What’s Your End-Game in Life?

Dear friend,

Simple question: what is your end-game in life?

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Think about death

Nowadays, you hear a lot of talk about people attempting to retire early, and achieve ‘financial independence’.

And of course a lot of us are rolling the rock of sisyphus, trying to accrue more money, power, and influence for the sake of it.

But how rarely do we ever ask ourselves:

What is our true end-game in life?

Play the game backwards

I think this is an optimal strategy in life:

Figure out what your end-game is in life, then play it backwards.

For example, let us say that your end-game is to philosophize, write poetry, write essays, or make photos. Then why waste time trying to accrue more money in order to do that? Take a kink out of your chain — just pursue your end-game via a straight-line!

Let me give you an example: a lot of us dream of one day retiring and traveling the world. But then what?

I think a lot of people want to travel the world to feel “inspired” or to become “cultured”. But once you get inspired, open your mind, and become cultured…then what?

I think what people truly want to do as an end-game is to create. To create their own designs, to create photos, or to create art. Art can be manifested via computer code, poetry, pictures, visual art, sculpture, dance — anything.

Everyone has a different end-game

Stop asking others for advice what to do with your life. Everyone has a different end-game in life.

Start off by asking yourself:

“What is my end-game in life?”

Then use philosophy-entrepreneurship as a tool to achieve that end-game, and to make that end-game a reality!



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