

What is the best life? The life with maximal fun, experimentation, and seeing the limits of yourself.


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Why riskier?

To live a basic life is super simple. Very predictable. In modern life, there are really no downsides. You won’t die in some gruesome war. You won’t be sold into slavery. If you’re an American, you probably won’t get exiled from your country (unless you’re Edward Snowden).

American values

What are American values? Similar to British values:

  1. Increase comfort
  2. Increase fashion

We want more comfort. Softer shoes. Softer-riding cars (‘luxury cars’). More comfortable living quarters.

We want more fashion. More fashionable clothes, watches, cars, devices, etc.

To live a risky life isn’t one of our values. Thus perhaps we must CHANGE and shift our values.

Ancient Greek values

What are Ancient Greek values? Honor, courage, and bravery. Death in battle. Eternal glory.

I feel these are far more interesting, noble, epic, and virtuous values.

To be strong

The word ‘value‘ comes from the Latin “valere’– to “be strong, be of worth.” Even when the ancient Romans would end a letter (like Seneca) they would say:


Vale– literally meaning “Be strong!”

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The final goal:

Never stop augmenting your strength!



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