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Needless to say, this advice probably won’t help you. But it has helped me.

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1. I have 100% control over my mind

Numero uno, no excuses.

I am happy because I believe I have 100% control and autonomy over my life.

Of course I cannot go out and rob a bank, nor can I steal a Lamborghini without consequences.

However, I have control over what I do with my life. I have the choice of sitting in a cubicle prison, and answer emails for 5 hours a day and sit in boring meetings.

I have the power and freedom to live comfortably on a basic income, and spend most of my time dwelling in coffee shops, sipping espresso, waking in the streets and making photos, and doing some business on the side.

We have the freedom to choose how hard to work, or how many hours to spend watching Netflix or playing Clash of Clans.

We have the freedom what we want to photograph, and what not to photograph.

We have the freedom to write, or to consume.

We have freedom over our mind. We don’t have control over our bodies.

But the mind is the most powerful tool we have. Never waste your mind.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


I’m happy because I help others.

I make information and share it openly and freely.

The more I help others, the happier I am.

Three. I’m curious

To me, a life without curiosity is death.

How to be more curious:

  1. Do random shit that others might call a “waste of time” which interest you. To be honest, even video games can be good…as long as you aspire to create your own video games one day.
  2. Don’t censor yourself: Express what is really on your mind, without censoring your thoughts or words. Stream of consciousness.
  3. Assume you can do anything: Don’t say none of that nonsense “I’m left brain, I’m right brain.” That is all fake pseudo science. You can do anything you want, as long as you work hard enough, and whether you really want it. You can learn how to do computer programming on the side after your shitty 9-5job, you can learn algorithms, machine learning, and build your own future. True geniuses combine the sciences and the arts. Leonardo da Vinci was a genus because he was both an artist and engineer. He wasn’t very mathematically gifted, yet he let his curiosity lead him.

Four. Publish more

The more you publish your art, world, ideas, or create…the happier you will be.

To be happy is to create.

I still like to consume. But I like to keep my consumption at 20%, and production at 80%. I think producing more than you consume is the best way to make more money, to find more joy in life, and to express more of your creative spirit.

Assignment: make your own website or blog via and install And for a month, publish one thing everyday for 31 days straight. It can be a photo, a quote, a video. It can be stuff you’ve made, or stuff that others have made. Just keep the snowball rolling.

Five. Build your own empire

Avoid stagnation. Keep growing. The secret to life.

A plant (seed) doesn’t stay the same size. Over decades, centuries, and eons…it turns into a great redwood, that can tower over skyscrapers.

A tree wants to grow. A human wants to grow.

Avoid stagnation; it is death.

Some suggestions to grow:

  1. Write poetry: Rhyme words, and play with it. Just publish shitty poems. It is cool. The more you write the better you will get.
  2. Dance: Dance and don’t care whether others are watching. Make yourself look like a fool. This will help build your confidence.
  3. Stop uploading anything to social media for a month (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) and only upload that stuff to your own blog. Build your empire, a brick and an upload a time.

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