Permissionless Living

A thought:

You don’t need anyone’s permission to do anything.

Perhaps the best life is a life in which you don’t need anyone’s permission to achieve or accomplish anything? A life which you don’t need the judgement of others in order to validate yourself. A life where you can depend 100% on yourself, to achieve your own dreams.

It is all on you

I love the notion that you have 100% control to do, achieve, or dream anything you want. To me, this is the best way to live and exist.

For example, I prefer powerlifting (striving to increase my ‘1 rep max’) instead of bodybuilding (maximizing muscle aesthetics), because with powerlifting– physics and gravity is my only judge. With bodybuilding (assuming I wanted to get into competitions), I am dependent on the opinion of judges.

Anti-competition in photography

I think these photo contests and festivals are good, but remember:

Ultimately it doesn’t matter whether others ‘like’ your photos or not. Your opinion and self-judgement is supreme.

This means, strive to impress yourself with your own photos. If others like your photos as well that is a plus, but not a necessary component.

No gatekeepers

Another principle I believe in:

Structure your life in which you are not dependent on any gatekeepers to achieve ‘success’.

For example, I love to write, blog, make videos, etc. However once there is an editor or gate-keeper who prohibits me from publishing something or saying something, I lose all enthusiasm for whatever I’m making. This is why I believe you MUST self-publish yourself, and structure your success in a path which is NOT dependent on gate-keepers!

Depend on yourself!


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