Kiss. Hotel room. Saigon, 2017.

How to Overcome Impedence

Kiss. Hotel room. Saigon, 2017.
Kiss. Hotel room. Saigon, 2017.

What impedes you, or gets in your way in life?

1. Impedance in Photography

For myself, my biggest challenge: using the simplest, lightest, most compact camera…to always be ready before the decisive moment in photography.

For me, having a big camera was an impediment to me. Why? The bigger my camera, the less likely I was to bring it with me everywhere. Then the less likely I was to make photos. And for me, the more photos I make, the happier I am.

Lesson: use the smallest, most compact camera possible. Always have your camera with you as well.

2. Impedance of technical settings

Having to think about technical settings gets in the way of my photography. I want to focus on MAKING photos, rather than setting my camera.

I love the idea,

Set it and forget it!

I shoot program, P, automatic mode with ISO 1600. More focus on shooting and composition and capturing mood, and soul…less worry about aperture, shutter speed, etc.

Lesson: To have less friction in making photos, use the simplest camera settings possible.

3. Simplest tool for the job.

When in doubt, use a simpler camera. Or simpler tool.

With writing, I prefer minimalist writing apps. I use IA WRITER or ULYSSES and format text in “markdown”. Fewer distractions means more focus in writing.

Avoid software bloat, or “feature creep”— when companies add unnecessary features, just to sell more shit.

The best technology and tool SUBTRACTS SUPERFLUOUS functions. The Leica camera subtracts autofocus, the LCD screen (LEICA M-D), or subtracts Color (Leica MONOCHROM). Don’t be a nerd about adding new features, gadgets, and gizmos. Go ZEN SETTINGS— the ultimate zen tool is a samurai blade. Treat your camera the same.

So when choosing cameras, gadgets, laptops, computers, or devices, or phones…always aim for optimal simplicity.

  • iPhone and iPad: no stupid superfluous buttons or logos on the front of the device
  • Ricoh GR camera: all black, no changeable lens, which makes it smaller and better.
  • Leica camera: stripping superfluous nerdy technology stuff in photography.

Even with processing your photos, just use simple presets. I always use the same ERIC KIM MONOCHROME 1600 presets in Lightroom on my RAW photos.

4. Less friction

Impedance: anything that adds friction, to prevent us from creating. That prevents us from moving.

Friction is the enemy.

Impede: it is a mix of Latin for “shackle” and feet (ped).

So to impede means to restrict movement.

In creativity, my fear of judgement of others prevents me from creating and sharing.

So fight the fear of being judged negatively by others.

Another fear; nobody will care about our creative work.


  1. Don’t expect anyone to praise your work.
  2. Don’t seek any external affirmation for your art. Seek approval from yourself.
  3. Treat yourself like a kid. Make art, share it, and move onto the next one.

5. Reducing Impedence in software

“Paste and go”— a great feature in iOS which reduces Impedence in technology.
“Paste and go”— a great feature in iOS which reduces Impedence in technology.


Just think…how can you lower friction in your photography, creative pursuits, and life? Some other ideas:

  • Reduce commuting time to work (live closer to your job, even if rent is more expensive.)
  • Shoot with your phone camera, if that is less of a hassle than your big camera.
  • write with the simplest app. Just write on your phone. If you have writers block with your laptop, don’t use your laptop for a week. Just blog, write, or meditate with your phone. We send a billion text messages everyday, and answer dumb emails. Why not use your phone to write creative stuff?
  • Less self-doubt: publish things that are imperfect. Always keep on iterating, and making your art a little better.



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