Your Soul is a Diamond in the Rough

laughing ladies

laughing ladies

I see the human soul as a diamond in the rough.

We are born with a diamond, but it is raw, tough, and rare. But with enough care and love, we slowly chip away at the imperfections. We carve out our diamond— slowly filing away the edges. Day over day, week over week, month over month, and year over year— we slowly shape our diamond and our soul into perfection. We polish the edges, and reveal our inner-glimmer.

Each day, I try to take away from my faults, my vices, my envy, my jealousy, my anger, resentment, and frustrations from the past. I think this is a better way to shape my soul, rather than trying to be a “good” person, by doing “good” deeds. I feel it is easier to not be a bad person, rather than to “be” a good person.

I apply this in many ways in life.

In photography, I try to make my photos less imperfect, by removing superfluous distractions from the backgrounds and the edges. I see photography more as subtraction, than addition. I see myself as a photographer sculptor — starting off with a block of marble, and slowly chiseling away the edges, until I reveal the David underneath.

With health, I try to subtract “unhealthy” foods from my diet— sugar, refined carbs, and sweets.

With inspiration in life, I try to remove what disempowers me. I try to remove negative people from my life. This way, I am only surrounded with positive people, and those who empower me.

No human soul is perfect. Let us strive to chip away the superfluous everyday, to reveal our beautiful inner-glimmer.


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